Blizzards Response to No Lan Support For Starcraft 2

bnetMany gamers have been heated when the confirmation broke out yesterday about Starcraft 2 not supporting lan. So furious that over 7,000 fans have signed a petition to Blizzard to add Lan support. Today, Blizzard reps have made a few posts defending their decision and addressing concerns fans may have.

As mentioned by Rob Pardo in interviews, piracy is a serious problem and often times tie in closely with LAN. At the end of the day, we want the best for the community and fans that support our games, and having chunk of the community pirate the game actually hurts the community.

1) Pirated servers splinter the community instead of consolidating all players who love to play the game. will bring players together in skirmishes, ladder play, custom games, and allow everyone the opportunity to share a common experience.

2) More people on means more even more resources devoted to evolving this online platform to cater to further community building and new ways to enjoy the game online. World of Warcraft is a great example of a game that has evolved beyond anyone’s imagination since their Day 1 and will continue to do so to better the player experience for as long as players support the title. The original StarCraft is an even better example of how 11 years later, players still love and play this title, and we will continue to support and evolve it with patches.

We would not take out LAN if we did not feel we could offer players something better.

If I were to buy StarCraft II or any other title, I know the money I spent would be going to supporting that title. Personally, I would be upset that others were freeloading while others are legitimately supporting a title that has great potential and goals of making this title have ‘long legs.’

If you like a song a lot, buy it, and that artist will only come out with more awesome songs for you. If you like a game, buy it, and we will promise to constantly work to make the player experience better at every corner we can.

Support the causes you believe in (This is applicable to all things, not just gaming).
Don’t be a leech to society, innovation, and further awesome creations.

A question I feel is really pressing, requiring Internet to play over LAN means one more thing for people to maintain at large gatherings. What happens if the Internet goes out at a SC2 LAN tournament? A Proleague game?

Dreamhack is often referenced as the largest LAN party in the world… but in today’s age, that LAN is also connected to the internet.

I definitely hear your concern about the internet going out, which would be a huge, huge bummer! But as equally as unlikely, the power could go out…

Karune, what about latency issues involved in online play.

ICCUP in Starcraft and LC games in Warcraft 3 are all attempts to reduce lag. What is Blizzard doing to combat this lag if they are removing LAN play?

This is definitely a legitimate concern that would be best to be brought up again if needed when we talk about 2.0.

Oh, Karune, you know as well as I do that anti-piracy and LAN are not mutually exclusive.
Step 1: Connect to Battle.Net
Step 2: Authentication
Step 3: Access LAN games thereafter
There you go. Authenticated LAN play. Low latency. LAN parties. Happy customers.

I will be sure to forward ideas in regards to LAN as described. I too have many fond memories of LAN parties.


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55 Responses to “Blizzards Response to No Lan Support For Starcraft 2”
  1. Hamad says:

    Blizzard is getting ruined by WOW and Activision.

    **ck them I say. No reason whatsoever to remove Lan.

  2. Chris says:

    I've always said about starcraft II , oh, blizzard. Don't mind us. Your loyal fans. They can get away with absolutly anything they through at us and to be honest most of us would have bought all 3 parts of the game and Maybe, jsut maybe pay for battlenet… But now, now the decided to really **CK us over and take our lan. They've just lost more then 2 thirds of their comunity.


    -(evil death stare…), Chris

  3. Alex says:

    Make it CHEAP. I'll buy it. So will everyone else.

    I repeat: Make it CHEAP.

  4. Leord says:

    I love how you use the image _I_ made for an article series in October without crediting me. :)

    Not. :(


  5. Sanity says:

    Free translation, from Necktie to English:

    We don't want people playing over Hamachi. We belief that the number of people who will now buy instead of pirate the game is worth . We do not care about what the fans want, because they are all nerds who will buy the game anyway, whether it includes LAN or not.

    Bend over,


  6. kirillian says:

    This is just plain bullshit marketing. Dang…I used to LOVE Blizzard. I really hope they get their act together and stop being stupid. They've made the BEST games that are fun to play and have massive fanbase because of it. This is just another example of corporate greed consuming a reasonable and sustainable business model.

