Top 10 Scariest games of all time!

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A look back at some of the scariest games ever made. I find classics are usually more well thought out than the new scary games. The only thing I can really say better about the new releases are better graphics but otherwise, classics have always been able to give me the chills. Below is a list of the 10 scariest game that I’ve played.

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10. Silent Hill 2-PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC


Silent Hill 2 is only a loose sequel to the 1999’s critically praised survival horror game. It has a similar town settings from its original. But new Protagonist and cast of characters made me play this game and finish it. This game offers 4 unique ending(cool). And upon playing this game again and again with different level of difficulty of course, you will be able to find hidden objects as well as special weapons such as the chain saw, which severs enemies completely in half. Silent Hill 2 suffers a bit from being too close to its predecessor in terms of gameplay, but it does manage to scare up enough dread to be a worthy game for fans of the genre.

9. Alone in the Dark-PC


This game is one of the oldest Survival Horror game out there just following the 1989 Sweet Home by Capcom.

Players are given the option of choosing between a male or female character (Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood), and are then trapped inside the haunted mansion of Derceto after dark. From there you are to solve puzzles or hell you can choose to fight slave zombies, giant bipedal rat-like creatures along the way. The story is great, this is the kind of game you want to try to finish until you solve the mystery.

Scariest moment : As soon as the game starts. You got no weapons, bare hands to fight creatures. Yikes!

8. System Shock 2-PC


This game debuted summer 1999, to scare people. Utterly immersive in its use of character attachment and amnesiac story-telling, it is a game that will honestly give you the sweats. This game is very atmospheric from the beginning. The character models is just disgusting making you want to shoot them with what ever weapon you have. The sound also adds up, being very disturbing that is.

Scariest moment : Similar scenes from past movies and novels scares me. Restarting a generator anyone?

7. Condemned “Criminal Origins”-PC


This game is inspired by the movies such as Silence of the Lambs and Se7en. Released by Sega on April 11, 2006 Condemned offers new scary tactics. No zombies and Mansion, only blood squirting heads.

You take the role of Ethan Thomas, a SCU agent (Serial Crime Unit investigator that uses forensic tools) framed for a double cop murder who becomes trapped in the condemned sections of a fictional American city named “Metro City” while hunting a serial killer. Thomas’ investigation is further complicated by a mysterious phenomenon that is transforming the transient population of these areas into insane, violent psychotics. As Thomas, the player investigates crime scenes using forensic tools and techniques, while fighting off the constant assaults by “the influenced” in the hopes of catching the serial killer and escaping alive, and prove that he is innocent to the police.

You have to be fast killing criminals as the bullets are very hard to find ingame.

6. Undying-PC


The game begins in 1923, after World War I veteran Patrick Galloway receives an urgent letter from his friend Jeremiah Covenant. Covenant, well aware of Galloway’s reputation for dealing with occult matters, is in failing health and raves about a curse that has destroyed his entire family. Galloway travels to the Covenant estate on the coast of Ireland to visit his friend, who relates an outlandish tale of supernatural terrors.

The curse then killed all Jeremiah’s family and turned them into monsters in which you have to get through later ingame. From there you get spooky places, cult books and gruesome monsters to deal with. Have i mentioned you also get to use spells ingame? Not only to damage monsters but also use to solve some puzzles to progress.

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139 Responses to “Top 10 Scariest games of all time!”
  1. Steve says:

    Decent list, but take Condemned out imo.

    Scariest game for me was(yes you'll laugh) the original tomb raider. The atmosphere was immense, first time seeing the T-rex or waiting for a lion or a raptor to jump around a corner at you. They just dont make games like that anymore :(

  2. David Macphail says:

    One of the scariest games i've ever played is Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

    When you're walking around the underground bunker with a bunch of zombies jumping out at you every time you turn a corner… really can't wait for that part of the game to be over.

  3. blazed says:

    i think deadspace should of been on the list…. that game is creepy and a dam good one…

  4. Michael says:

    wow.. surprisingly this list didn't suck, I'm amazed. Only thing wrong was a picture of old RE psx game instead of REmake version.

  5. jackfrozt says:

    The suffering should definitely be on this list. I am a big fan of the horror genre, and The Suffering is one of the best.

  6. Tim says:

    not a commercial release, but 5 Days a Stranger. I never thought a game with a midi soundtrack could scare me that much… similar style to the sierra adventure series:

  7. Adam says:

    Back in the day I would always play 7th Guest in the dark and it would scare the crap outta me. It was just a puzzle game, but the live action cut scenes made to look like ghosts and the random ghost lady wating around the corner made this creepy story one creepy game.

  8. Tagnuts says:

    Personally. i'd put Silent Hill above Res Evil! I was too busy fighting with the camera angle and controls to get too worried buy Res Evil!.

    I think i only jumped once when Skinless dogs jumped through the window the first time!! In fact, I got a bigger fright the first time the T-rex ran out of the gloom in Tombraider ( and dont say you didnt…I know your lying!! 😀 ).

