The Most Amazing Garrus Vakarian Mass Effect 2 Cosplay

If there was ever any Mass Effect cosplay that’s not just about “ass effects,” it is this recreation of Garrus Vakarian, which I can confidently say it’ll completely blow your mind away.

The talented creator, Robert Rodgers has put an enormous amount of effort into creating this Garrus suit and it is absolutely amazing. The costume was built from scratch and consists of over 75LED lights with nine 9V batteries. The armor is very lightweight and great for any cosplay event, with the exception of long walks due to the high heels. According to the artist, the heels “are not as steep as it looks” due to some “illusion involved.”

“I slip my feet with shoes on them into the spandex socks and strap them to the support structure on the inside. It is fairly comfortable if you are standing still, but I would not want to walk a parade route in these feet. Props to all the ladies who wear high heels.”

In the video, you’ll also notice a little extra coming out from the butt, it is not a tail, just a missing butt plate strap that was not worn during the take on the video.

The costume and many others are available for sale. You can contact Robert via his website at

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