Blizzard Angered Hitler With No Starcraft 2 Lan Play

starcraft-2-hitlerThis is to no surprise but I’ve expected this to have been made much earlier. The famous Hitler memes at it with Blizzard’s no lan for Starcraft 2. It’s a good thing I don’t understand German, otherwise these Hitler skits probably wouldn’t be as funny. This is by far one of the best ones so far, not just in humor but in advocacy.

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65 Responses to “Blizzard Angered Hitler With No Starcraft 2 Lan Play”
  1. Ryan LaFever says:

    What movie is the clip from?

  2. d00d says:

    l4d one was better

  3. PacGamer says:

    OMG can we please stop with this meem? We don't need anymore "subtitles" over this clip. This has been going on for WAY too long…

  4. leop says:

    No, I understand some german (he's talking about losing the war). It's still funny.

  5. gnat says:

    Pretty much spot on to how I feel!

  6. hahaha says:

    This is totally how I felt when I heard about the compaigns being released separately. I also know most people who I played SC1 with didn't even play it on Also it looks like they turned zerglings into locusts… freaking grasshoppers. Whhhhhhyyy blizzard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. JoeK says:

    This wouldn't be a problem if you didn't purchase proprietary software that relied on proprietary services.

  8. Bob Chance says:


    Wait, wait, what are you suggesting with that comment, then? That we purchase OPEN SOURCE software that relies on OPEN SOURCE licensing so that we pay for something that the creators obtained for FREE? LOL!

    Ever heard of the Linksys backlash?

    Please. The day I stop purchasing proprietary software in the video game industry is the day that open source video games becomes a reality from a player's perspective (I'm not talking about the countless open source libs and engines for MAKING games).

  9. Davemon says:

    Very funny!

    Exactly the phases I went through.

    1) Couldn't wait for SC2, looks awesome!

    2) The game split into 3. OK, moderate stumble here. I guess I can live with that.

    3) No LAN play….WTF!!!!

    4) Posted on various forums, not buying it. Will play a free hacked LAN version.

    5) Emailed Blizzard what a lousy decision it is and told them I am moving on. Will never look at a Blizzard game again. And their name is $hit.

    Thank you for letting me post.


  10. KZT says:

    best nerdrage vid I've seen, good job fella

  11. JaM3z says:

    This is just a dumb move by blizzard in order to stop people from piriting there game but to be honest 1,000,000 downloads from torrents / usenet does not mean 1,000,000 lost sales the video game industry needs to relise this.

    If anything back in the day when i was at uni when we threw LAN partys we had no internet connection it would be 20-25 of us stuck in a house with just 1 hub, we had no internet connection so we would share our keys around for various games for LAN play, if we liked the game and kept playing it we would go and buy it, it was that simple.

    This was the way i was introduced into SC1 and Warcraft games, played it over LAN at a LAN party liked it so i went out and bought it.

    I can only think that by disabling LAN play they are only hurting the paying consumers there more than likley will be a LAN hack availible shortly after release anyway.

  12. anon says:

    Funny video, but…I am sorry, why do you need LAN? LAN Parties and people who didn't legally get acquire the game? C'mon people, let it go. Just buy the game and play it online… and good riddance of those damn pirates.

  13. anon1 says:

    go fucking die anon. LAN is critical to ANY PC game.

  14. LocoMan says:

    Hope I'm not the only one that though of this when they saw it but… is that Maxwell Smart?… 8^)

  15. Anon says:

    So no more Hamachi or Garena for Starcraft 2 ? :(

    I guess we are just gonna have to do private servers. That sucks

    Greedy blizzard.

  16. Davemon says:

    Look, I have nothing against Blizzard or any other company making a profit. Supply and demand and all that. I DO think splitting SC2 is gouging. That is their choice.

    No LAN play is also their choice too. But Blizzard is making a fundamental mistake. They think that no LAN play and being forced to use BNET2 will cut piracy. But they are wrong with the no LAN decision. They will lose hundreds of thousands if not millions of purchases AND have ignited a huge demand for a pirated version of SC2.

    Also with this choice, they have HUGELY hurt their reputation, affecting ALL their products.


  17. Elder says:

    damn…i very dissappointed… stupid blizzard…I BEEN COLLECTING UR GAMES AND NOW IS NO MORE!!

    cannot lan ??WTF?NO lan game for a strategy?no lan party?

    play battlenet2??? my god..i sure will have some delay because MY COUNTRY DONT HAVE HIGH INTERNET SPEED LIKE YOU GUYS!!! DAMN!!!


    sorry for my english and my capital words…i jst expressing my anger..seriously ANGRY FACE D:<

  18. L33T says:


    Nabijem ih na kurac!

    Good vid btw.

  19. JoeCucan says:

    Simple solution, don't ever release a single game to the ungrateful PC crowd. They're going to pirate it anyway, why bother?

