Starcraft 2 Beta Cracked & Available for Download

TeknoGod and Darkblizz have successfully cracked Starcraft 2 beta with a working AI against computers. Teknogods team, LazyTown has plans to emulate a server in the near future, but for now, it’s just comp stomp. There has already been several releases of the cracked beta, currently the newest version is 5, which has been made available yesterday.

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129 Responses to “Starcraft 2 Beta Cracked & Available for Download”
  1. LBK_1975 says:

    Ouch – let's hope Bobby is taking note (yes that's the 15 Million Dollar Man), I hope those with shares in Act/Blizz are getting shudders. If he/they fostered a better relationship with the gamers/players that have made the game what it is they wouldn't find themselves a target. Their greed and short-sightedness will cost them millions of dollars along with the old-timers who for nostalgia's would have been happy to pay for a game with LAN. It's just sad to watch the slide when we should be enjoying the game.

    Well done to TeknoGod and Darkblizz – Up yours Bobby!

  2. SC2Guy says:

    Keep gettin all sorts of virus issues with most of these files. One of them actually turned off my mcaffee malware program.

  3. Animus says:

    I just got this working today. I did however get my copy and necessary files to crack it from These were different but similar files and guess what I did not get any viruses from it. It does work and if I do get a virus I don't care. Ive wait 12 years for this f*ckin game.

  4. eXtine says:

    I must admit I'm surprised to see this up here. Its news, and under reported under ground news, but Directions? You guys aren't fearing for your Ass-et's?

  5. a faggot says:

    I downloaded this, I don't give a shit. I didn't get into Beta anyway so it doesn't matter what I do now. I'm still gonna drop cash money on this day one of release

  6. HowToPirate101 says:

    You are basically instructing people on how to go about pirating software. Why would any respectable site publish this?

  7. shade says:

    Interested to know if this works or not? post comments.

  8. robots says:

    gay bots, i'll pass

  9. ImDisappoint says:

    Really? I'm torn between hating Activision and loving Blizzard, but this is getting lamer by the day. I officially hate pirates, as of today.

  10. shade says:

    why disappointed, can you guys be more specific in your posts? Does this work or not?

  11. asfawf says:

    the Turdburglers AI V5 file is no longer on mediafile reupload?

  12. drugstore says:

    Im have a SC2 beta key and the only AI available right now is 'Very Easy'. It's pretty lame, the only fun to be had is against other players even though they just roflstomp my face in because i havent played the original in 8 years.

    So this really just goes to show that no matter what developers do to delay piracy can and will be cracked.

  13. Arun says:

    To all the idiots talking about piracy: this is a BETA version of the game. This is not the full game. Beta versions are usually released to the public anyway.

  14. ZergGotRushed says:

    For all still wondering this works and has actually been out since late Feb. I have a beta kay but still waiting on blizzar's 'next wave' of invites to play some ladder games. Despite already knowing that the actual release WILL get hacked at some point I'm STILL going to pay for this game when its released. I like a lot of people have been waiting over 10yrs to play this. and its that good.

  15. Tommy Simmons says:

    Lots of download mirrors at:

  16. nellyconway says:

    I think Blizzard's approach to DRM is basically limited to the fact that you can't use without a legitimate copy.

    Personally, I think it's a pretty effective strategy. Especially since SC2 doesn't have LAN, and is the best part of it.

  17. sandro says:

    does it work on a mac?

  18. TheAristocrat says:

    I see a cease and desist order in your future.

  19. screplays says:

    You can get replays at SCREPLAYS . COM

  20. Reza says:

    Works perfectly

    the original AI is really really stupid

    but its awesome

    thanks alot

  21. starcraft_kid says:

    I downloaded and now when i try and install it asks me to insert disc 1. what do i do?

  22. tayga says:

    well i downloaded the beta and updated it and it launched fine with a bit of flickering, changed a few settings click on the thing to create an account witch minimizes the game i max the game again to quit but the flickering started to happen like between game and desktop until i was able to quit and now launching it crashes once the loading bar is full after a few sec… BAM the beta sucks. i deleted the stuff under C:Users*account name*DocumentsStarCraft II Beta made no difference same with rebooting not ahure if i should apply those files? might as well give it a shot

  23. Ryan says:

    Can someone help me with this? I have downloaded all the files but don't know where to place them. Whenever I try running the Lazylaunch app, sc2 beta app runs, but them says "unable to launch game"

  24. Pete says:

    It works, but the loading bar and the game both blink constantly…?

  25. roboclove says:

    This is legit. Works perfectly on my humble Vostro 1500 notebook with 2.2BHGZ Core 2 Duo with 2GB Ram and NVIDIA. Sweet.

  26. wisdom13 says:

    well i got everything installed and all, but when i go to load up the screen stays black and my monitor says out of range. now is there anything that i can do to work around that?

    my video card is a geforce 9800 gtx+

  27. SC says:

    Hey, how were these maps made? I wanna start making my own.

  28. Fedaykin says:

    I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first but this is amazing!! If my internet wasn't being dumb and not letting me download the AI enabled maps it would be perfect, but still just playing with the factions is like the coolest thing ever. I've been waiting on this game for 8 years I think now?

  29. GQKKE says:

    When i try to load a map with launcher, i get a crash upon start, it just says "windows launcher stopped working", what can the problem be?

  30. Jose says:

    I been playing since last night. the crack beta is legit. only single players at the moment. you can only play with an AI pack. all races are playable, are units and techs are available.

  31. Chris says:

    I am having trouble installing the beta client. After downloading to my desktop, and running the executable, I continue through to the panel where you select which folder the game will be installed to. I allow it to create the default folder "StarCraft II Beta" in my programs folder. After selecting Ok, I receive an error message:

    "The file "4/StarCraft II Beta" could not be found. IF this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (IsAbsolutePath/path is not absolute)"

    Does anyone know how to fix this? I am running an up to date version of Windows Vista (I know it sucks). I have tried creating a folder under the name it says it could not find, but I recieve the same error message but the folder name that could not be found now has several unsual characters in place of 4/ at the start of Starcraft.

    I could really use some help!! Or direct me to a site which addresses this. I have searched Google, and spent about an hour researching this, so please don't belittle me for not doing any work to solve this myself.

  32. Yoroichi says:

    Where are the instructions!?

  33. David says:

    Where is the download link for this crack?

  34. DarknessLovesPie says:

    I love pie. . . pie is good…. and if anyone has anything negative to say about this they can shove their thumb up there ass and twist

  35. Gor says:

    how to download this beta version of game or a full game!

  36. WarriorNoah says:

    "We didn't start the flame war, peeps were hating on it 'fore I left my comment…"

  37. Assassin says:

    Where can I download the beta? can someone please tell me where's the link? If the link is not found here… can you please supply the download link???

  38. Roerkwr says:

    I downloaded the lazylauncher and i am putting maps in to try and run them and whenever the game opens it just says unable to launch, what is the problem and how can i fix it

  39. 222224 says:

    wheres the download

  40. David says:

    who now one good website to download starcraft 2 cracker maps.

  41. alessio says:

    nice where is dowlaod?

  42. Mark says:

    pie, i like cream pie!

  43. Rime says:

    You people are mostly idiots. Just wait until July 27th when the game is released. Also, for the linux and mac elitists out there, quit decrying Windows, get a life and grow up, seriously.

  44. idiot says:

    where do i download it

  45. sayko says:

    ty so much

  46. kukiratakadalo says:

    how i can download

  47. ja says:

    i just downloaded starcraft 2 for free here full version

  48. paul says:

    dow do i downloed

  49. keemoj says:

    where is the fucking download?