More Gossip About Uncharted 2 and Michael Jackson’s SingStar

363566_1_hsSome days ago, PS3 site PS3 Gen (French) commented a leaked Sony release schedule, putting September 30th as a release date for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The same site also mentioned about Michael Jackson’s SingStar game. Yesterday, Gamingindians reflect in an article they have gotten the same comment from an “extremely reliable source, whom, for obvious reasons they can’t name” and in addition they got another rumour of a Madonna SingStar game. This rumour is still a gossip matter but when two sites get the same information it won’t be a surprise if it all turns to be true. We just have to wait patiently and see.

Just as a reminder, Sony stated they have “no plans” for a SingStar game of Michael Jackson and no plans either for U2 which also was rumoured in the same site to get a SingStar game, but the company said nothing about the supposed release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on September 30. Considering the negation of the first rumour, the silence about the second can be taken as an affirmation?.

With the addition of Madonna to the SingStar gossip list, there are three possible candidates to a game, we’ll keep an eye and report as soon as we got more details on them. In the meanwhile, why not to guess out the next SingStar artist? Will it be Michael Jackson? U2 maybe? Perhaps Madonna? Neither of them? All of them? We hope we can answer the questions ASAP because we know the SingStar franchise has a lot of followers desiring more versions of the game, and considering how famous the named artists are, the anxiety of getting those versions is even bigger.

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One Response to “More Gossip About Uncharted 2 and Michael Jackson’s SingStar”
  1. alex c says:

    thats bul, there is a motown one comng for christmas, which might have jakson traks on it, and theres a take that licnced one, no madonna, although that would reap sales after her current tour ends in a week or two….fans will be in the mood for a quik buy. isnt it nice that singstar games release at 17.99 uk. not the 39.99 for rockband / gituar hearo. 69.99 with the gituar.

    funy also tha people think rockband etc etc is a new idea. singstar been going for ten years and had the best technology years before these "new to the scene" monkeys nicked it.