RE: Top Reasons for a PC Gamer to Get Windows 7

windows_7_graphicAccording to Microsoft in their main site, there are 7 reasons for gamers to purchase windows 7. We have tried it ourselves and we can reply to Microsoft’s top 7 reasons. Just for the record, I tried it on my old computer because I didn’t want to take the risk of installing it on my main computer. The testing computer was:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

Memory: 2GB DDR2-800

Graphic Card: Asus GF8800GT

Just for the record, I updated all my drivers.

The below listed in Italic are the reasons being exhibited by Microsoft in their official site .

1 – Performance
To quote a coworker: ‘Across same hardware, Crysis runs awesome on Win7! Even better than XP!’. Code for the OS has been optimized for better all around performance for games. Whatever you’re playing now should be a better experience in Windows 7.

Ok, I have tried Crysis and it doesn’t run THAT awesome. With the same resolution I used to play on the XP (1024×768) it goes at a slower FPS. It does run much better than Vista, but they compared it with XP for obvious reasons.

2 – Compatibility
The top third-party games, services, and international versions of games have been tested in Windows 7, so you should not worry about Windows 7 breaking your games. Feel free to move to Windows 7 because whatever you’re playing now should work fabulously in Windows 7.

As stated above, Crysis is running a little worse in Windows 7 than Windows XP, same thing happened with Bioshock.

3 – Discoverability
You can use Start -> Search to find any game you just downloaded or installed. No need to launch a separate application. Likewise, you won’t need to launch a game to get more info about it: The Windows 7 Games Explorer can show you in-game statistics within a preview pane plus delivers up-to-date info about your favorite game publishers and gives you the opportunity to try new games.

I don’t really see this as something useful. The Games Explorer looks more like a good way to promote the games they want than a real advantage for players.

4 – Easy updates
The new Games Explorer will notify you whenever updates are available for your games so you don’t have to go searching for them yourself or have to launch the game to see if there’s an update waiting.

Good, but most part of the games do that themselves and well, if I am not going to launch the game… why should I update it?

5 – DirectX 11 support

DirectX 11 means better games, pure and simple, with more advanced features for games to use.

Sadly, this is a real reason but if DirectX 10 and later versions don’t run in Windows XP is because Microsoft doesn’t legally allow it to run. XP developers will less likely update drivers in which will force us to pay for Windows 7. At this point, most games still use DirectX 9.0c.


6 – Multitouch support
An increasing number of gamers are using mutltouch devices. Windows 7 supports multitouch-capable machines, so you can buy the latest and greatest multitouch laptop or desktop confident it’s going to work in Windows 7.

I have no multitouch devices at all… and I don’t need them to play anything at the moment. We’ll see in the future but for now I think it is not a necessity for gamers.

7 – Classics
Here’s a bonus reason for you: Windows 7 is going to bring back Internet Backgammon, Internet Spades, and Internet Checkers because you can’t spend all your time hardcore.

Oh yeah!! That’s a real reason!! I am gonna buy Windows 7 because it includes those games!!! Come on man…

This has been my experience using Windows 7 as a gamer, please write your experiences with it and hopefully they will be better than mine.

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8 Responses to “RE: Top Reasons for a PC Gamer to Get Windows 7”
  1. AfricanWoolf says:

    Although mostly true, why so negative. I'm trying to look forewords to Win7. Be optimistic.

  2. Tua says:

    Meh. I'm not buying the article.


    You were comparing fully patched XP SP3 to…??? Did you happen to snag the RTM that was just distributed to OEMs the other day, or are you running a Release Candidate build?

    Were you using DX10 mode in 7, or DX9? I'd love to see your benchmarks. Did you use a timed demo, or were you just guesstimating with Fraps?

    Compatibility – It seems you confused "compatibility" with your premise from Performance. It's saying that you can play all your games from Vista on 7. IE they won't break, and you won't have to do stuff like run in compatibility mode or dual boot. Fallout 1 & 2 are rather buggy in XP, moreso in Vista. It's because they weren't made for that.

    Discoverability – Well maybe some title stealthed out that you didn't even know was out there, but it's related to the genres you play? For some it could be helpful, maybe not for all.

    Easy updates – It's there so you don't have to patch the game before you start up playing? Maybe you should just uninstall your games after you're done playing with them. Steam does the same thing with auto updates, this is for games that don't have their own auto updating service or are choosing to do it through the OS.

    DX11 – At this point, most games still use DirectX 9.0c. So wait and upgrade later? You're expecting a 7 or 8 year old product to be supported for the end of time? Hell, even Ubuntu drops support for non LTS releases after a year and a half.

    Multitouch support – this is more for tablet users. On the other hand, my eee 1000HE supports multitouch scrolling, so if my $350 netbook can do it, expect more laptops in the future to. Desktops won't have this feature unless you go buy a peripheral.

  3. Jacob says:

    You forgot a reason why a gamer should switch to Win7 – its not Vista.

  4. reynanuy says:

    Tell us something we don't know, XP is still king and it will continue to be in the foreseable future. It's dificult to sell a half backed product that adds little or nothing to one you already got and to make maters worse, it usualy implies aditional expenses. Devs were smart on not going full Vista Dx10 and they will keep being smart and stick to XP, until something truly better comes along. I think that as things are developing, MS should concentrate on a GAME only OS; it wouldn't realy be an OS, more like a BIOS. Think about it, optimizing all your graphical and general purpose computing for gaming only; with the option of going back to general purpose OS with a reboot. Now THAT would work, not a new iteration of the same crap with a price tag just to push new hardware out the door and keep milking the cow. Eventualy XP WILL be replaced, but definetly not by Vista or Windows 7; that much I am certain.


  5. eddy murphy says:

    This article is just negative, even on the bits you agree you always add a negative comment, poor article.

  6. Jan says:

    I have definitely seen a performance increase in my games since switching to Windows 7. Even on an old game like DotA (War3 essentialy) the gameplay is much smoother than what I had on Vista Business. (Legal copy)

    My brother who swore by XP never wants to go back to it now. He never used Vista, and also reports better frame rates in games like NFS.

    Microsoft has made a brilliant product. Stop being so damn stuck up about it just because it's a Microsoft creation. Go use Linux like the other 1% of the world then, and firmly believe you'll someday bring the evil Microsoft empire to an end…