    I own multiple copies of Starcraft and Diablo because they are GOOD and because I prefer legal copies of games when I play. It was the ONLY game I EVER bought before getting a full-time job. Everything else, I played with friends or downloaded to see if it was really all that cool. I've bought stuff in retrospect, but Starcraft was just too danged good, I HAD to buy it.

    While anecdotal, my point is that I'm not the only one who is rather offended by Blizzard's lack of trust. If Blizzard, of all companies, can't manage to monetize their fanbase without resorting to such low tactics (which, btw, reduce the fanbase), then I know I for one am not going to give them my money…even as long as I've been waiting for this game…this is definitely going to be a really really hard decision…but I can't really see the game being as fun without the LAN aspect…

  7. Martin Tilsted says:

    What happens if 2 players(Say me and a friend) are behind nat and thus share the same external ip?

    With Starcraft 1, this would make it impossible for us to play together on because the server would force my computer to try to connect to his external ip address, which for obvious reasons is impossible when I am on a the same nat that he is on.

    • Andy says:

      You are assuming that Starcraft 2 will be p2p. If all the clients connect to a server, and the server acts like, well a server, then there won't be any problems.

    • Steve says:

      I’ve had a lot of fun playing Starcraft on LAN, I’ve never really bothered much with Battlenet. Ironically, me and a few friends got together a few weeks ago to have a Starcraft LAN party to celebrate the coming of SC2, it was a lot of fun. (That was before I found out Blizard was screwing us over)

      I have an ok internet connection. However, I often get a bit of lag when I’m playing a game online while someone else is surfing the web. I can just imagine the lag I’d have if I invite 7 friends over and have all of us playing this game online together! No thanks! I’ll stick with the original Starcraft.

  8. Someone says:

    Hmm, I've read somewhere that Blizzards worth about 6.5 Billions ..why are they worried about piracy??? ..SC, Diablo, WOW!! ..this is scandalous, one single company can be so rich! ..they use the people and their need for fun and distraction.. this is absurd..

    in fact piracy is helping them to spread the game even further! ..this really is a bad joke! ..I think with all that money they could just make games for free!'s ridiculous!

    I see no reason to throw my money into a pit full of money.. its senseless!

  9. Angry SC Player says:

    Dam you blizzard. No one believes that you have lost money on starcraft. I have brought that dam SC battle chest at least five times, and it is in every store that sells games out there. You have been making money of that game for years and you know it. People loved that game because it was easy to play with friends, all you need was a couple of laptops and a wire. Now your going to require an internet connection and all the problems that come with that. Well screw you to blizzard. Your no longer my good company list.

  10. zero says:

    It's really rather simple. I want my Starcraft with lan support. If Blizzard doesn't want to offer it, then I'm not buying. It's just that simple.

  11. HellRestaurant says:

    Way to screw over:

    1.People who LAN from public places such as college dorms where often online gaming doesn't work.

    2.People who like to LAN with friends but have crappy speeds (hint: 8 players playing online adds up to about 100 kb/s download and 50 kb/s upload.

    3.People with small monthly bandwidth caps. I don't like the prospect of using 500Mb/hour to LAN with my friends when I have a 10GB cap per month.

  12. No reason to buy it says:

    The whole point of Starcraft was to bring a group of people together, in one place, to enjoy a game TOGETHER. Online play in no way replaces that.

    If Starcraft 2 has no LAN functionality, then there's NO REASON TO BUY IT. Indeed, if the expectation is that everyone will play online, then there's plenty of reason NOT to.

    Blizzard, read my lips: NO LAN == NO STARCRAFT 2. Any questions?

  13. MobbyG says:

    Congrats Blizzard. After that whole BNetD crap, I boycotted your stuff. Then I saw StarCraft 2 and was practically sold on it… till now. Way to go nimrods.. No LAN, NO SALE!

  14. Dito says:

    Agredd, ruined by Activision and greedy speculators. WoW is losing subscrivers, so they already have the hardware to host network, there is not much effort into this "new", it's already under our eyes, they are just going to re-use their hardware.

    WC3 can be played over a fake, I am sure SC2 will have the same crack anyday, they won't prevent $H!T. They are just going to get ppl pissed off and not paying their fees, in the meanwhile my WoW account expires on July 20th and will not be renewed.

