Amazing 1:1 Scale of the Star Trek Enterprise in Minecraft

Minecraft has been popular this past month and many players are really getting creative in Minecraft. One such player is Halkun who chose to do what every single Trekkie out there would love to do and that is to build a 1:1 scale of the Star Trek Enterprise. He also showed the detailed blueprint of the whole Enterprise from inside and out at Trekbbs.

You have to check out the video to see how huge the ship is and how much this person put in it detail. This also shows how endless Minecraft truly is.

Also, check out this one, which is hilarious (I love this one because he really did not expect it):

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4 Responses to “Amazing 1:1 Scale of the Star Trek Enterprise in Minecraft”
  1. geeknik says:

    The guy that tried to build the fireplace in Minecraft failed miserably, because if you watch the video closely, his design is flawed. The bottom of the fireplace was wood instead of stone. Oops. =)

  2. teh minecrafter says:

    He must have super awesome specs for him to have such great framerate, I mean holy jesus mine lags even when I havent moved for like 15 minutes…

  3. No One says:

    doesnt have to have super awesome specs. a new standard computer can handle minecraft. mine handled it just fine before any of the upgrades i put in it… but that sucks for the dude who's house burned down. that is why what ever buildings i make. its either made from brick or stone.