    Silent Hill 1 was a truely creepy game. loved it when the Sirens sounded sounded! and the snow flakes! somthing that wasnt in the second game! amazing atmosphere!… In fact i think i need to pop to Gamestation to buy an old copy!! 😀

  9. kevin says:

    what about eternal darkness? that game scared the piss out of me the first time i played it.

  10. RudolfRyan says:

    I was thinking putting silent hill on the top list. But i like Resident Evil with better overall gameplay. I love puzzle horror games. Doom 3 has more action than puzzles.

    They are just not making games like these anymore.

    Resident Evil 5 soon coming out, only with better graphics..

  11. ardy says:

    so scary..

  12. Kapitano says:

    What? A list of scary games with no Alien vs Predator? I know, I know, for two-thirds of the game you were the scary monster instead of the hunted human, but come on… when you're a marine in the middle of a tunnel and that proximity sensor starts bleeping faster and faster and then the friggin alien comes at you full-tilt out of the darkness ALONG THE CEILING, that has to be one of the scariest experiences it's possible to have in a game. I defecated explosively, at least.

    Also, being the monster is actually sometimes even creepier than being the hunted human. YMMV, I guess.

    Pretty good list, though.

  13. RudolfRyan says:

    there are more scary games out there just like 7 guest, alien vs predator, its just really hard to squeeze them all in 10'ns. ^^…..

    I didnt get quite scared on tomb raider. Its more frustrating solving difficult puzzles with minimaal clues given. But i love Tomb Raider. everyone does

  14. WTF says:

    Doom and Doom 2 anyone? This list isn't complete without them. They were the scariest games of their time, and THE prototypes of everything to come. The music, the atmosphere, the enemies..everything. Freaking amazing. Even today I dare you guys to turn off the lights, pump up the volume and start up Doom 2…you'll shit bricks.

  15. Daniel says:

    Are you kidding me? System Shock 2 so low on this list? It made me almost shit myself, and it was wayyy more scary than F.E.A.R.

  16. Damen says:

    Whoever wrote this article needs to learn proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Don't most programs just do it for you anyways these days? I mean come on, I know this is an article about scary video games but you are a journalist right? I couldn't really enjoy the article because of it.

  17. brownstar says:

    Darkseed on the PC used to get me worked up. The Geiger inspired art was killer too!

  18. Gavin says:

    X-COM UFO Defense was way scarier than most of these. Just something about being in a dark corn field with inferior weapons and aliens that run 4 times as fast as you trying to lay eggs in your entire team…

    Plus the AI was astoundingly fantastic, forcing you to be paranoid at every turn, literally, lest an alien crouched behind a box shoots at you through a window and then runs off to go eat some screaming civilians.

    Then they started fighting back, corrupting world leaders against you, controlling your minds, invading your base, laying traps…

  19. DudeFella says:

    Have you guys heard of an editor? His or her job is to go through articles and ensure proper spelling and grammar.

    Also, System Shock 2 only at No. 8? While Doom 3 is at No. 4? Sure, I'm one of the few people I know that will openly admit to liking Doom 3 and thinking that it was scary, but System Shock 2 was *WAY* scarier.

    How old is the guy who wrote this? Twelve? Too much shitty survival horror, not enough Doom 1.

  20. DaftFox says:

    I'd mention Aliens vs. Predators – the first one was a masterpiece of scaring the living bejeezes out of me. One time I was so into it, the soundtrack alone made me jump and start shooting all over the place..

  21. Chris says:

    Not a bad list, but it does itself a huge disservice by not including the master piece of horror that is Penumbra: Overture.

    I'm also not sold on FEAR, as good as it was, it wasn't really scary.

  22. lowell says:

    "and a unique feature just like in Matrix and Max Payne"

    dude. unique doesn't mean what you think it means.

  23. mbailey says:

    Uhh… AvP as Marine?

  24. Rando says:

    Glad to see Doom 3 on the list. Those hopping baby things were creepy.

    No Pikmin on the list? Now THAT was some scary crap.

  25. Matt says:

    Good list, but your grammar and typing are AWFUL. Did you even bother re-reading this after you typed it? Amateur, man. If I were your boss you'd get the can or at least a pretty stern warning for putting crap like this on my website.

  26. Mikal says:

    Man, i gotta say it. Your list is almost backwards. Silent hill was LESS terrifying than resident evil? Doom 3 scared you more than System Shock 2?! Are you SIX? have you PLAYED any of these games or are you just assuming they're scary because the reviews tell you so?

  27. Terry says:

    The simple fact that Dead Space is not included invalidates the entire list.

  28. Avuton Olrich says:

    Have no idea how Phantasmagoria didn't make the list.

  29. Joseph says:

    I'm glad to see Clive Barkers Undying on the list, that was one scary game. However I think Thief: Deadly Shadows should have made an appearance, the zombies on this were "shit my pants" scary. Also AvP should have been included as some other posters have mentioned.

