Shadow Complex – First Look

shadow compexBased on the epic novel ‘Empire’ by Orson Scott-Card, I was really looking forward to this sci fi shooter.

It’s pedigree is fairly impressive, with the Unreal 3 engine running the show, the amazing novel as it’s forefather,and a breathtakingly promised ‘game altering powerups’ mechanic, I was expecting miraculous things.

And I also knew it’s more shadowy pedigree.  A lot of the sites reviewing this are simply focused on the concept that it’s a gamed up version of the Empire, but it’s not JUST that.  Take one old, one might even say, seminal classic, Super Metroid, toss in some 3d overlaying, and you’ve basically got this game.

Xbox Live has a lot to answer for.  Even by our connection standards, it took a long time to download and crashed twice whilst updating, leaving me to give it up as a bad joke last night.  At a massive 800mbs, it looked like my Internet connection had simply choked and died, so I set it up to go again overnight.
I tried again this morning with more success, and have so far been underwhelmed.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game.  The ‘open’ world has been designed almost impeccably…but, so far,  there’s something missing.  Single person shooters stopped doing much for me after I completed FallOut 3 (and haven’t played the Pitt, or the other two expansions….yet), but this still feels slightly flat so far.

Being fair, I’ve only had it for one morning, and it has potential – I’ve still not seen where the world leads, or if it really is just one huge underground complex, or if I’m under there and will come out to a world changed by catastrophe while I was safe.  Time will tell I suppose….

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