Rock band Unplugged gets more Foo!


RockBand Unplugged, for the PSP, is due to get more Foo Fighters, and some other solid rock tracks on or around August 20th.  Rockband on the other consoles will get their packs around the same time, or sooner.  Blind Melon, Gorillaz, Pat Benetar, The Who, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and more are scattered across the platforms, with releases for others possible in the near future.

While many people are saying that RockBand Unplugged is a poor version of the RockBand franchise, it’s a great rhythm game that features similar game mechanics to it’s bigger brother, and has a solid, enjoyable game play style.  It’s not always intuitive, but it’s good for when you need to rock out on the go, or have no room for the full RockBand kit (or no friends available locally!)

Songs are also prohibitively expensive in most cases, and buying the equivalent of an album’s worth of songs can cost more than an album with shipping from Amazon.  Again, this can be off putting.


All in all though, the addition of three great Foo Fighter’s tracks means that I’m glad I bought the game and can’t wait to see what comes next.


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