Valve launches count down timer

Valve in cooperation with Aperture Science is at it again, another mysterious ARG to hype up their upcoming release of Portal 2. Valve has launched a count down clock and it’s ticking away and looks like it will blow tomorrow at 12PM EST.

Doing a whois domain lookup on, it confirms it is owned by Valve and something surprising will definitely happen tomorrow. While some are speculating a possible early release, we know for fact that Valve, in the right mind will not let it slip early. Perhaps a demo of Portal 2 possibly.

Whatever the surprise may be, we’ll know once it’s lunch time tomorrow. You can check out the count down timer here.

While you’re here, check out this entertainment email a fan has sent to Gabe Newell. I feel your pain Brandon, damn you Gabe!

And even the fans are adding some extra hype with this awesome Portal PC Mod.

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