Xbox 360 Avatars Getting Their Own Golf Game?

avatar golf

If you’re a 360 owner and are not well aware of the recent Avatar push, you must not look at your dashboard very often. Microsoft is pulling out all the (feasible) stops with their Avatar service, and it looks like they’re going to be implemented into games soon.

It’s easy to draw a comparison between Avatars and Miis. They’re both player-created characters, after all. The only thing missing from Avatars before was game implementation, and that could come around faster than we thought.

Joyride, an Avatar racing game, was announced earlier this year, but nothing has been heard or seen from it since.

Leaked videos of Avatars playing golf have surfaced, and while they look to be in the early build stage, it is good to see the player-made characters be put to use.

The guys over at Xbox Evolved pointed out something interesting, though: it looks exactly like a Live Indie Game, Easy Golf: Course Architect. Whether it’s an entirely new build to be used with Natal, or simply an Avatar update is unclear, but we are sure to hear an update on this soon.

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