Sony Plan Supports Upgrading from PSP-1000 to PSPgo


Backwards compatibility has always been a sticky issue for console developers. There’s no denying that video gaming can be an extremely expensive hobby, and systems lacking backward compatibility can be a tough sell for some players. This is no doubt going to be true with the new PSPgo, which completely lacks a UMD drive – the media on which most standard PSP games and movies is distributed on. While Sony isn’t planning to have the PSPgo replace the standard PSP, they are offering the option to copy some UMDs to digital format for use with the new handheld.

According to a report from, Sony will be providing details on this “good-will program” fairly soon. They expect to have somewhere between a 20 and 25 percent upgrade rate for the new hardware. The report was unclear on whether or not all games or movies would be able to be transferred. The implication was that some games may be left out in the cold – still, since the service doesn’t have to be offered at all, it seems like a decent concession.

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