Top Model Adrianne Curry Plays WoW Naked!


Winner of America’s Next Top Model and a World of Warcraft gamer, Adrianne Curry posted a picture of herself playing World of Warcraft naked. The picture was posted on her Twitpic through Twitter.


Adrianne Curry plays on the Alliance side as a Night Elf Warrior named ‘Darthadri’ on the Nazgrel server. She is currently at lvl 33, but I am sure she will get a lot of offer for a private power leveling run after this stunt.

I don’t know anybody out there that can look that good and plays World of Warcraft naked. To top it off Adrianne Curry had to go post a picture of it on Twitter to show it off. This had just turn my world and probably most of the WoW gamers out there completely upside down.

Sales of World of Warcraft just went up again.


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