New Diablo 3 Gameplay Footage & Details From Gamescon

diablo-3-gamesconSome new gameplay footage of Blizzard’s upcoming sequel Diablo 3 featuring the Barbarian and the Wizard. It’s unfortunate they didn’t reveal any new classes but that’s probably what Blizzcon will be about.

The video below reveals some new details as follows:

  • They’ve restored the old inventory system from Diablo 2
  • There seems to be a red outline on the monsters to identify your target…?
  • An XP bonus system, the video shows “Massacre – 11 monsters killed – +24 XP Bonus”. I’m convinced there will be other bonuses as well as maybe even achievements of some type.
  • The environment and details looks remarkable, you can see the sand storm and wind blowing through.

Unfortunately, there’s no sound on the video but you can probably guess why. First two up is the wizard followed by the Barbarian.

The barbarian video isn’t remotely close to good quality, skip to 0:30 for enjoyment.

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