Modern Warfare 2 Servers Cracked Within Days After Release


Forget the so called feud over the no dedicated servers for Modern Warfare 2 because someone already cracked it. The so called “cracked version” can host multiplayer games out of the IWNet and also host LAN games.

The cracked MPloader from Teknogods is of course against the terms and rules by Infinity Ward somewhere, so I would suggest you use this at your own risk. However, it is reported that all rooms on the server is already full to max compacity.

I can tell you that I definitely saw this coming,  but I definitely did not think it would be this fast. Oh by the way, there are already a ton of cheats in the game so Infinity Ward will be very busy these few coming weeks.


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103 Responses to “Modern Warfare 2 Servers Cracked Within Days After Release”
  1. tedalot says:

    Thats the shit …

    get your money and jump with your ass and say thats the shi t.

  2. Zlyvex says:

    Yes! Finally a reason to pick this game up. Thank you hackers!

  3. scott hall says:

    Seriously does this surprise anyone? I mean iphone gets jailbroken in days after release and that chunk of hardware. This is just a pile of code that a good majority of was already known about, its just a matter of finding the changes they made in updating the game and working on them. I can tell you there are hordes of people out there that were waiting for this to release so they could pick it apart so yeah expect more stuff like this to pop up on a daily basis.

  4. Matt says:

    Wouldn't have this problem on an xbox

  5. ritz says:

    Well the cheats piss me off. That is all I need on top of a 60 dollar game that did does not even have everything I want in it, cheaters. Infinity Ward, don't be stupid, listen to what people want. You are not Apple, you cannot think controlling every aspect of your product will work unless that product is 1) revolutionary and 2) does as advertised. MW2 is neither of these things.

  6. CannotStudy says:

    I'm very happy about this news. Hopefully they can setup a few servers and make mods. That will show IW not to wreck something that was working perfectly.

  7. Jason says:

    I am also happy about the news!

  8. AntiCheater Forever says:

    You fuckin cheaters !!! CHEATERS ON THE WALL!!!!

    All cheaters have small cocks !! I wish you all a permant BANN !!!

    thats from me


  9. AntiCheater Forever says:

    But the game is fuckin awesome !!!1

  10. Prower says:

    While I like the idea, it is bannable, so I'm not going to try it. Hopefully Activision looks at it and creates there own thing to please PC Gamers.

  11. AntiCheater Forever says:

    I'am going to make a no Steam Multiplayer Crack.


  12. guitarduh says:

    im pretty diasappointed. how in the hell can i play against my buds like i do in COD4? where are they? why can't i go to a happy place i know? now i get thrown into the cataclysm of guess this server and who is this opponent i've never seen. this is unacceptable and yea, i knda wish i had my $60 back now…..! i don't do Xbox or consoles, i'm always been a PC guy. now please make a patch to fix this….arrrgh

  13. Tom W. says:


  14. Nice! I was really disappointed they removed hardcore HQ or for that sake any game mode customizations, it really made me disappointed with the multiplayer. Maybe now I can actually enjoy MW2's online again. I HATE regular mode because it takes half a clip to kill anyone, but hardcore team death match and S&D are really boring to me.

  15. Matt says:

    Ha ha IW fail. Maybe now there is a reason to get this game :)

  16. johnsmith says:

    U're an idiot, this version is intended for legal use and it's not cracked. U still need steam to play it. It only supports coop so far.


    – This release is not intended for piracy usage!

    – This release will not work on executable that doesn't use steam!"

    sad that any moron can write in the Internet, good that no one cares about this site.

  17. hobofun says:

    Since earlier today, online matches can be played on pirated versions of the game as well. IW has failed entirely.

  18. Baby Hammer says:


    How d'ya like dem apples?

  19. graphite says:

    What is so great about this post? Just about EVERY PC game gets cracked like this within the first few days. NOOB SAUCE!

