Some Upcoming MMORPGS to Watch in 2009

2009 will be a great year for MMORPGs because of all the exciting announcements and upcoming releases. Everybody will be looking for the next MMORPG to take on Blizzard’s goliath “World of Warcraft”.  Here are 10 of the currently most anxious MMORPG for the gamers of this genre:

1. Darkfall Online
Release: Euro Launch Jan 22nd, 2009
Status: Beta

Before you think to yourself “Oh look another WoW clone” you have to read the long list of features of this game. Real-time combat with first person shooter style. Check. Complete looting. Meaning all of players items are lootable by another player upon death. Check. Mounted combat. Check. Naval Warfare. DOUBLE CHECK! The list is pretty long on the features they have set up for this game. Lets all just hope  Aventuring SA can deliver what they say and  if not then we are looking at another Age of Conan clone. (I hope you all know how that went)


2. DC Universe Online
Release: Late 2009
Status: Development

Sony Online’s Austin studio will be creating this game with Jim Lee as the Executive Creative Director and other comic writers. Already the demo version of the game looks really nice and have a lot of major superheroes in the game. You can create your character from scratch or choose one of your favorite superheroes or villians and the game will generate a close resemblence to the hero or villian you choose. One thing I am worrying about and that is will it end up being like that other superhero game.  (*cough* City of Heroes)


3. A.P.B
Release: TBA 2009
Status: Development

Like Grand Theft Auto series? Ever wish it can become a MMORPG? Well, developer of GTA David Jones heard your cries. A GTA style MMORPG in real time environment pitting against gangs and police. You as the player must choose to be either the law breakers or law enforcers. There are missions in the game so you can earn money to upgrade your weapons and other needs for your character. The mission for gang members will be to rob a grocery store while the police will try to stop them. Not much has been leaked about this game, but David said beta is already on its way. So keep an eye out for this one.


4. The Agency
Release: TBA  2009
Status: Beta

Sony Online Entertainment studios in Seattle are developing this spy-themed MMORPG. You can be a elite secret agents for The United Nations Intelligence and Tactical Experts (U.N.I.T.E) or a mercenary for ramilitary Global Operations Network (ParaGON). (Who makes up these names?) This is not your typical MMORPG where you stand and fight. The combat is first person shooter so you will have to move around and shoot your guns. Also, headshots are part of this game so go brush up your Counter-Strike skills.


5. Stargate Worlds
Release: 4th Q, 2009
Status: Development

While the T.V. show is ending the MMORPG will be released to satisfy SG fans. While little information about the game is released they already planning a expansion to it. The game is said to be true to the show and have a fps combat style to it. Already they named some careers or class you can choose such as Asgard, Jaffa, Goa’uld, and others. If you are a fan of the series then you probably know what kind of classes are those. Even if you are not familiar with the series you should know there will be space ships, aliens, and lasers.


6. Free Realms
Release: Dec 2009
Status: Development

Sony must have a very busy year. Another Sony Online Entertainment mmorpg, but with a big twist from the usual MMORPGs. Lets say Facebook, Myspace, and some MMORPG elements are mixed together then you will have Free Realms. Social networking in the game is a big part of the game and players will be encouraged to play the game together regaurdless of the level or class of the players. Just picture a game where you can actually play with your parents. (scary yes, fun maybe)


7. Aion
Release: 2 Q, 2009
Status: Released in South Korea

Another MMORPG by NCsoft creators of the popular Lineage series. Already a hit in South Korea and having plans to bring it to the States. Aion combines player-vs-player and player-vs-environment in a fantasy dream setting. Probably the best feature for this game is the flight combat  where players can battle in the air or attack players on the ground. Aion has already won the best Korean game of the year in 2008 so be ready for this MMORPG to hit it big everywhere.


8. Lego Universe
Release: 1st Q, 2009
Status: Development

Probably another kiddie MMORPG, but I must say I do love Legos. Being developed by NetDevil (not so kiddie there) the game lets you create your very own Lego people and puts you into a Lego world. While they announced that there will be no PvP (I would had loved to pit my lego warrior against another player) the game is for players to group up and complete different tasks in the Lego world. There is a leaked video of a demo of this game and I must say it was very very cool. Go check it out. If you don’t think its cool then you probably played with Megabloks.


9.  FusionFall
Release:Fall, 2009
Status: Beta

Being developed by Cartoon Network and Grigon Entertainment. (wait Cartoon Network make games) FusionFall is a mission oriented game focusing on the missions and bosses. You can either solo or team up with players to tackle missions and beating bosses. It is said the game does not revolve around levels or experiences, but collecting Nanos from missions. Probably I’m more curious about this game rather then actually wanting to play it. Seem like a game to ease younger generations into the MMORPG world.