    Thanks Activision to ruin my faith in Blizzard, what once was one of the best developer house.

  15. Killbane says:

    Well I won’t be supporting this title and you know its going to be the same for D3. Thanks crappard.

  16. LBK_1975 says:

    I am just disgusted (not only because I tried to log on to Blizzard today to find I need a cd key to register a complaint). But because here is a group of people telling me how to play a game.

    Why would I want to pay to play a game with people I don't know?

    LAN is cheap and fun, everyone is included.

    I won't be buying a copy of the game if LAN support isn't included – I will stick with; Dawn of War, SC1 or Total Annihilation.

    I wont be treated like a criminal I am sick and tired of walking into a store, buying a game and then being treated like a thief (having to put in 60 character keys) or even activate online… WTF?

    If the game is any good we will be able to count the minutes for the cracks, that includes; No CD (means your cd's last longer), and for those who don't buy it. the cracked image will also be available to torrent.

    Personally I buy the software, because in some twisted way I want to support the people, families etc.. making this stuff. But don't think I am stupid…

    If you make it too hard to buy and play the game the way 48,000 people want to (that's who have signed the petition so far) – then they will choose the path of least resistance, that is – They will do it the easy way – just download the version they want with the features they need. (and in this day and age they wont pay a thing).

    Blizzard – stop treating your customers like idiots, give us want we want for a fair price and you can continue to make money off us – if not get stuffed – we don't need you.

  17. Zantoo says:

    You guys….aren't looking at the big picture here. You've spent so many years just downloading your favorite Britney Spears songs that you don't notice theres entire communities of people that specifically pirate games, software, and entire operating systems. This is always a huge concern for bigger companies because they'll lose millions of dollars because of it. Yes, I'm sure they're easily a billion dollar company but that doesn't make it more ethical to steal from them. Stealing is stealing no matter which way you look at it. And they don't want scum like that becoming a part of their community. I'm sure there will be plenty of people that buy the game then write up some third party software that will allow you to LAN. Hell, if it's on Bnet anyways you could just make a private room, a game like SC2 isn't gunna pull as much bandwidth as room full of WoW players so playing on a high speed connection with a few other people at a friends house shouldn't be a problem. Everything Blizzard has ever done with any of their games has been for the good of the community as a whole. Take for instance the software/interface progression from Diablo 1 to Diablo 2. There were hacks galore for 1. And in LOD you couldn't do any hacks on Blizzards Bnet, Open Bnet was a different story. But Open Bnet was like playing in the Compton of the internet it was filled with scammers, hackers and in general not trustworthy people. I think you all need to take a step back and stop being children about this and constructively think of ways to help Blizzard instead of just insulting them and threatening not to buy their product. Because frankly, theres millions of other people that will buy the game and it's just not helping the situation at all. Find a R&D forum for Blizz and bring up the topics. They've always made sure the community has a big part in the development of their games. Be a positive influence, not a negative one.

    • LBK_1975 says:

      You're missing the point – I have never played on bnet and never will.

      I have absolutely no interest in playing a game of Starcraft with anyone on the net.

      I play with my mates (yes real people, I actually know and choose to spend time with).

      I don't give a stuff about hackers, I pay for every game I own. (I always have) I resent somebody assuming I will steal from them. It's Blizzard not respecting their customers.

      I want a game I can enjoy in my own living room without having to spend all my money on bandwidth to play with the blokes sitting two feet away… Why would I want to pay for a game twice? once in the store and then every bloody minute I am online (and if it's my place, bandwidth for all of my mates too) it's just ridiculous.

      Get half a clue, and read what the guys here are saying it's not really too hard to see why we are upset. And yes I will talk with my wallet I will NOT buy a game that does not suit my needs I will spend it on a game that does. (and so will everyone else).

  18. Zantoo says:

    It's not an assumption to say people are going to steal SC2 it's a fact. Most of these people have openly said they'll be downloading ISO's and cracking the game a hours after it's release. Just because Blizzard says people are going to try to steal from them doesn't mean they're talking about you specifically, or the people who pay for the game. I'm sure they cherish the paying folks tremendously.

