The Coolest PC Game Gun Mod


Get ready to ejaculate as you feast your eyes on this new mod known as the PC VR Game Gun. You can now get your lazy a** off the couch and get in some real live action. Can you say, real life video game simulation? Perhaps Project Natal and Nintendo can learn a thing or two here.

Some features include low-cost, dual-axis miniature rate gyroscope that is fully self-contained for easy integration into human input devices such as the PC VR Gamegun. A unique electromagnetic transducer design and a single etched beam structure utilize the Coriolis effect to sense rotation in two axes simultaneously. Operating between 2.3 and 3.6 volts. 1K of available EEPROM storage on board. Low drift.

Full Motion Tracking – Move the gun and it moves the mouse.


  • 7″ Widescreen Active Matrix TFT Display
  • Sleek, Stealth Design
  • Emulates as a Windows Mouse 100% compatible
  • Built-in Game pad 3 triggers and dual axis no drivers
  • High-Quality Black Finish with Black Shroud
  • High Dot Resolution: 1440 (H) x 234 (V)
  • 3 Selectable Screen Modes (Full, Wide, Normal)
  • Wireless Remote Control with Front Panel Controls
  • On Screen Display (OSD)
  • Power Supply: 12 VDC
  • Standard RCA Composite Video Input (NTSC only)
  • Dimensions: 5″ H x 9″ W x 0.7″ D
  • Plug ‘n play USB, no special drivers or software needed

Check out the video below for more details.

If you’re interested in picking up one of these bad boys, check out

Update: The wireless version.

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51 Responses to “The Coolest PC Game Gun Mod”
  1. OKta says:

    Brilliant mate well done. Get a patent on that thing quick. Would also be good to use a fresnel lens in front of the screen so you can have a smaller lighter display and much larger image.

  2. Mark says:

    Panent the hell out of that quick! …and possibly implement VR glasses.

  3. John Smith says:

    Kelly fuking Powers!

  4. ZIGGI says:


  5. TooBad says:

    LOL he cant patent it given none of the hardware is his.

    He is using several other manufacturers equipment.

    This would be a legal nightmare to try and release this.

    • rick says:

      you'd patent the design not the technology used to create it.

    • TomatoSoup says:

      Of course he couldn't patent the hardware.

      But the software I bet is homebrewn. And the layout, plus the whole idea to mounting the screen on the motion sensing device.

      • Aaron says:

        You can't patent something once you make it public. It becomes public domain. If he didn't file a provisional patent in the US then hes an idiot and deserves nothing.

        • Captain Colon says:

          Tell that to Microsoft who now have a patent (US Patent 7536726) for an operating system with limited functionality, Mr. Internet Lawyer. I'm sure they were the first ones to come up with that idea.

      • Maxwell says:

        he didn't use any software to set that up. He said it's plug and play. no drivers necessary.

        • Xiaowei1 says:

          you can patent something if the bits that went into it were not of your own creation. do you think the people that made a plastic spoon with a serrated edge and a scoop invented plastic? They just took the inventive step of combining a spoon and a knife and putting them together in a given way.

          You can even patent the method of using a projector on the end of a gun linked to a gaming console played in a darken round room. (Though not all countries easily accept method patents, but the US does).

          In the US you have 1 year from disclosure to patent something. Many other countries allow this too. The EU does not, but no-one would make something exclusively for the EU and not want to see it in the US; even if they had to pay a license fee.

  6. Tina says:

    Is anyone else reminded of Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite when watching the first video?

  7. BINGO ! says:

    I can haz game gun ????

  8. Gamer says:

    This is nothing compared to Project Natal OR the Nintendo Wii, for that matter.

    In regards to Project Natal.. the PC Game Gun is still a controller, even if it's wireless where as with Project Natal, there ARE no controllers. So when you said that Project Natal can learn a thing or two here, it made no freakin' sense. This PC Game Gun can learn a thing or two or a billion from Project Natal.

    Thanks, but no thanks. Does look cool though.. sort of.

    • Truth says:

      I can see why you would think that, however, I think what was meant by the statement that Project Natal and Wii could learn something from this was that this is a good idea that Microsoft or Nintendo probably could benefit from. I like the idea and would buy it if it worked well and was not too expensive (probably even if it was), but there is no need to flip about the statement, unless of course you're an angry person.

    • IceDragonz97 says:

      Hey Gamer, just telling you, this is meant for SHOOTING games, dumbshit. You use it like a REAL FUCKING GUN. If if it wasn't for the gun design, it wouldn't be realistic, you dumbass. Project Natal sucks compared to this. Your hands would be going inside the fucking gun all the time because of all the fucking sensors.

  9. no patent says:

    For ppl crying patent…fyi you cannot patent something that is in the public domain. As in you cannot tell anyone about your idea before you try patent it(other then your patent lawyer/advisors basically). Too late for this one im afraid.

