More Red Light Issues on new Xbox 360 Slim

Microsoft is the leading company when it comes to softwares, but it seems that Microsoft is having a lot of trouble when it comes to gaming consoles. We all remember the infamous plague on the Xbox 360 that is called Red Ring of Death. Users all over the world were happy to hear that new Xbox 360 Slim won’t have the same problem but they were astounded to find out that Microsoft has removed most of the red LEDs from the front of the new Xbox in order to deal with the Red Ring of Death.

Microsoft seems to have strange sense of humor but I don’t see that users are laughing. So according to the Microsoft new Xbox 360 Slim won’t have any red lights on it, but Microsoft didn’t say anything about red lights on the power brick. Believe it or not, there’s a video on a YouTube that shows disappointed user with his newly purchased Xbox 360 Slim. According to the video, Xbox 360 Slim was purchased two days ago and it has already suffered technical problems. Microsoft was right on this one, there aren’t Red Rings or red lights on the new Xbox 360, but Microsoft didn’t mention anything about the power brick.

Red Ring is caused by hardware failure and it can be fixed if you take your Xbox to the repair shop, but what to do if your power brick is giving you red light? According to the tech support, you should detach all the cables from your console and attach them again, but that didn’t work for some reason, so only solution might be to take the power brick to the repair shop or buy a new one.

I don’t know what is Microsoft doing with this one, but it seems that they have a lot of red light issues on their consoles so maybe they should stick to the software and computers. Anyhow, we’re hoping that Microsoft will fix their consoles soon before it’s too late.

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21 Responses to “More Red Light Issues on new Xbox 360 Slim”
  1. leeshak says:

    xbox 360 is the best thing to happen to gaming ever so MABYE gamers should have more faith besides if they go all we have left is ps3…..yea i know scary!!

  2. Stveb says:

    It's funny- everytime a website publishes something negative about a console, fanboys get all worked up. Face it- the 360 has been plagued with hardware issues. Microsoft is no good at hardware. Period. The new slim is already generating threads of technical issues. I rarely see this with PS3 or the Wii. I personally got screwed on two X360s and got fed up. Got rid of it and all games. Bought a Wii and recently a PS3… Have no issues to report with those units. Microsoft should give every owner who has had a 360 fail a brand new slim! Ya right.

  3. Steven says:

    I beg to differ if anyone says there are no red lights on the new 360S, I just opened my new Xbox 360S, attached all the cables powered it up and all I got was a solid RED light on the console…power Brick was fine, but the XBOX, DEAD….

  4. coops says:

    Got the red dot after 4 days. Obviously they know there is an issue with them because they sent me out a new power brick after just performing the troubleshooting steps from the website and telling the customer service rep that i did, don't even have to send in the old one. Pretty disappointing to have an issue like this with a brand new console after 4 days.

  5. stuck up says:

    the red light of death on the console is just telling you that there is dirt or some other thing stopping the new hard drive from connecting properly. just remove it and then wipe the connector points and place back in the console that's what I did and I haven't had a problem since.

  6. stuck up says:

    remember this is for the red light on the console not the power brick.

  7. Jim says:

    I have had problems with 2 consoles now, both have stopped working within a couple of hours of use. I'm now waiting for a 3rd replacement now I hope I don't have the same problem. Its really annoying to have problems on a console which by now should be problem free. – My ps3 has never failed.

  8. Glenn says:

    I have had so many problems with the origional x-box, in the past 4 times I have had to send it in @ $100.00 each time the warrentee ended 30 days prior to the malfunction. Red rings every time except for this time. Now it's just not reading the disk. Not even a warning message ( open trey ) is the only thing I see where I should be seeing Play game. I'm tempted to ditch the x-box and get a PS3. but the x-box is the only way I can keep up with my friends back home…… X-box knows how to continually make money from their customers. I bet there is a trojan horse type program in the x-box that makes them break down after the warrentee has expired….

  9. m4ssacre1337 says:

    I just read this thread and went to clean my hard drive like a comment said and when i opened the hard drive cover, guess what, there was no hard drive inside, and this is a brand new x360 slim with red light with first power up!!

  10. Mike l says:

    To be honest I was playing my xbox which I prob have 2-3months wit it and out of no where my xbox controller started vribrating alot n the screen on my tv just went black so I checked my xbox n da light dats supposed to be green was now turned red so now im all pist off cuz dat wasnt suppose to happen wit xbox slim >: /

  11. Mike l says:

    My xbox slim light just turned red (light on console not on brick) does any one knows how to fix it or do I have to send it in?

  12. Brand says:

    I have the same problem with my Xbox. 1 month old, brick red lights every time I turn it on.

  13. psnTHISisKROD13 says:

    my xbox got a solid red light when i plugged it in for the first time… FML

  14. RashanG says:

    man this shit is stupid af man i have the new xbox360 and that punk ass red ring of death keep popping up this is some bull shit

  15. AmandaH says:

    All I can say is that I'm NOT impressed.

  16. YellawBandit34 says:

    The xbox sucks azz iv had mine for a while and barely play it and caught the error 74,I found someone on line whom explained how to fix it; but only temporary,Microsoft needs to stop making xboxs and probaly all kill themselves . I have a playstation 3 and never had any problems! GO PLAYSTATION !,Everyone should through there xboxs in the trash or better yet send them back to Microsoft and tell them to go to HELL!

  17. Frank says:

    This is happening to me now I don't know what to do?