    As for playing with your mates, theres nothing stopping you from starting a private game while on Bnet. I find it hard to believe that the hardcore gamer crowd, and Blizzard fans aren't equipped with a wireless router to accomodate your friends while on Bnet in a private room.

    What Blizzard has said isn't always the end all, even if they release the game without LAN support that doesn't mean they won't put it in on a later content patch. Look at their progression of content in World of Warcraft. Nearly half of the raiding/end game content people were locked out of. As the game progressed and got older they've slowly opened the content doors to more and more people.

    As for Blizzard being greedy, have you guys ever thought about what kind of money it takes to keep Bnet servers, Customer support, WoW servers, the old SC1 and Diablo2 servers up and running, not to mention paying for the development of the game. Not to mention the payroll to pay every person that helps run that company. If theres anyone here thats greedy its you folks.

    Blizzard will create the game as they see fit, and from people who provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Blizzard has yet to disappoint us with any game they've released, hell they've halted development of games that were nearly completed because they thought it was crap. Have some faith people, Blizzard won't disappoint. No one told Michelangelo how to paint the Sistine Chapel, let Blizzard finish their masterpiece, I'm sure they won't disappoint.

    • LBK_1975 says:

      A private game on bnet? Cost of the servers?

      It's because they want to control every aspect of the community that they now have to pay for extra servers, how about not hosting LAN's and cut the cost of hosting? (Seriously)?

      I have never used their support (I am in Australia, why would I pay for laggy servers or support I never use?). – we use threads and forums if we need to that's what the community does. I am not interested in their business model (if it's too top heavy, then people have to go – same as any business).

      as for 'Most' people downloading ISO's? where did you pull that out of? People will choose the path of least resistance based on the morals and the depth of their wallet. Build security into the game fine – but don't expect me to buy a game that only lets me play with the blokes next to me provided they go through some 'controlled' server on the east coast of America.

      it's can't be more simple – I will play games that are inclusive (i.e. LAN based) I will not pay twice for the same game like WOW (who the hell would?).

      Sistine Chapel? I wont pay for some piece of bloatware which then requires my bandwidth for every bloke in my living room period. – I am an educated, working gamer who would rather play a good game designed and marketed to the market and not some accountants idea of how to gouge every last cent of my bank account.

      I have been waiting years for this game and am just so disappointed with Blizzard not everyone who plays their game is a thief and I refuse to be treated like one.

      I'll wait and see what they produce – but No LAN no play! No pay, me and my mates will spend our money on an outfit or design house that respects our money and writes good games. There will always be a new giant killer.

  19. shoe says:

    I'm sure this decision by Blizzard has been long in the development, but I think I speak for many people when I say that this is a very dangerous. Without LAN, why would my friends and I ever get together to "LAN" party? stupidly simple question, but a question that must be addressed properly. Why is Blizzard removing the whole collective (as in people in the same geographic location) gaming experience from SC???

    In my opinion, Blizzard is still in the WoW mindset and needs to get back into the SC universe. The gamers that play SC are not the same kind of people that play WoW, we are not loners that all have internet connection. Blizzard needs to realize that completely removing LAN, a reasonable restriction that would likely improve the WoW experience, would devastate the SC experience.

  20. Tim Bayliss says:

    Excuse me, but it's not "7000" fans.

    It's 77,800 – As of 01:29GMT on Tuesday 21st July.


    If Blizzard don't add LAN support. They will lose millions in sales.

    Whoever made this decision is possibly the most stupid person ever to live.

    • LBK_1975 says:

      unless this is part of some marketing ploy to get us talking about the game… in which case they are doing a good job. If you wanted to fire up the community, especially after taking so bloody long to make the game, turning or threatening to have no LAN would get us all talking.

      the more I think about it, the person who decided that LAN wasn't going to be included will be fired as soon as all the pirates just download the LAN patched copy.

      with the world and DRM now you need the carrot and the stick, have the activation (with a hotline backup) if you think it will do any good (it's so worked for Mircosoft) and give something to the kids who will be waiting in line with money for the game – yes a poster, keyring etc..

