Sony Announces PlayStation 3 Slim Coming Soon

PS3SlimPICs (1)

Well, that was not a huge surprise since it was leaked everywhere. Either way we are all glad to see Sony finally confirming the PS3 Slim is coming very soon.

How soon Sony? September soon! That’s right end of September it will be released and will have a price tag of $299 which to say not bad for a 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter, 34 percent less power use, and a 120GB hard drive. However, everything else is all the same features as the current PS3 in the market, meaning no backwards compatibility either. Boo!

This will most likely phase out the 80GB version which is why the 80GB version is all sold out in Japan for collectibles of course.

Start saving those paper if you’ve been waiting for the PS3 Slim since September is just right around the corner.


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One Response to “Sony Announces PlayStation 3 Slim Coming Soon”
  1. Ann Cook says:

    A lot of kids are going to want one for Christmas