Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360 Comparison Chart


Here’s an interesting chart favoring the PS3 in comparison of the features and price of the new PS3 slim against the 360 arcade, pro and elite. What the chart doesn’t include are the lack of games, the exclusives and the quality of the multiplayer system. But, just based on features listed in the chart, you can see which comes out the winner whether it’s true or not feel free to share your thoughts.

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195 Responses to “Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360 Comparison Chart”
  1. xmido says:

    well i am not a fan of xbox 360 not because it has bad titles. but because they have not fixed the rrod problem until today. so in terms of hardware, i sure prefer sony. but i think microsoft is doing better as an online community and with a bigger selection of games. makes it clear that microsoft is originally a software company not a hardware one. while sony is a major hardware company originally.

  2. LionSun says:

    "What the chart doesn’t include are the lack of games, the exclusives and the quality of the multiplayer system"

    – You sure have an interesting sense of humour!…

  3. thataboy85 says:

    After all this time if microsoft didn't find it important enough to fix the rrod, then they can have it! Even though I would love to be able to play Left 4 dead 2 or Left 4 dead for that matter! But I won't shell out those bucks until microsoft fixes that problem!!

  4. mike says:

    Playstation is FAR superior to the "broke box". Lack of games? (I dont miss Halo) Poor online gaming? (mine all work fine, and i dont have to pay extra).

    Also my PS3 has never had to be returned to the manufacturer to be "fixed" or as i like to call it "made correctly the second time".

    One thing this chart also didn't mention is the PS3's far superior controller.

    Plus we all know Microsoft is not capable of rolling out a functional product. That is the main reason to go PS3

  5. Anonymous says:

    The PS3's downfall was its crappy start. 599 US DOLLARS and no games for how long? 3-4 years? And it'll take a very, very long time to shake off that reputation.

  6. gaz says:

    well iv made my mind up! since the console wars i havnt even thought of buying one! im a pc and i will always be a pc!

    but yet some times when you rest you need something to quench ur board em so PS3 all the way! looks and it sounds far better then the xbox 360

  7. slaughter says:

    anyway the ps3 is gonna start stoping free internet

  8. slaughter says:

    you all suck i have a ps3 and a xbox 360 and just becuase the xbox cost more both are great for me so stop saying that the 360 is shitty and the ps3 is better they are the same thing to me in graphics and if you wine about the 360 costing more u must be some poor ass motherfucker

  9. Twizzler says:

    I think they are pretty much eaquel! They all have diffrent things and diffrent games, but its always going to be coming out one is going to be better then the other.

  10. Mds5014 says:

    @slaughter are you serious? why are they going to stop it?

  11. Vinny says:

    @Mds5014 no Sony isn't going to start charging for online, that's just some stupid rumor that's been floating around recently. Playstation Network will always be free.

  12. james. Braselton says:

    hi. There. You. Are. Right. Xbox. 360. 20. Gb. Hard. Drive. Is. Slow. I. I. Will. Only. Buy. Flashed. Based. Consoles. Like. iPod. Touch. Wii. Pspgo. Dsi. Ringedge. From. Seta. With. A. Ssd. Solid. State. Flash. Drive

  13. james. Braselton says:

    hi. There. Ps3. Hard. Drive. Is. Faster. Then. Xbox. 360. But. When. Will. Sony. Give. Us. A. Voloci-raptors. At. 10,000. Rpm. From. Western. Digital. Or. A. 15,000. Rpm. Hard. Drive. Called. The. Cheeta. From. Seagate. Or. A. Lighting. Fast. Ssd

  14. Bob says:

    Ps3 is better xbox is shitty and fuck bill gates

  15. Anonymous says:

    PS3 is waaaay better because well lets just say this microsoft has made so many great things but xbox just isnt one of them

  16. oshit says:


  17. PS3 F@N! says:


  18. Littlecuban says:


  19. rockoutloud90 says:

    What about online text chat for the playstation 3. Has anyone heard any possible updates on when this might happen? and how does online multiplayer compare to the 360 from PS3?

    Respond with your ideas on online interface, because that's basically where I've come to a stump between the two.


  20. Anthony says:

    …I had my playstation for 3 years already with no problems and I had my Xbox also 3 years and all I have is hardware problems. I got the Xbox repaired once before and now its repeating history..I will stop purchasing games for Xbox..its a faulty yourself a favor..get a PS3…avoid the aggravation..

  21. DAVID ARGEN says:

    well i was advised, by friends not to get the 360 due to rrod so i opted for the ps3, After 3 months of trouble free gaming i got some yellow light flash up and the console stopped working!! rang the help line but they were not very helpful, so took it back to the store and they replaced it for a new unit.

    I had the new ps3 for 1 months before it got a hard disc problem, But i got that fixed under warrenty,

    9 months after that i got the bloody yellow light shit again grrr I had lost the recipt and sony were less than helpful, so i was stuck with a crook ps3!