    The PS3 can handle mouse and keyboard support, release it there and just abandon these worthless slobs.

  20. Gulfam Raza says:

    intelligent person………..

  21. Anon says:

    So, when did Blizzard turn into EA?

  22. JP says:

    I seriously hope Blizzard sees the outcry for LAN and rethinks their decision before launch.

    LAN parties and Starcraft are two things I hold dear in my geekdom. DONT SPLIT THEM UP!

  23. z4 says:

    is this how they treat their loyal customers?

    no LAN support? after all hyped-up during this year.

    all right then, just don't go complaining if SC2 ended up like SPORE. i don't like wasting my hard-earned cash on something that won't satisfy me.

  24. Wayne Barker (South says:

    I can't believe that they are actually removing or shall i rather say not including LAN in SC2. LAN is what made the original SC popular in the first place.

    Im 31 yrs old and me and my brothers still lan the original SC when ever we get a chance…..Blizzard will be loosing a big portion of their fan base if they leave LAN out.

    This is from wikipedia "StarCraft was released internationally on 31 March 1998 and became the best-selling PC game for that year, selling over 1.5 million copies worldwide.[73] In the next decade, StarCraft sold over 9.5 million copies across the globe, with 4.5 million of these being sold in South Korea.[74] Since the initial release of StarCraft, Blizzard Entertainment reported that its online multiplayer service grew by 800 percent.[75] StarCraft remains one of the most popular online games in the world.[76][77]"

    So they want to cut back on piracy…did piracy of the original SC not help to make it one of the most popular games in the world? Im not saying that piracy is right but i am sure that it helped to distrute and advertise the game to thousands of gamers that eventually bought the game. i mean 9.5 million copies sold world wide….

    I heard that you now will need to buy 2 add-ons to be able to play the 3 races in 3 diffirent campaigns. I will not be surprised if Blizzard is going to charge if you want to play online…

    This whole setup stinks…greed is behind this. The new SC2 game looks awsome but i will have to see i will buy it. Without LAN whats the point.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Blizzard is simply making a offline version of play that requires a internet connection to check if you do in fact own the game. They’ll probably have something similar to spawn for multiplayer.

    It’s not like you have to play online, and if you have no internet connection, get out of the dark ages.

  26. Arghhhhhh Blizzard I'm still waiting for them to consider a making a stand alone Dota game, based on the warcraft mod.

  27. Sideras says:

    Haha love it.

    p.s blizzard can suck my dick!

  28. Wayne Barker (South says:

    hmmm, i think i have found out why Blizzard is taking out LAN. It has nothing todo with piracy…well not in the way most of us are thinking about it. I applogise if this is old news but it just clicked for me now.

    StarCraft is huge in korea. Just take a peak at this vid. The have huge torunaments that get broadcasted.

    In any case it seems that Blizzard is upset because their product Starcraft is being used on TV without their permission and they are not getting a slice of the action, no royalty….So how do they make sure that they can regain control with their next release of starcraft?…thats right take LAN out and force everyone to play via B.Net then Blizzard can control things again and force broadcasters to share the profit…pay or we cut your connection.

    Read more about it here:

  29. james says:

    If you anger the playerbase in this way then excpect people to pirate it more, simple!

    And splitting it into three parts is just trying to make even more money out of us gamers. They talk about not releasing a game untill its 'finished' then bloody well finish it and release it as a game with three campaigns and LAN play!

    heres hoping ppl are quick with the 'no battle net + lan' hack/patch

  30. paul says:

    LOL it was very funny 😛 but i liked th first 1 better.

  31. niei! niei! niei! niei! lol

  32. bro says:

    they have named their new race nigrow oh sorry worgin Blizzard is the notzie. The are stating through this that black people are dogs a race of dogs with nigrow spelled backwards. I don't think anyone is laughing.

  33. Lolzy says:

    funnniest shit in 2010 this is so pro….

  34. Bill says:

    Adolf expresses my feelings exactly! I would have bought this the day it came out. Now forget it! ill pirate it and hope someone can release a LAN crack

    Greedy Blizzard- you lost 1 more customer!


  35. Anan says:

    Selfish punks. Put free milk on the porch, and no one drinks it. Take the milk away, and everyone whines.

    Starcraft did not become a sensation because of LAN parties. Starcraft became a sensation because … it deserved it! Many studies have confirmed that people are abusing copyright laws more and more. The amount of copyright/patent violations is increasing at a whopping rate. People have gotten used to being able to download music, movies, and video games for free. People have been able to violate license agreements for way too long. I am actually glad companies are taking steps to stop piracy. I hope that more governments step in as well. To be honest, if piracy continues, then companies will lose money, and the quality of their products will decline.

    When forced to use a product responsibly, the customer steals the product instead. As a company, losing such customers cannot really be thought of as a loss (in the long run).

    Blizzard, if you are losing, I am happy with your decision!