    • IANAL says:

      Many jurisdictions (Canada and USA included) have a 1 year grace period after first disclosure.

      So if he wants to file a patent, he should get a provisional application filed in the USPTO. That will secure his filing date, after which he can put together a proper application.

      Quite simple to put a provisional application together…

      And yes, he *can* patent an invention based on combining other patented items. The only problem is that his patent won't give him the right to use the underlying invetions, so he'll need licenses to use them. But that's actually quite common and shouldn't be fatal.

  10. Paul says:

    I've seen this film before – love it: "40 Year Old Virgin"

  11. DigitalChris says:

    "Get ready to ejaculate" …? Ew, a little too clinical. And creepy.

  12. Vord says:

    Love the wireless game gun… with a wire to the battery lol :)

  13. Vijay says:

    Amazing concept. I think the best part is that the screen is *on* the gun, so you can spin around 360 degrees and still see what is going on.

    The biggest flaw with the Wii, Natal, etc is that you always have to be facing forward.

    Great implementation. Secure some IP rights and get yourself some deals, there is a market for this!

  14. Dunner says:

    This is pretty impressive, however, how does one move the character about the game world? Exactley. It will never work.

    • alphazed says:

      The keyboard controls are on the front of the gun. It's actually not hard at all to move around. Maybe I'll have him make another video where he shows off a minute or so of gameplay so you can see what I mean.

  15. Mike Homo Hendry says:

    Does the gun really move the mouse? Or does it just move the cursor on the screen?

    • natb says:

      lol… cool as f..k

      Great idea, nice implemenation, good idea removing mullet for the second vid.

      alphazed: yep, movement as keys on the gun. think with about 10mins on it, you'll be wired (or less :P). But could see many people getting carried away and backing up through plaster walls!

      Imagine this moved into a real setting (ie laserquest stylee) with a 3D equiv map for playing… multiple sensors for tracking over large area and 3D coords on top of gun orientation. Dim the lights… crank the volume… nice.

      A great stop gap to oled and the looooooong awaited wearable (no headache rendering) glasses!

  16. Matt says:

    Does the game gun require a mullet to operate?

  17. Josh says:

    This thing is amazing, Patent or no.

    I think that this could be the start of something Big for Fps's.

    Especially in an arcade setting. Picture this…The Gun has a 120hz projector (or 2 60hz) on the front as to enable it for stereoscopic gaming. And you put on your Stereoscopic glasses and step into a room that is completely round (except for the floor) Like the inside of a ball. you close the door and the lights go dark . the game comes on and your in a completely immersed the 3d environment being that not only as the projected image coming from the gun in 3d but you would see it anywhere you turn! Wow with this guys invention that is completely possible! Great invention but take it a step further. And the same could be done on the home market scale by selling the gun and rounded gap fillers for the corners of your room. Heck add voice recognition and the xbox 360 could become the xbox1080.

  18. CPU64 says:

    Its not that easy to get a patent in this country. Its definitely not cheap either. I tried to get my button less guitar hero controller patented (improvement patent) and it would have cost me $700 just for them to check and see if something else similar isn't already patented..

    • Xiaowei1 says:

      Actually it’s pretty easy, you just have to be inventive in describing why your product is different from whatever the examiner of a patent may throw back at you, and state rather clearly why your invention is so novel.

      If you go through a lawyer it will cost quite a bit, so be certain the idea will be picked up once you are done.

      You can always just do the patent yourself and correct mistakes the examiner may throw at you. This may be a mistake though when you try to create your claims. you can always write the patent, the seek clarification from a patent lawyer (expect $2k to $3k fee). Don’t forget the filing fee too.

      your alternative would be to seek out a backer who would like to use your technology (invention) and perhaps patent it for you (with you as the inventor and them as the assignee). Microsoft may indeed be interested in the invention.

  19. John says:

    Irrespective of the patent bun-fight.

    I need the answer to three simple questions.

    1) Where can I get hold of at least two of these units (possible a lot more once evaluated in our lab) [wired or wireless] 2) how much do they cost 3) when can I get them.

  20. Whatcha says:

    Is That A Network Solutions Tee Shirt ?

  21. RDKING says:

    Google it again

  22. Him says:

    I heard Blizzard is interested in buying the rights from this guy. Cheers! He deserves it, it'll be a hit I'm sure.

  23. Vern says:

    New Game Gun VIDEO. New photo looks good / retail package

  24. Kevin says:

    Do you mind if I ask what you used for wireless vga? Thanks.

  25. Rob says:

    Not sure this can be easily patented – some parts of the system possibly. But the US Army has VR gun trainers as well as countless other hobbyists including myself…

  26. ???… ??????, ???????? ?? ? ???????…

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