PSJailbreak Might Run PS1 & PS2 Games on the PS3?

We are positive you’ve heard that PlayStation 3 has been hacked and that it can run backup game thanks to the infamous USB Modchip called PSJailbreak. PSJailbreak has sparked many reactions from the users and from Sony because it allows players to run pirated games on their PlayStation 3. Sony is still fighting this USB Modchip but it seems that vicious PSJailbreak will strike again with an updated version that will introduces some new features.

According to the latest rumors, we are expecting to see a new version of PSJailbreak and it should bring some interesting improvements with this update. We should see Backup Manager v1.1 and Linux support with the next update. Beside that, the upcoming update will support any firmware and it will include support for NTFS Hard Discs. In addition, this update will allows you to Blu-Ray Discs and for the first time you will be able to play .mkv video files on your PlayStation 3. Of course, that is not all, the new version of PSJailbreak will allow you to play and copy PlayStaion and PlayStation 2 discs as well. For the first time you will be able to enjoy in good old PS and PS2 games on a single console, and the best thing about PS and PS2 games is that they will work on all versions of PS3. Beside PS and PS2 game support the upcoming update will allow you to update your USB Modschip simply by connecting it to your PC. Oh yeah, the new version of PSJailbreak will allow you to play online without the possibility of being banned as well.

The new version of PSJailbreak will introduce some interesting features but we do not have any information when will the latest version be released.


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