The Bet is On: If Wolfenstein outsells Madden 10 It is Free


Raven Softeware’s lead designer Manveer Heir just posted on his Twitter that if Wolfenstein outsells EA’s Madden 10 in August, he will pay for your copy of Wolfenstein. Just make sure you have your receipt handy just in case you win this bet.

Twitter: “Here’s the deal folks: if Wolfenstein outsells Madden 10 in August I will personally pay for your copy (keep your receipt) – SPREAD THE WORD,”

So if this goes through and Wolfenstein does outsell EA’s Madden 10, then we will most likely see Maveer paying people with his own pocket money. Unless this is actually a Raven Software promo which to say is like a suicide attempt for the company. That’s 60$ a pop for each person that bought the game in August, plus no profit to the company at all (unless gamer has no receipt).

So go out there start buying it, so my copy will be free!

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