10. Warrior Epic
Release: 2nd Q, 2009
Status: Beta

Warrior Epic is developed by True Games Interactive and has already launched their beta. A online, action role-playing game set in an original fantasy universe, where player’s will assume command of a wide variety of Warriors through solo, PvP, and multiplayer dungeon raiding adventures. The best part of this is that its all free. Yup. No monthly fees or even have to purchase the game. The only thing it does charge for is special items like EXP potions, exclusive clothing, etc. The game does look pretty good for a free mmorpg. Since its free might as well try it out when it comes out this year.


Well there you have it my Top 10 MMORPGs for 2009 Oh and here is some MMORPG that gamers should be looking forward to also. They should be announcing these games in 2009.

1: (Untitled) Blizzard MMO
Release: TBA
Status: Development

Another MMORPG from Blizzard and No its not WoW expansion, but a totally new MMORPG. IGN was probably the first to report blizzard coming out with a new MMORPG game. With no name or any information it still already causing a big buzz around the gaming community. This might just beat their own game. (I doubt it is Starcraft Online but won’t that be awesome) So be sure to keep looking for info on this unknown game.


2: Star Trek Online
Release:TBA, 2009
Status: Development

If you count the Trekkies out there then you know this is going to sell. Already fans saying this will be the best MMORPG out there. Guess we will have to wait and see.


3:(Untitled) Square Enix MMO
Release: TBA, 2010
Status: Development

Another report from IGN causing gamers to go into frenzy is the new Square Enix MMO. Hiromichi Tanaka will be producing this game, he is the guy who produced Final Fantasy XI and it will probably have some similarities to FFXI. Already gamers speculate that it will be a sequel to FFXI. I won’t mind that one bit at all.


4: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Release: TBA

Status: Development

Bioware the creators of Knights of The Old Republic will be developing the newly announced MMO for the Star Wars series. Little information is leaked out, but it was confirmed by IGN that Bioware started developing the game since the finish of KOTOR II. During a press conference with Bioware and LucasArt  some small detailed information was given such as players will not choose Sith or Jedi sides in the beginning, but will be determined by their actions. They even said there is going to be a story in this game and it would seperate this MMO from other MMOs. Hopefully, there will be more information of what features this game will bring and also I would like to know what are they going to do about Galaxies. Have you heard of that game? Star Wars Galaxies.


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63 Responses to “Some Upcoming MMORPGS to Watch in 2009”
  1. epic says:

    Stargate Atlantis is ending that is correct, Stargate Universe will begin airing this summer the tv presence of Stargate has not ended also there will be multiple TV movies based on the different series

  2. gw says:

    I'm disappointed that Guild Wars 2 isn't on there.

  3. FREElanceR says:

    yeah i was looking for black prophecy too, more people need to find out about that game

  4. Jonathan says:

    Blizzard's new MMO will not be anywhere near 2009, 2010, ect… I would look for an early 2012 or late 2011 given their "we will polish this until we are fully comfortable with it" view of game releases. I also think we'll see another WoW xpac or two before we even have a name for the new MMO. In addition, they have stated it will not be related to any title they have and will be an entire new genre/universe.

  5. I am disappointed that I didn't see Mortal Online on the list?

    Take a look:

  6. wow says:

    well Wow became tidious actually they are loosing players

  7. Jonathan says:

    I somewhat retract my comment after seeing there is a 1-4 unknown section.

  8. Michal says:

    What about White Wolf's MMO?

  9. Anxst says:

    No Champions Online? For shame….

  10. John M says:

    If I don't have to pay a monthly fee I'll buy one of these games..

  11. Baz says:

    i swear i read that the stargate mmo already had the plug pulled on it a month ago.

  12. James says:

    I can't believe you left out the biggest part of APB. The CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION!!!

    Google "APB Character GDC" or something similar. There have to be some videos out there taken from the hour long presentation at last years GDC in San Fran.

    This game will be phenomenal.

  13. Anon says:

    I doubt have of those will come out this year.

    Fallen Earth is finally in alpha testing, you should have put that in your list instead.

  14. Hadji says:

    Did a monkey write this article? No wonder I've never heard of this site, it seems like this guy has friends that are fans of games and he just puts down a little info from what he has heard them say. BTW, Champions Online FTW!

  15. Djjora says:

    I hoped to see Jagex's new officially unofficial game MechScape up there on the list, but evidentally either RuneScape and therefore Jagex is not popular enough to be worth posting about, or the MechScape release isn't widely known. In any case, w00t about Stargate MMORPG, whether or not rumor has it it's funding has been cut. Been wanting a good SG game for a while.

  16. horus says:

    This is a very poor article. It sounds like the author hasn't done any more research other than the top 10 results from a Google search for the word "MMO". In the writing, he leaves further speculation and critical information up to the reader. You've literally posted nothing more than a list of names and whatever information you already knew. This is very obvious in the Stargate MMO entry where the author cannot even be bothered to investigate what its about other than the fact that it is based on Stargate, which he obviously knows nothing about. His conclusions could be about *any* MMO other than the ones listed and the writing is totally interchangeable. Not only is this poor writing, its not news, article or blog worthy. Get this trash off the internet!

