Will Fallout: New Vegas have at least one good sex scene?

Fallout series has always been known for its controversial content such as high amount of violence, alcohol and drug use, and harsh language. During the development of the series, we expected that we will see more of these with Fallout 3, but did we get it?

Fallout 3 was a great sequel to Fallout 2, and as for mature content, we had it enough. Violence was there, and it looked awesome, especially in VATS mode. There were blood and guts as well as torn limbs everywhere and we can say that Fallout 3 did a great job when it comes to violence. As for alcohol and drugs, we had a chance to see them in Fallout 3, and it was great that you could get addicted to one of those substances. Of course, Fallout 3 featured a lot of foul language and it was great to hear it, because it was almost essential to the game’s atmosphere. Yeah, everything was there: violence, swearing, substance abuse, and sex. Wait, Fallout 3 had sex in it. Well, Fallout 3 had something that is similar to sex, in some strange way. Remember Nova, the prostitute from bar at Megaton? She is a working girl and for only 120 caps, you will get the chance to spend a night with her. Of course, there was not any sex displayed in Fallout 3, instead, for 120 bottle caps you got a chance to sleep, yes, literally sleep with a prostitute. So what is the point of it, then? Instead, you can save those 120 caps and sleep somewhere else, because you are not getting any action from Nova. Not even a single boost or a STD or something, just a big nothing. Why am I mentioning this? Fallout: New Vegas is taking place in sin city, and you cannot have fun in a sin city without sex, can you? Gambling is there, drinking, drug use, harsh language, extreme violence, so why should there be no sex? Fallout 3 had several prostitutes, but only one was willing to sleep with you, and all that you got from her was sleepover party for 120 caps. What a waste of time, caps, and developer’s time to make that.

We’re expecting a bit more from New Vegas, and I’m not thinking about sex scene like from Mass Effect or anything, but at least a single screen with two half naked bodies would be enough, don’t you think? We are not expecting a hardcore sex in Fallout: New Vegas, but we are hoping that we will get something more than just a lousy sleepover. To remind you how pointless was to sleep with a prostitute in Fallout 3, check out the video bellow, but we’re honestly hoping that we won’t see something like that in New Vegas again.

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One Response to “Will Fallout: New Vegas have at least one good sex scene?”
  1. SirShmexy says:

    i have only come across one sex scence, you dont see anything cept a black screen with a women screaming "yess, ohh yes" in "The Thorn" fighting arena, talk to red lucy to start a quest, upon completion "collecting egg's, the last being deathclaw eggs" she wishes to spend some more time with you :) the quest is "Bleed me dry"