  20. HAJI says:

    yeah i saw there is alot of cheats for that game , but really its not worth it, caus eif steam catch you cheating you loose the game and you get bann out of steam for good. ill say lets just wait for infinity eard and they gonna come up with something soon, personaly i rather the Dedicated Serverse ,but i want it the real way not throgh a cracked verson , and like what you said "you at your own risk"

  21. commenter says:

    is it that big of surprise, that is all some people spend there day doing

  22. capedissipoinment says:

    Glad i didnt buy it…

    -cant lean!!! wtf

    -Easy campaingn levels (beat in two days on hard)(1 1/2 agin in vet)

    -Too damn short (see above)

    -Clumbsy Story that didnt make sence. (trailers made it seem way more epic)

    -ending was realy stupid

    -only a couple of real guns

    +has correctly configured fps gameplay compared to other fps(big woop IW, u win by defalt)

    can i recomend borderlands (story is realy weak too but gameplay is newish and fun)

  23. FrontlinePrince says:

    who gives a fook about cracking ! just enjoy the game for what it is, you no life internet masterbators, try a real woman instead of net porn, give your wrist a rest and get some fresh air.

    my god you fatties out there only buy joggers so the wasteband doesn't chafe !

    Maybe momma might let you back on the titties

    hack crack what ever, I'm off out with my woman

  24. FrontlinePrince says:

    oooooooh sad bedroom dwellers

  25. FrontlinePrince says:

    i suppose maturity comes with experience. if its not as good cracked whats the point? and if you cant buddy up go knock on thier doors !

    wowc is the highest paid for gaming in history

    XBOX live has the hughest comunity (so who's the saddest)

    PS3 has the most intelligent gaming (Ditto)

    pc and mac has the most bedroom dwellers ( i guess its not hard to work out)

    so please enjoy your technology for what it is not what you dont have

    I my self grew up in the techno explosion and experienced all its faults throughout the years, i really think we're on the brink of a new descovery!

    bare in mind it was calculator technology that put man on the moon and your cell phone has more power than nasa had at the time

    to sum up: STOP WINGING !!!!!!!

  26. Brother Tel says:

    For free no less thanks to the BFBC2 ps3 and PC betas.

  27. Brother Tel says:

    the engine has not been updated, go back to your xbox

  28. ringtonepack says:

    How does this in any way affect console gamers?

  29. verizon says:

    No leaning…. what the …I am still in shock over its removal.

  30. pink says:

    The thing that pissed me off the most is not being able to use an x360 controller on the pc version. . it really does feel like a halfassed port.

  31. Another illiterate console tard. Carry on people.

  32. bcortez says:

    how i play online in mw2 , i download the game not buy

  33. bcortez says:

    please i want play online


    I HATE YOU ALL SUCK ME BLOW ME…I FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Sarah says:

    as long as I can still shoot stuff, I really dont care!

  36. anonymous says:

    i dont care people brag about consoles,ps3,xbox

    i dont care about people comparing mw2 with other games

    what i care is why mw2 have no dedicated servers

    the same as producing a car with no wheel

    that sucks big time

  37. Zlyvex says:

    I decided to just say F this game and on to Bad Company for pc. Thankfully, I never bought it and never will. Just watching MW2 being played on youtube looks pathetic. The maps even when full look like everyone left already. You spend way to much time running around without no one to kill. As far as the console gamers go, you guys must forgive them for they know not what they speak of. I was once a console fanboy and swore Halo was the best FPS ever created. Lol. Didn't even realize the game basically play itself. The reason so many console gamers think pc mouses are hard or akward is because playing with a controller is akin to riding a bicycle into adulthood with training wheels(console) compared to driving a motorcyle(pc)

  38. Steve says:

    hey folks,

    Can anyone give me a trusted site where i can download a no-steam crack that doesn't contain a trojan nor spyware??

    the thing is i've already downloaded teknogods but the game won't start without steam in online mode:(