  21. Icewind says:

    I agree with Blizzard this round. If you don't like it, then don't buy it. Or crack it like you pirates would have done anyways. I don't want pirates on the servers though; they lose respect for others too quickly. If college were free, no one would treat it as respectfully as they do with having to pay.

    Seriously though, high-speed internet is about as wide spread as mobile phones. If you can afford a good PC to play the game and the game itself, I doubt internet is much harder. I do not even know anyone without high speed internet (being in the US). And LAN parties have multiple people… why wouldn't even ONE of them have internet?

    • LBK_1975 says:

      Being in the US you have the servers and a number to call when the servers don't work. The rest of the world is getting the shaft (I am in Australia here, we don't have servers and the best support is the fan threads).

      Your missing the point or you haven't read and understood what people are saying here and in the petitions (17,000 in one 80,000 in the other).

      Why should anyone have to pay for a game more than once? Once in store and then in Bandwidth and possibly a Subscription service?

      Then there is the LAG… No online server is EVER going to be as quick as a CAT cable in your living room (you know it, I know, everyone knows it) and we aren't even talking choke points in gear either.

      Cost? you might be made of money, but not everyone is… (you don't get to make the call on that – if it costs to much to play it Blizzard's way, you know what people will do).

      Nobody cares if you side with Blizzard or not (it's not all about you)

      btw cool name, I own pretty well every old Blizzard game from Torment to Icewind to Baldurs Gate etc… and two copies of starcraft and brood war respectively – I will not be buying a game that doesn't measure up. I am sure some people will pay the money but I am afraid that far more will simply download the cracked copy; out of spite and because it allows them to play LAN.

      • Icewind says:

        (repost… misplaced)

        I really do feel for you guys if internet it not the norm over there. Unfortunately, you are the minority in terms of the most like potential player base. I do tend to take it for granted. We can get bandwidth at nearly every house (though many old people still don’t care for it). If I went out, we have many hotspots and several ones connected to our ISP so they are free, meaning we could LAN out at a coffee shop or McDonalds lounge if we wanted.

        I am surely not made of money, but like I said it’s something as common as the mobile phone here. Even lower end money makers will put aside for high-speed internet.

        And lag? That’s hardly humanly notable. Pinging Blizzard’s servers NOW before they revamp gives me 50ms. Super fast paced games don’t even flinch. No way I will be seeing a slight of lag in a slow paced Starcraft (even with high unit numbers). I’ve played too many RTSs online to know that (Total War series, Supreme Commander, Warcraft 3, Dawn of War).

        “Nobody cares if you side with Blizzard or not (it’s not all about you)”

        That goes for you and the people of the petition too. The minority.

        “far more will simply download the cracked copy; out of spite and because it allows them to play LAN.”

        If out of spite, then they are cracking the games (if they must for LAN) for the wrong reason.

        Blizzard knows for a fact that people will pay for internet and the game. A LOT of people. WoW is their testament to that fact. I hope you guys can get an AU server and more widespread internet because if not you might get left behind in the gaming world. Or you can move up with us Yankees 8p.

        • LBK_1975 says:

          I hear what you are saying but having working in Customer Service and IT for years now, those people who take the time to complain work out to be 1 in 13 (by phone, internet is a little less, perhaps 1 in 9)

          You do the math.. it's not a minority, it's the tech savvy and the guys who might set up the LAN for his mates.

          Lag and dodgy connections will be an issue on any subscription service.

          WOW initially was sold as a subscription service – Starcraft came from a RTS/LAN focus and as such is a different market entirely (you might get some cross-pollination, but I would suggest it's in the minority) you don't gold farm in RTS…

          It's not spite that will spread the cracked game – it's ease of use. It's the path of least resistance, it's the fact it's bloody stupid to have to keep the CD in drive when playing, it's remarkably shorts-sighted not to include LAN (I am still convinced this is a marketing ploy to stir up interest in the game).

          I am tired of waiting for some activation server to validate a game I have bought in store – even more so when the customer service contact number is 9-5 Monday – to Friday (when I am work and not in from of the gaming pc).

          I refuse to be treated like a pirate, some people will pay for the game sure – but a whole lot more will simply download a copy if you don't give them what they need and I still don't want to voice chat on the net and pay for bandwidth on top of the in store cost.