    By the way, Im an official Stargate Worlds beta tester – its not dead!

  17. Joe says:

    Star Trek and Star Wars MMOs have already been announced… With the complications that come with creating online games, perhaps keeping the list to games in late beta would have been a better idea. Also, get an editor. Your list is full of grammatical errors. Yes, that is important for a website trying to deliver news.

  18. Rachel says:

    Join Unforgiven War at

    Amazing game!

  19. Sisters of Hastur says:

    galaxies. yea, still fun, and soe says they will not shut it down when kotorol launches, but they also said there was no nge coming…

    if galaxies could ever get some good dev time / leadership, it could be huge.

    could be

    although in the last year, they have come a long long way in updates / bug squishing

  20. zJohn says:

    I know it's unconventional but Playstation Home should be officially launched in 2009!. With the talk of the EA world, it should be pretty fun.


  21. Wow I am truly shocked that Face Of Mankind did not make the list.
    its return has generated so much buzz!

  22. MainAssist says:

    Some of those definitely won't be out this year. Looking forward to Champions Online. It's pretty insane that CO game doesn't make this list.

  23. Old Republic is what im definitely looking forward to the most but I just hope that Bioware does a better job at creating a star wars mmo than LucasArts did with Galaxies, which had a horrible grind factor to it and an ridiculous Jedi unlock process

  24. Knite says:

    Champions Online will be out in Spring 09 and its not on here. It'l be interesting to see how CoX, CO, and DCO coexist.

    Also, Jumpgate: Evolution will be out this summer. Its kind of a mix between starship action and MMO. Played it at PAX and it was fun.

    My big 1 on this list is Aion, though. The graphics are phenominal, its already an established #1 game in Korea, and the character customization is amazing. If you haven't already, check it out.

  25. Mike says:

    I played Stargate online during beta…..FFS it was awful.

    The development company isn't even close to good enough or big enough to have even a remote chance of completing it on any sort of acceptable timeline.

    It will ikely have the plug pulled on it soon, god please pull the plug before you ruin stargate.

  26. Lost Guy says:

    where the hell is guild wars 2

  27. Vladimir says:

    I'm surprised Mechscape isn't there, it's even in Beta mode.

  28. Aaron coleman says:

    the unkown wow thing is starcraft online my freind whent to blizz con and there was a booth set up passing out sheets about it

  29. Bloodiemurderer says:

    what about the new need for speed!

    no1 is giving it publicity! hopefully it dont all short like so many other mmo/mmorpg ect games

    but then again motor city came through it was cool for little while…

    But this is going to be a leader in driving mmo/mmorpg games!

  30. SonaF says:

    Free Realms recently hit 2mill players, looks good!

  31. Justin says:

    No Huxley must have died it was going to be the first MMO fps for the 360 but I guess they trashed it.

  32. luke says:

    blizzards new mmorpg is a pokemon online bieleve it or not lol

  33. Billy Badass says:

    STAR TREK ONLINE AND SWTOR are at the top of my list while Jumpgate Evolution altho pushed back a bit on release is in the forfront of my mind, Stargate Worlds looks crappy altho ill still check it out. Call me a tard but i check damn near every mmo out f2p and p2p ftw

  34. You forgot Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN Online) and Karos Online. Both coming out October, 2009.

  35. David says:

    I dont get it. Everyone says the MMO's that always come out will kick WoW's ass, because they are hoping it will, but already there have been so many that have tried to, and horribly failed, IMO WoW will never fail because it is the top game in the world, Blizzard makes almost 1 billion dollars a month from all its games and merchandice, and most of the games listed up there are easily, no need to say another word, easily trash against WoW. If you don't think so, play WoW and see how thought out it was and how good it is, WoW isn't much of a grindfest anyways, the first 10-20 levels are, but all the critics probably never even got past level 15. And no, Blizzard's new MMO will not be Starcraft, it will be a whole new genre, and it will be epic. Anyways, Blizzard is so good, there making a Warcraft movie. So think before you speak.

  36. nate says:

    pretty sure blizz already said the next MMO is diablo 3

    WoW was fun every expansion is killing it

    the original was amazing

  37. Cena says:

    okay…… blizzard is not going to fail BUT look it up : every patch that comes out people complain about it…. people are getting tire of doing the same thing even though there are too much too after level 80. i used to play WoW and i stop…. why ? well maybe i got tired of the same thing or got tired of wasting my money and time on things that it thinks almost for ever… what i mean ? well now blizzard is creating stuff in-game that says need to ( wait 7 days ). WoW was a really good game at the beginning but now is falling a part.

    In my opinion blizz is losing players….. because i have too many friends that stop playing it because the reason i gave you……