World of WarCraft in StarCraft 2..What?

Games from Blizzard have always been popular among the players and two of the best-known series from Blizzard are StarCraft and WarCraft. Both series are real-time strategies and both have huge fan audience. As you know, WarCraft has moved to MMORPG genre with World of WarCraft that has way more than 9 million of users. As for the StarCraft series, we recently got an official sequel of the series called StarCraft 2: The Wings of Liberty that has brought to us an enhanced gameplay and better graphics. StraCraft 2 has received positive reviews from both players and it has become the best selling PC game of 2010. What do you think that will happen when you combine two most popular games from Blizzard such as StarCraft 2 and World of WarCraft into one?

Just as previous real-time strategies from Blizzard, StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty comes with editor that allows you to create your own maps and custom campaigns. You can change almost anything in the game, from stats of your units to background music but this time we got different special from modding community. Recently we got a video that shows us how World of WarCraft would look in StarCraft 2 editor. This guy from YT Glomby, has managed to put World of WarCraft models into StarCraft 2 editor and that way we got some interesting results. This is version 3 of the modification and currently it has no combat sequences, so it is just used as a showcase. Version 3 features outdoor environment as well as dungeons but although this mod looks great, there are some graphical glitches in dungeons. You can notice glitches while moving through the dungeons and while passing from one area to another, but hopefully, we will see more improvements in the future.

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  1. articles says:

    It looks like this is going to be a sexy game and less dark except for some scenes on this video :)