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I may have already mentioned that I play World of War-crac…I mean Warcraft.   So I was stunned this morning when I woke up to read that they’re launching a magazine.

What surprised me more was that people were hailing it, in places, as a second coming of WOW.  ‘Bespoke media’ has been bandied on the forums and discussion groups since the announcement, but are we so fickle as to forget that EVE did it already?  E:ON has been in action since 2005, though at a markedly higher cost  than the touted one for WOW – the Magazine.

So, what are they doing?

Details are scant, but there’s going to be no third party advertising (all official +1), no news stand presence (online ordering only -1), advertised through channels such as the launcher (+1 visibility) and it’s own site (twitter channel anyone? -1) and  interstitial ads on other, select outlets.

The price? $40 or so for four magazines.  So for four months, your WOW subscription effectively doubles.  There’s a discount if you sign up for two years.  Simultaneous release (they learned from the Lich King thing then? +1) and it’s not simply going to be a puff piece for Blizzard (like most of us care? – neutral).  Overall I’m at a very underwhelmed 1 out of seven.

What do you think?  This could prove to be the final vote in the future of bespoke media for games – magazines designed around the niches they serve, instead of broad spectrum spatter.  Do you think a magazine for a game that’s five years old, and showing no appreciable decline in momentum is worth a look, or do you think $10 a quarter for a 144 page (ish) magazine, devoted to WOW is excessive?  Or do you love E:on already, and welcome this with open arms?

Source [GamesetWatch]

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