Valve is working on a DotA game?

It’s not a surprise to see an ultra popular game mode becoming a full standalone game. If you look at the past several gaming mods-they all have become standalone games. First there are Counter Strike and Team Fortress 2 and according to the latest rumors it looks like Defense of the Ancients will become standalone game as well. It seems that Valve likes to turn mods into standalone games and it’s looks like we’re about to see DotA from Valve soon enough.

As you might know, Defense of the Ancients is the custom scenario for Blizzard’s real-time strategy WarCraft 3 and WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne that is based on a Aeon of Strife map from StarCraft. Objective on each DotA map is to destroy the opponent’s buildings that are located on the opposite side of the map. In order to destroy opponent’s buildings players are using powerful units called heroes and AI controlled fighters. DotA features RPG elements therefore you need to level up your character and collect gold that is used for purchasing better equipment. Since its release DotA has achieved amazing success and it has become one of the most popular game at world tournaments.

The man responsible for this rumors is Mr. John St. John that has posted on his Twitter profile that he has successfully finished voice recording for DotA game at Valve Software. If you don’t know, John St. John is the person that voiced famous Duke Nukem and if Duke says it’s true than it has to be true. Valve and Defense of the Ancients, we can only guess how awesome that might be.


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