          Blizzards call? – good luck to them. We'll see what happens (but if no LAN then their losses will be measured in millions of dollars) and don't tell me you don't agree Icewind :)

          p.s they are talking AUS servers, but I doubt this will amount to much past the launch unless there is money coming in to support the servers (yes subscription) then they will not be paid for on an ongoing basis.

  22. Icewind says:

    I really do feel for you guys if internet it not the norm over there. Unfortunately, you are the minority in terms of the most like potential player base. I do tend to take it for granted. We can get bandwidth at nearly every house (though many old people still don't care for it). If I went out, we have many hotspots and several ones connected to our ISP so they are free, meaning we could LAN out at a coffee shop or McDonalds lounge if we wanted.

    I am surely not made of money, but like I said it's something as common as the mobile phone here. Even lower end money makers will put aside for high-speed internet.

    And lag? That's hardly humanly notable. Pinging Blizzard's servers NOW before they revamp gives me 50ms. Super fast paced games don't even flinch. No way I will be seeing a slight of lag in a slow paced Starcraft (even with high unit numbers). I've played too many RTSs online to know that (Total War series, Supreme Commander, Warcraft 3, Dawn of War).

    "Nobody cares if you side with Blizzard or not (it’s not all about you)"

    That goes for you and the people of the petition too. The minority.

    "far more will simply download the cracked copy; out of spite and because it allows them to play LAN."

    If out of spite, then they are cracking the games (if they must for LAN) for the wrong reason.

    Blizzard knows for a fact that people will pay for internet and the game. A LOT of people. WoW is their testament to that fact. I hope you guys can get an AU server and more widespread internet because if not you might get left behind in the gaming world. Or you can move up with us Yankees 8p.

    • kirillian says:

      It's nice that you have a good connection speed and all that, but seriously, have you been living in your mother's basement for the last 20 years?!?!? Even here, the United States, we have HORRIBLE broadband saturation. I, personally, get to pick between a crappy connection and an outright $#!%%^ connection. To top that all off, I pay a PREMIUM price for it too (only God loves you TWC). Ya…that 50ms lag time you get to Blizzard's servers? Ya, not possible for a lot of us. True, I'd say 60% of Blizzard's customers are gonna be in citys and hooked up, but there is still a HUGE portion that are not.

      As far as downloading the cracked version goes, I can understand completely why someone would do so. Just condemning such as doing it "for the wrong reason" just shows a lack of maturity and understanding that not everyone comes from the same background as you.

      • Icewind says:

        I live in Louisiana (2 years)… and I live in the SWAMPS of southern Louisiana. Many would agree that this place is the pits. But somehow in this environment I manage to easily get great quality high speed internet? Do you live somewhere worse? I can't imagine much worse besides out in the country where they rely on satellite.

        "Just condemning such as doing it “for the wrong reason” just shows a lack of maturity and understanding that not everyone comes from the same background as you."

        The fact that you didn't understand my point shows your maturity and understanding… Those who do things out of SPITE are some of the MOST immature people out there. Cracking the game because you have to in order to play multiplayer without internet access is one thing. But to do so in spite? That is downright childish. I do condemn those who do anything in spite instead of taking another approach. BUT I am understanding of those who do it out of a "need" to play the game without internet.

        And to those who are complaining that it costs, while you have enough to buy a computer that can play this game and enough to buy the game itself, if you cannot afford basic cable internet (all you will need), then your priorities should not be on video games right now.

        • zack_falcon says:

          While I understand your points, I have to disagree with you.

          First of all, not everyone who complains is automatically a pirate.

          Second, let's get serious. If Blizzard wants to make money, they'll target everyone, not just those lucky people living in the US with *norm* internet connections.

          I live in the Philippines, where a single moron of an employee in my Internet Subscription Service could accidentally take down my internet connection and call it "maintenance."

          It's sad, I know. And it happens often. So, without internet, I can't play with my friends who went over to my house and brought LAN cables?

          Do I need an internet connection to play with 7 guys that are three feet away from me? Where's the sense in that? Bingo. There's no sense in it at all.