    So begruded and pissed off i sold all the ps3 games and i had to turn to the darkside

    i purchased a 360 elite

    which to this day has been trouble free, just wish you could use the ps controller with them tho

  22. dale says:

    the xbox might of held the title of better console at first due to the ps3's sluggish start but not anymore. just look at uncharted 2, the xbox would kill to be able to produce the graphical power of naughty dogs game of the year. its a well known rumour that xbox is better when it comes to games that are released on both due to the ps3 being 'difficult to port' games onto. that has now changed as games like darksiders has been given better reviews on the ps3 than the xbox. it MAY of been trickier to encode a ps3 game but dev's are getting the hang of it and the results are there for all to see. the ps3 has FAR more features ie. wi-fi etc. no hdmi on arcade/ only elite? wot a joke! and dont even get me started on the pads. the ps3 pad is so good, it hasnt needed to change since the ps2. why change wot doesnt need fixing? all in all, the xbox is a very good console (apart from every owner i know having red ring at least once) but now the ps3 has had an excellent year in 2009 (uncharted 2, killzone 2,infamous etc.) 2010 is going to be just as good. its had a slow start but it will and is having the last laugh and is FAR superior.

  23. dale says:

    oh yes i forgot, xbox fanboys go on about WANTING to pay for xbox live because its faster etc. i have NO problems whatsoever on my 3mb broadband using the excellent FREE PSN. they go on about demos taking HOURS to download compared to 20 mins on xbox live. no demos i have downloaded have ever taken hours and (wot a surprise) take on average about 20 mins. anyone ever download films from the internet avi format? takes about 20 MINS. i didnt mind waiting then n i dont mind now coz its FREEEEE!!

  24. Yuseff says:

    Ok, I had the ylod 2 weeks ago due to playing it to long and it over heated. That's the only reason the ps3 gets the ylod. Xbox has many diffrent reasons why it gets the rrod. Also, ps3 is graphics are going to be better lateer on because the games the ps3 plays now, only needs 15% of power and it's graphics card can do much better than what's it's doing now. Sony did this not only to show off, but they can't make another playstation untill 2016 because they have lese on the hardware. On the other had xbox runs 100% on evey thing so u won't see any big diffrences graphic changes untill the next xbox or shitty box 720. Lol

  25. Mark says:

    Ha, Hopefully some devolopers really start pushing the Playstation 3's superior power this year and prove for once and all the PS3 is the superior console, and sony will always rule the gaming market, nice try Microsoft, but no :).

  26. dale says:

    oh yes i forgot (AGAIN) as i said 2009 put PS3 in the lead of the race and as for 2010 lets not forget GRAN TURISMO 5 (1080p HD graphics! xbox is not capable of that, their settings says you can select 1080p output but my mate, who had red ring TWICE, did it on a TV that wasnt even 1080p capable AND IT WORKED! therefore – not FULL 1080p HD graphics! you see fanboys your console EVEN LIES TO YOU!! ITS SATAN! OPEN YOUR EYES!), GOD OF WAR 3, THE LAST GUARDIAN, AGENT and HEAVY RAIN to name but a few, wot have u got? HALO 3? you can keep it. im sorry xbox fanboys but any reason you might be CLINGING onto NOT to buy a PS3 are now clearly out the window. come back from the darkside!! just let it go. it rips you off, lies to you and even makes you use BATTERIES (!) in the control pad! WOT A JOKE!! its a good console but its now in the shadow of GREATNESS! come on over to the real gaming community and we'll welcome you with open arms and NOT REDRINGWORM!!!!

  27. JRocrs21 says:

    Look. fact of the matter is no matter wut the chart shows or doesn't show ps3 is the best! almost every friend i have after coming over and playin my ps3, dnt want to go back home to there "shoe boxes" and in fact trade in for ps3. no matter what ps3 is far superior and more advanced than shoe box. ppl say x box has better multi this and online that, at what cost?. i'm goin to list all the things i tell friends the ps3 has. (1) free internet (2) complete virtual world called home make ur character to look just like u not a little doll lookin thing and go to actual worlds and talk to actual ppl all over the world and play games like bowling pool arcade games salt shooter and tons more…oh yeah all that's free to. (3) lighter sixes controler, 30 mins to charge and lasts u a whole 2 weeks. no need to spend money on batteries that also make control bulkier and heavier (4) games? we have most of the same games xbox does and our own exclusives whitch are viciouse and are all different not like halo 1 halo 2 halo 3 halo wars "and coming soon halo confessions" and 2010 is the best year to b a ps3 owner with more than 100 games comin out and alot of them exclusive to the ps3. (5) usb compatible with anything, can use any bluetooth if u have one for ur fone use it for ps3 no need to buy a cable headset that connects to control.