    A lot of people might not remember this, but there was a HL1 single player mod called "They Hunger" (I believe there was 3 episodes), this was probably the scariest game I have ever played, I had nightmares for weeks…

  30. john says:

    dude. paperboy is the scariest. hands down!

  31. geo says:

    Phantasmagoria. Halflife and Eternal darkness.

    3 games.

    4 years of therapy.


  32. thomas says:

    Hey guess what, RE1 wasn't on the PS2. Also it was on the saturn.

  33. RudolfRyan says:

    Guys, please read my first sentence. The games i have included are based on my experienced, or should I say games that i have played. So what if Doom 3 received higher rank than system shock 2?. That's because i like Doom 3 than System Shock.

    These rankings are based on my own point of view, everybody has different views right?

    Similar articles across the internet also have different rankings.

    Live with it…

  34. Lynn K. Fletcher says:

    How come no one ever mentions Eternal Darkness in these lists? I thought it was a pretty messed up game with its Sanity Meter and the zombies and magic woven throughout. Plus let's not forget how play through the game as several different characters. Back and forth through time! What's not scary about all of that????

  35. alienhead says:

    Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, was/is by far the scariest game I've ever played on PC.

    It's based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft, and the game itself was absolutely stunning both in terms of scares, and the overall quality. I swear the God, during several parts of it, I saved the game and switched off my computer, simply because the atmosphere was so tense, and I was scared shitless!

    I can sit here and describe it for hours and it still wouldn't do it any justice, believe me!

    The game is relatively new, so if you haven't played it, I absolutely 100% recommend it to all horror game fans!

  36. Sam says:

    Perhaps citing Wikipedia would be the honorable thing to do.

  37. Ares Starcic says:

    Sanitarium, anyone remember? The 1997 PC adventure was intense and scary…

  38. bigman says:

    I remember playing Resident Evil on the Playstation (not ps2) and one of the worst things was the giant tarantulas, being arachnophobic that scraed me! I used to play it with my mate all the time like every day when we were about 10.

  39. BillyBob says:

    Scariest? Metal Gear Solid 2(PS2)

    The game starts talking to you and saying you have spent too much time playing the game…

  40. Sage Baker says:

    I've played many of these games but the ultimate fright came from a late night session with Clive Barker's Undying. I was "walking" down a long hallway with gauzy curtains blowing gently in the breeze. All of the sudden the sound of the curtains rustling stilled and there was this exquisite sense of foreboding and a chill ran down my spine. I had this terrible feeling I was "being watched". Mind you I'd walked down this hallway many times. Suddenly, the floorboards behind at the other end of the hallway me shattered and this nasty thing rose up began to give me the bum's rush. What made this terrifying was not so much the visuals as it was the surround sound. I spun and literally I jumped out of my chair as this thing bore down on me in a moment of pure Lovecraft. I was absolutely rattled for the rest of the night. Not since a late night viewing of the The Shining many years earlier, had media got to me like this.

    Worth noting – later in the game you get a potion that allows you to "fly" by leaping and flapping one's arms. This alone is worth the price of the game. Dreamtime and Playtime merge and the overall effect was sublime. I only wish the ending were a little less monsterous and a lot more nuanced like the rest of this fine game. All in all, I was bummed to be done with this one.

  41. WLPowell says:

    Eternal Darkness was the only game I refused to finish. I've been thinking about it, but when the TV itself starts messing with me, I walk away from the controller…

  42. Ghostwriter says:

    uhm, where the hell is ETERNAL DARKNESS?

    that game effed with my mind and was scary?! that didnt make the list?

    this list is shit…

  43. Tila says:

    I've never seen so much crying by sad sad men, everyone's got their own fav list of scary games. No need to get so dramatic about it, stop whining like girls.

  44. jjbinks says:

    No dead space? silent hill2 ranks last? lol

  45. cleantoe says:


    One of the scariest games I've played is the Human campaign in Aliens vs Predator 3, when you go to the abandoned station and turn on the power and an alien jumps out of nowhere and attacks you…then you have to crawl through the vents to get out…

    I couldn't play more than a level at a time. Too stressful.

  46. RudolfRyan says:

    I have to try that Alien vs Predator.

  47. jesus says:

    No one's mentioned Clock Tower for the PS??? That game was terrifying, the midget with the giant scissors would chase you around while you're trapped in a small building, and the only thing you could do was find hiding places or sometimes temporarily stun him to get out of the room.

  48. Nidz says:

    What about Blood on the PC..

    A V P was also scary.. and Doom3..

  49. wasdeeh says:

    Doom 3 – far to repetitive to scare for more than half an hour.

    And what I'm sorely missing is Alien vs. Predator (The first one).

    Playing it as a Marine was the scariest experience I ever had in video games (and yes, I played most of your list!).

  50. g says:

    this is one of the most poorly written articles I have ever seen. and features the same titles we've seen over and over again. you fail. give up on life.