          Okay. Some parts of the world evolved. You got that right. Maybe the Philippines got stuck somewhere. We're in the minority. But does that mean we don't deserve to play the game the way we want to? Even if we bought it legally?

          Fail, Blizzard. Epic FAIL.

  23. darkwolfchild says:

    omg blizzard are u really just gonna take out lan so u can charge us to keep playing it like wow. let me tell u something i buy a game, i pay for it once. here in Australia normally a game costs around $100 when its first out. $100 to buy the game that comes with a cd-key. cd-key = able to play online as well as lan. So when sc2 comes out i'll have to pay $100 for game and cd-key so i can play with no lan. then r u guys gonna charge me somthing like $20 a month to play on line and give no other choice.? thats the real reason u only take lan out of a game. so u can charge us more.

    i don't believe this is gonna happen but if u guys try and charge us monthly to play a game we all ready payed for u have just lost a blizzard fan im sure i wont be the only one.

    ps. no iv never played wow beacuse i refused to be ripped of by continually paying for something iv all ready paid for.

  24. LBK_1975 says:

    Something I noticed is that the number of views of Q&A batches has been steadily declining.

    Batch 49 – 221,807 views

    Batch 50 – 78,336 views

    Batch 51 – 42,844 views

    Batch 52 – 36,412 views

    Just thought I'de point it out. [Quzoo USwest

    Not my work I thought I would post from the Battlenet forums – we still have to wait for Blizcon in August 21-22nd in the US. but always nice to see that that off Blizzards own site, their own fans are being turned off…

    That is a 190,000 less people reading their batches… I wonder if Mr Money Bags in Blizzard has his calculator out and is calculating lost sales… or perhaps his own job.

  25. Abacus says:

    I have to agree with the majority of the people on this forum and whilst I do understand quality issues and piracy, forcing me to use a server on the opposite end of the bloody globe is not going to give me any quality. In fact I will guarantee that my game play quality and those of my mates would be a 100 times worse than is we used a buggy lan play option. Why do I say this, well…. I am based in South Africa and whilst the US enjoy cheap high speed bandwidth this is not the case for us. So now I have to bugger off to a server a couple of thousand kilometers away to play with my mates sitting in the same damn room. As for some of the other comments, you can see naivety of some people when they say "I find it hard to believe that the hardcore gamer crowd, and Blizzard fans aren’t equipped with a wireless router to accommodate your friends while on Bnet in a private room.". why dont you wake up and pull you head from your ass and consider consider conditions outside of you own little world. Blizzard may generate the majority of its revenue base on the American and Asian markets, but you definitely cannot exclude the smaller segments (not in today's economic climate).

    Starcraft 2 just went from my most anticipated game, I had pre-ordered, to me now canceling my order and now waiting for Supreme Commander 2 and Command & Conquer 4. As for the piracy, pirates will still pirate the game no change there, but thank you for punishing me, someone that was a loyal purchasing fan.

    Thanks Blizzard, you concern for my gameplay quality and best experience possibly is touching, you Should'nt have… no really you shouldn't have!!!

    **ssed Off

    • LBK_1975 says:


      Cheers mate, be patient with the flak Blizzard are getting over this they can go two ways; put LAN back in or try and come up with an uncrackable DRM?

      Blizzcon is in late August and there will be plenty of announcements I am sure lets see what they offer and if no LAN, I am with you. Supreme Commander and C&C 4

      Of course in the meantime – the cracks and patches will be out and Blizzard will be able to calculate the millions lost (there are over 110,000 signatures now on the petitions)and the majority of those people will be telling their friends, Nephews and Nieces to boycott it as well.

      Money is the only thing they respect, bringing LAN back after the launch wont be enough.


    • James says:


      "Blizzard may generate the majority of its revenue base on the American and Asian markets, but you definitely cannot exclude the smaller segments (not in today’s economic climate)."

      ooooooh yeah you can. I'm afraid the amount of revenue they would get from South Africa would less than the rounding error on the Korean number =). If they reduce piracy in Korea and the U.S. by even 5%, it would be enough to make up for losing all of Africa and the Middle-East. The customer base in those regions is tiny.

