Xbox 360 Elite Price Drop While Pro Get The Boot


Rumors about the Xbox 360 Pro model being dropped from the line up might just be true in the coming weeks. Kotaku reported that a upcoming Meijer catalogue shows a Xbox 360 Elite model pricing at $299 which will be due Aug 31st.

What this means is that the Xbox 360 Elite model will replace the Pro model price while giving consumers two choices to choose from instead of three. You either buy the Xbox 360 Elite with a 120Gb HD or the Arcade model without any HD.

I don’t get why they wouldn’t just take out the Arcade model and move the Pro to Arcade Model price of $199, now that would had been sweet. But this is perfect timing since rumors are surfacing that the PS3 will be priced at $299 also.

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One Response to “Xbox 360 Elite Price Drop While Pro Get The Boot”
  1. Ricky says:

    The price cut is definately an economically strategic move for Microsoft and Sony.