Whoa ‘Mass Effect’ Girl!

Who has her number?! Was she even in the game? Where are my answers?!


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41 Responses to “Whoa ‘Mass Effect’ Girl!”
  1. mer says:

    Stupid. Why post this crap? Your website sucks.

  2. hoho says:

    digg and this website sucks hairy balls

  3. woop says:

    I think she's supposed to be Miranda from Mass Effect 2. In the game Miranda where's really tight suits…like they are painted on.

  4. massefecto says:

    Whoa this had a Mass Effect in my PANTS!!

  5. halocursed says:

    I wanna tap that!

  6. Michael says:


  7. PriusGasPedal says:

    Her perfect booty is having a Mass Effect on my junk.

  8. Would like a video of that!

  9. scotty says:

    She looks cold.

  10. Mottgus says:

    LOL look at that dude in the back, left side.. He is like "Not gonna look… not gonna look.. Put camera between us the further reassert my not looking.."

  11. twisted monskie says:


  12. Zlyvex says:

    OMFG she is hot! Man, those guys at Bioware sure do know how to make hot chicks in games. Wonder how long it took them to make this one because she almost look as good as a real woman. Those graphics are f'cn amazing minus the background it sucks.

  13. fgghh says:

    BOOOOONER !!!!

  14. iPTu says:

    u guys do realise shes not wearing a bra right and most of that costume is painted on right?

  15. Tyler says:

    hol……….yyy………….shit shes hot

  16. Dreamfall says:

    on the image on the left it says "ASS effect" on her cheek. lol!

  17. me says:

    Ass Effect !!

  18. blu-ray for 360 says:

    Blu-ray for 360.

    I'd fuck that in a brutal way and then rape and murder her.

    I might even ram some nasty objects up your arse as she clearly looks like she loves it the dirty whore.

  19. Perfection. DO WANT!

  20. Jummie! More of those babes please! DAMN!

  21. Reg says:

    Its funny the more you read through the comments, the more you see how advertising works on the human mind. As much as you like or do not like this it has gotten you talking about mass effect. Good job Ad men/women lol…

  22. Now that is a true work of art. Of course you had to put in on a beautiful woman…

  23. All I can say is WOW. Get a look at those boots.

  24. sauceseeker says:

    The above picture took place in a game developer's conference in 2008… In Russia.
    More pictures– http://ashenebal.livejournal.com/34112.html