      • LBK_1975 says:

        Its a global economy, you are thinking too small… Blizzard might be 'considering markets' but the 'market' itself doesn't care – a hacking tool made in China can be in the US in minutes… and guess what; If the demand is there… Starcraft will be cracked and patched within minutes.

        Spore was the most hacked and pirated game of all time – but treat your players with some respect and you will get more out of the community – p*ss em off and reap the whirlwind!

  26. James says:

    Their arguments would be convincing for any other game, but the juggernaut that is Starcraft doesn't really need piracy protection to be profitable. Even if only 25% of players paid for that game, they would make a ton of money.

    That said, I can't say I blame them for going this route. They have realized via WoW that the only way to maintain control of your playerbase is to make them all log in to a central server to play. Without that, entire countries could be playing their game without paying for it.

    • LBK_1975 says:

      You have to offer more than a big stick – this isn't going to help piracy and is creating an environment where kid's (that minors) are not safe (see the issues with Nintendo's Animal Crossing).

      It's short-sighted and with over 4 million players and corporations in Korea (TV broadcast rights – i.e. two cable channels) they don't have a hope in hell of stopping piracy unless they treat people with some respect.

      It's just they way it is – accept it and move on… America isn't the world..

  27. Do the right thing and get yourself a new bracelet today, one you can be proud of, like those from pandora charms bracelets.

  28. Dread says:

    IF they dont include LAN im not buying it.

  29. RUNJMC says:

    Why should I pay 60 bucks for a game that is trying to restrict how I chose to play it? If any thing just as ubisoft is learning the more DRM type stuff you put in a game the more pirates you make… lol I love how ubisoft barged about there DRM being so hot $#!% because it required you to be online to play and it was cracked in like a few Hrs. LOL

  30. wade conner says:

    I completely AGREE with anyone who thinks, CORRECTLY, and says that this game SHOULD HAVE LAN SUPPORT, it is ridiculous to have a game that cannot be played without LAN SUPPORT.

    -If you buy the game, you should be allowed to play it, regardless of internet support. Considering that you have payed for the game.

    -Piracy, is just a new way for companies to get you to subscribe to an account and repeat buying something over and over again….

    -If piracy cannot be stopped, don't punish real gamers, by eliminating LAN support…

    TO EVERYONE WHO THINKS THAT ITS OK, TO HAVE TO BE ONLINE TO PLAY THIS GAME IN ANY FORM, after you have purchased it……………….The real question is: What are you going to do when the company says, ok…… NOW, there is going to be a… SUBSCRIPTION FEE, to play any game associated with B.NET, even single player games??

    That is the REAL QUESTION, b/c it may not be talked about for SC2….but if there are no objections now then that's what the FUTURE of gaming will be…….

    Ask yourself…why would a respectable game designer, not include something as simple as LAN SUPPORT into a game??

    Everyone knows its not a difficult programing task, and won't take much, if anything its going to cause more issues to leave this feature out of the game.

    -The original Starcraft is obviously one of the greatest RTS games ever made. I have been playing this game off/and on since it was first released, and have personally purchased this game almost a dozen times due to scratched CDs, or to put on multiple computers for LAN play….

    – WHY is Blizzard becoming disconnected with the gamer community, what is behind this horrible customer service and GREEDY corporate marketing strategy?……….

    -Believe me MORE gamers than you think will boycott THIS, paying for every game on Bnet, will be the downfall of classic gaming and will but an END to the reign of Blizzard as a respectable gaming co.

  31. bitee mee says:

    What is there to say. $60 per game times three parts for a whopping $180 dollars. No game is worth that. I remember when games like Total Annihilation by Cavedog came out with nice games that had open source code and you could create tons of arm and core dudes. Here is Starcraft 2, lame as hell, limited in thought, no lan allowed, expensive.

    I will never buy any games from Blizzard or their new ally Activision. I will pirate your games and figure ways around your stupid system. You will learn that GREED is not the key to gaming. Driving out your competition until your the only one left is why we are left with crap. Take Microsoft for example.

    World save your money, do not preorder, and send these clowns a clear message. Follow old school games like Total Annihilation, and boycott blizzard.

    You SUCK

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