Professor Layton Finally Comes Back


Nintendo was either brilliant or incredibly naive when they downplayed the release of the new Professor Layton game. They made no spectacle of it despite it’s huge popularity and our long anticipated wait for it. Perhaps they felt Mario didn’t have room to share in the awesomeness. Still, fans have reason to rejoice.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box will be released in North America on August 24th. The game has all the same joys of the first one with great characters, interesting animation, and puzzle solving adventure. The story will be brand new focusing on Professor Layton and Luke as they explore a mysterious story they’ve heard about a diabolical box. More dialog should intrigue seasoned players and captivate newcomers to the game. Even the animation sequences seemed to have taken it a step up with more activity and excitement. 

All in all it seems this game will be worth the wait. Thank E3 for letting us know this game was coming, even if Nintendo decided it wasn’t worth their time.

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