PR & Developers

Hey Press & Developers!
Have a game you want us to feature or cover? Hit us up and give us the details. Gossip Gamers community strives on discovering the newest and latest games out there. We want to cover the obscurest indie games as much as the glossiest mainstream 100 million dollar budget shooters, and everything in between. So please, get in touch and we’ll do our best to cover it.

There are many awful games out there, if you can’t take a little criticism, don’t lash out on us. We give only our honest opinions. Additionally, don’t just throw us the game and say how wonderful or great the game is, give us some proof, screenshots, videos, previews, beta, demo or a review copy. “I made a game, write about it!” isn’t helpful to us or to you. Hand us some solid, something we can work with. There are more games developed being developed than our writers can possibly cover.

Give-a-ways & Contests
Want to engage our community even more? Hand us a free bone, beta codes, swag or just about anything. Every body loves getting free stuff including us. Give-a-ways and contests are great ways to advertise your game without a large budget. Giving away 10 copies of a game will yield a much better return than spending $500 on a banner placements.

Mailing Lists
Want to add us to your mailing lists? Sounds great, but his up and let us know what you’re about first. If you want to add us to your preview/review code lists, that’s even better, but again, get lets touch bases first. Communication is the key to success. We like to hear from you directly, not just from your automated emails.