Take 17’s Alien Breed will cost $2,5 million


Martyn Brown Team 17’s studio director revealed to gamesindustry.biz that the trilogy Alien Breed is going to cost them around $2.5 million.

This company, wich has self-published Worms and Worms 2 with a great success, has employed 30 people over a 14-15 month period according to Brown´s declarations in a packed Evolve session at this year’s Develop Conference. They wanted to bust the myth of self-publishing companies getting loads of money with their products in an interview to Gamasutra, where Brown explained there are a lot of risks in doing that, and it isn´t cheap at all for a company to publish their own products.”Publishing is not easy,” he said. “It requires a wide variety of skills and understanding of localization, financing, public relations, legal issues… if you don’t know something, get someone who does, because you will not be able to wing it.”

As he recognized, this makes one of the most expensive titles ever, but the surprising part is it will only feature around 15 hours of gameplay including a co-op separate content included in the game. The first episode will include three levels of around 1 hour each and the co-op mode featuring 3 more hours.

This re-imagination of the retro Amiga game and was shown at GameHorizon in Newcastle and will be available on XBLA around October, but Martyn Brown himself confirmed to VG247 that PS3 users will have to wait a little longer to play it.

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