Street Fighter lV Damage Scaling


PlayStation 3 has added some new games in recent months among them is Street Fighter lV .Highly addictive and boasting cutting edge graphics and real life play. Like my self, all of you would like to know how the damage is calculated. Well ask no further.

The first two hits deals 100% damage, while the third hit deals 80% of original damage. Each preceding hit deals an extra 10% of damage off.

For example,
The fourth hit deals deliver 70%, the fifth move 60%. After the ninth preceding hit damage is calculated in 10% increments as shown in the graph below.

100% damage for first and second hits of a combo.
• 80% damage for third hit.
• 70% damage for fourth hit.
• 60% damage for fifth hit.
• 50% damage for sixth hit.
• 40% damage for seventh hit.
• 30% damage for eighth hit.
• 20% damage for ninth hit.
And each hit beyond the ninth drops the damage by an additional 10%.Which would make only sense to use a combo twice and then switch over to one hit moves to save on your combo attacks. Look at it this way….

Akuma, His attack would be, Hard Kick, two Crouching Light Punches, preceded by a Crouching Medium Kick, Fireball (5 hits) would deal 239 in life damage where as when you do each of these moves individually they would deal 290 in life damage. There isn’t a percentage drain on single attacks it only affects the damage done by combo attacks.

Damage for moves performed as a 1-hit attack
Jumping Hard Kick – 100
Crouching Light Punch – 30
Crouching Light Punch – 30
Crouching Medium Kick – 70
Hard Punch Fireball – 60
Total Damage: 290

Damage for moves performed in a combo
1st hit: Jumping Hard Kick – 100
2nd hit: Crouching Light Punch – 30
3rd hit: Crouching Light Punch – 24
4th hit: Crouching Medium Kick – 49
5th hit: Hard Punch Fireball – 36
Total Damage: 239

• The damage reduction for injured fighters is another great feature of Street Fighter lV. The more damage dealt to a fighter, the less damage that fighter will take. The scaling for the injured fighters is…

At 51% health or higher there is no damage scaling.
• 50% health damage scaling is 95%.
• 25% health damage scaling is 90%.
• 15% health damage scaling is 75%.

Lets say a character has 25% of their health, they will take 10% less damage from single or combo attacks dealt to a fighter. Some other need to know information is counter attacks take off an additional 25% life/add additional stun hit. Stun damage is deducted in the same fashion as combos and health damage, does not affect the amount of life the fighter has. The amount of Super meter you gain is also deducted the same way as combos/damage. Using the scaling formula one would find it handy to calculate the damage of combos without executing in game.


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