New Races For World Of Warcraft?


In the latest test patch, some strange masks were found by testers from scrollsoflore forums. They were included as textures for helmet. They appear to be Halloween masks for both male and female. Goblins are all around WOW and thus, it’s pretty logical they got a male and female mask, but what about the third and fourth textures? They kinda look like werewolves which are not a race right now. Why to put such a texture into gameplay if there are no such races?

Considering they appear next to a known race and the fact that there is a male and a female, the most obvious reasoning is, they will be new races, most likely for the horde. Maybe they are Worgens that some players asked they would love to play… we’ll see in the next update, but this rumour is the latest gossip for WOW players.


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