Rumor: Next New Vegas DLC – “Honest Hearts”

Fallout fansite Duck and Cover has managed to obtain a couple of screenshots from an unpublished New Vegas DLC trailer, and confirming that the next DLC will be titled “Honest Hearts.”

The “Honest Hearts” phrase has been trademarked by Bethesda’s parent ZeniMax, which references to the Fallout city of New Canaan and character Joshua Graham (aka the Burned Man), who was the Legate of Caesar’s army during the first war of Hoover Dam and he held responsible for the crushing defeat of the Legion and right after the war, he covered in pitch, set on fire and thrown into the Hoover Dam as a punishment by Caesar.

Bethesda has a media event scheduled for this week in Utah, where the (fictional) New Canaan is also located. Sawyer has hinted that “Honest Hearts” is a reference to a quote by the Mormom leader Brigham Young: “Honest hearts make for honest actions.”


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