Upload Your Songs To Be Played At Rock Band Games


Here we have good news for those musicians who want to see their songs played in the Rock band 2 game. MTV Games and Harmonix announced Rock Band Network, a program that would make this dream come true for worldwide musicians. Besides getting paid for it, musicians will get the chance of being promoted and known around the world without having to publish their own album. They will be able to upload their tracks to the Network and sell them as Downloadable Content.

Here are the steps to Stardom:

Musicians just need to have an original song (of course), $225 to buy Reaper Digital Audio Workstation, a program to add note charts for each instrument in their song and some knowledge to use it, then upload it to Rock Band Network Web site which has a $49 per four-months membership or $99 annual membership, getting approval from other Creators Club members and that’s it. Finally, your masterpiece  will be available as a DLC in the Rock Band downloadable song store. Only one more important step remaining is pricing the song, according to Billboard Online, songs would be priced from $.50 to $3 and musicians will get 30% of the sales (CHA-CHING$$).

The tracks uploaded like this will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 versions of the game for 30 days minimum, but some songs will be available on the PS3 and Wii Systems as well according to MTV Games. This company also stated their intention to promote songs and artists but they didn’t give any details about it.

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