PlayStation Move Warnings

Motion sensing gaming got so popular over the years since Nintendo first introduced it in 2006 with Nintendo Wii. Although Nintendo Wii could not match PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, hardware specs it has offered something that has never been seen before, a motion-sensing controller. Since that day Nintendo Wii is pioneers in motion sense gaming and other manufactures are trying to develop their own motion-sensing controllers in order to compete with Nintendo. That way we will get Microsoft Kinect and PlayStation Move.

Speaking of PlayStation Move it is a wireless motion controller that works similar as the Nintendo’s Wii Remote. It uses a camera to determine the controller’s position and internal sensors to track the movement. It looks like we’re going to wait for a bit more until we get the latest PlayStation Move controller but luckily we got this interesting instruction that will show us how to use it, and most importantly, how not to use it. If you remember, most Wii games have the security warning that shows us how to use our controllers properly. Warning shows us that we need to place the safety wristband on and keep the distance from other players or objects. Now, we got interesting instructions for PlayStation Move so let us check it out. First thing that you should know when playing with PlayStation Move is to keep distance from objects and other people as well as babies. In addition, it is not recommended to use your Move controller against the Master Chief but you are advised to use it on cyborgs. Besides that, try not to pop some balloons when playing with Move controller because you will get one sad kid. Also, try to avoid multiple objects and self-destruct buttons if you do not want to damage your controller that way. Last thing, Move controller does not work on vampires, so if you are trying to kill a vampire make sure that you use a wooden steak. Of course, this is not an official instruction; this one is made just for fun so feel free to check it out.


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