Xbox 360 Flash Drive Update is Finally Live

Microsoft’s director ‘Major Nelson’ just announced that the newest system update for the Xbox 360 is now live. The mandatory update will prompt right away when you login to your Xbox Live account today.

This update will feature the support for the USB flash memory support, which will be officially provided by SanDisk. They will be making a 8GB and a 16GB version of the memory sticks and will cost around $40 to $70 USD.

Major Nelson confirmed that non-official USB sticks can be used:

Most USB memory will work, or you can purchase one of the official SanDisk 8 or 16 GB flash drives that are pre-configured and also come with a free month of LIVE.

Also, here is the upcoming LIVE marketplace release schedule:

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week:
April 12: Left 4 Dead Crash Course, 320 Points
April 12: The Maw, 400 Points
April 19: Borderlands Zombie Island, 400 Points

Xbox LIVE Games on Demand:
April 13: Tomb Raider: Legend (North America)
April 13: Devil May Cry 4 (Europe, Australia and New Zealand)
April 20: Halo 3 (All Xbox LIVE Regions)
April 20: Saints Row (Europe)


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