Zoey Nude Mod Keeps Left 4 Dead Alive


For those who have been having doubts that the first Left 4 Dead will be left behind after the sequel is released, this should ease their worries. Root Overlord, an obvious fan of the game, has created a l4d mod that lets people see a new side of Zoey. She already had the cute going for her, but now she’s jumped to hot. However, if you do get a chance to use this mod online be warned: the man voice coming through the speakers might take away what would’ve been a sexy feature to the game.

Some notes from the creator:

This is not a skin, this is a completely new model for Zoey. She has some clothes on, but hardly enough to cover anything at all.

You will also notice that her “lovelies” bounce when she runs or walks and Francis, Louis and Bill can’t stop staring. Now get your tissues out, lock the door, download the mod and enjoy, you pervert.

Check out the gameplay video, you might just end up staring at the boobs more than keeping an eye out for zombies.

Would you consider this new Left 4 Dead mod “porn”? Can you say Left 4 Dead hentai? If you don’t care then you can download the mod over at rootoverload. Screenshots and pictures can be found over at L4D Mods.

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31 Responses to “Zoey Nude Mod Keeps Left 4 Dead Alive”
  1. awesome says:

    just awesome

  2. Silent Stranger says:

    "Watch your ass!!"

    Way ahead of you, you dirty old man. : )

  3. Unknown says:

    wow..that thing jiggled… lol

  4. ahsdf says:

    how ridiculous -.-

    who wants to kill zombies nude?

    the game was fine before this

    perverted guys suck

  5. Gravemind94 says:

    I grab a whole tissue box cuz I'm laughing my head off!!!!!

  6. unknown. says:

    wow i would fuck that

  7. rob says:

    ha thats some funny shit

  8. Me says:

    Where can you download it ??

  9. DinosWarrior says:

    yeah when can u donwload it lol?

  10. DeathSquad77 says:

    Dude, I've seen this, but a whole lot worse is on some site I found called Left 4 Nude (http://www.left4nude.com). Pics and screenshots of Zoey and the Witch, Survivors doing infected, mass hysteria! Some people are sick. Makes me worry what will happen when Left 4 Dead 2 comes out and the Jockey is in the public consciousness.

  11. crazyman 217 says:


  12. brak says:

    well, looks like the guys finally got tired of only staring. course, if it was me, and i was in a group of 4 with only 1 girl, results would not be to different

  13. Kazuma says:

    Will you/I get banned for having this mod? If not then i'll get it…

  14. chris:) says:

    link is not working…by the eay nice job:)

  15. TyLeR says:

    how do u get this mod?

  16. odst4524 says:

    so fricken hoT!!

  17. kamp3r says:

    I wonder if the person who made this model has ever seen a woman naked before, not bad work on the top but shes all barbie below.

  18. james says:

    lol, funny, where can i download it? :)

  19. ShanzerzL4D says:


    when she said "are u ready for this?" bill took viagra XDDD

  20. kamikaze97 says:

    if she were a real girl id totaly fuck her

  21. slim says:

    wtf guys really its a god damn game you fuckers are retarted ok its a cartoon y dont you virgin bitches go get a goddamn life and lose that v card of yours

  22. 1 says:


  23. anoop says:

    sex time

  24. Jdog says:

    lol my girl said it cool yet retarded (she's bisexual)