    (6) everybodys crying about the $100 price difference and congrat xbox on online game play when u have to dish out another $100 to buy an antena to play online, not to mension u gotta pay monthly while ur opening ur 20th pack of batteries u had to buy for controls… so basecly for full package same price plus the commitment of having to pay monthly if u want live, and u cant web surf. and u dn't have home and all the games home "beta" includes and ive played online on xbox and ps3 and it's the same no difference on how it's played only difference is graphics are mutch better on blue-ray ps3(oh yeah did i mention blue-ray?) (7) ring of death? if u own a ps3 u must b thinkin wth is that? enough said! and that's just some of the things i tell my friends my ps3 can do, and than i ask wut does xbox have or do that ps3 cant besides play music while playin game even tho we can listen to music while on the web downloadin a song onto the ps3 from the free internet?… "uuhh… we got netfix" oh well thats funny. we do to now… 2 days later there add requestin me on theyre new ps3's =D it's a fact! ps3 is the best! no matter wut anyone says or thinks case closed! Debate won!

  28. BOB HOPS says:

    LOL @ GT5 the game does NOT exsist, try buying it if you dot belive me

  29. MARK-E-MARK says:

    We all know that for superior graphics and game play you need a pc., PC gaming is so far more advanced than console gaming., plus you can upgrade you pc when outdated.

    What will also know is that nearly all pc run on microsoft and we all know that microsoft make the 360 So if i would want to buy a games console it would have to be a 360 as they have far more experince in computing that sony.

    Sony should stick to walkmans and t.v`s and leave the computer stuff to the pro`s I.E microsoft., Bet none of you are running sony windows 7 while on here hating microsoft.. Sony are just losers, apple wiped then off the music player market, and judging by x box sales they are playing second fiddle in the games console market, make that 3rd as the wii is outselling sonys ps3. this is all FACT so stop whining about how good sony is when its obvious itas not as its been outsold

  30. triple L says:

    we wait for gt5 like you xbox fan boys wait for your box to be returned from microsoft (then wait for it to break again)

    ps3 is far more powerfull and gt 5 will prove this

    Thing is with gt5 is that it will NOT be released in march as stated, problem been is that they has grammed everything possible into this game to make it the best driving game period! Its will really push the ps3 gpu to the max. This was fine on the original (big) ps3 and the game was all completed andf ready for launch, But the final "cut" of the game struggled on the ps slim due to its lower power consuption and was causing the gpu to get to hot.

    This is why it was pulled or not released last year, and rumour be that they are having to revise certain areas of the game so the slim would be ok with it

    to be honest i can not see this been released until at least november 2010., but hey i dont mind waited coz when it is released all revamped and "slim safe" you 360 fanboys will have egg on your faces



  32. Harry says:

    ha just found a link to this on a car forum i go on title "fanboy gets served by his mother" ha this shit is funny

  33. mike-rsturbo says:

    dale dude you should have password protect on ya pc stop your rents snooping lol

  34. focus-boy says:

    lol this did really make me lol he is their bragging how he earns 5 figures and drive`s a m3 then his mum pissed on his parade turns out he is 13 gotta love kids and there imaginations lol

  35. rat-rick says:

    i like his come back. trying to play it cool no dude you got served!!!

  36. ian-st says:

    654 views in 40mins on the forum thats got to be a record is this dale the next starwars kid

  37. phil-r says:

    made my day this.. facebook group now set up follow the link on my avatar

  38. ken block says:

    omg just read all the comments do people really get this stressed out over a bloody games consoles and Dale you are a legend

  39. jules says:

    lol @ dale hero 2 zero in like 10 mins does daddy have a m3 and you like to pretend its yours…cossie`s all the way baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. waynethe2nd says:

    Has someone linked our link? its at like 1587 views now wtf is going on?

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    ok guys can we stop repleying on this chatboard please its not ours to crash please leave comments on the ford forum only thanks

  43. bmw-boy says:

    Just to comfirm ford boys this is now on our forum as well no going as well as yours but give it time, and bmw`s are better than fords!

  44. phymon says:

    what a fucking tool lol we all drive lambo`s and m3`s when we are online now be a good boy and do what mummy tell you

  45. ---ADL--- says:


  46. alex says:

    i bet he still breast feeds

  47. Ryan says:

    This fool has serious issues with the ps3!! maybe because he still got ps1 lol. Hey dale you can get a ps2 for cheap now ask mummy and she may get u 1 he he he

  48. waynethe2nd says:

    2764 hits over at ford now this shits going viral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. marcus says:

    5 figure bank account lol if only monopoly money was real. Dropout

  50. spam master j says:

    as funny as this is stop leaving rude comment @ dale ffs he is only a kid. This is cyber bullying and many kids get suisidal over stuff like this.

    Ok so he made up a story so what he is 13. I used to make stuff up at that age.This is a real child witth real feelings so get off his back!!