Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Campaign Preview


With all the talk and controversy on LAN play in Starcraft 2, we seem to have forgotten some of the best things about Starcraft 2 and that is the campaign mode.

Blizzard has been doing a great job on revealing as very little information on the storyline and single player campaigns as possible for SC2. But until today, StarcraftSource released a video of the single player campaign in Starcraft 2 titled ‘Wings of Liberty’ which has been kept private since the Blizzard HQ meetup last month. The best part in my opinion was the lava part in the video.

While the video does not show any huge spoilers for the game, it does however give you details on the single player and parts of the story line.

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One Response to “Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Campaign Preview”
  1. It is about time for sequel to come out. We have been waiting for too long!