Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage Leaked

Just not long ago the artists of 3D realms revealed some awesome screenshots and art work that they’ve done for Duke Nukem Forever. Additionally, there’s now a leaked gameplay video and it looks like it would’ve been quite awesome. Again, its quite unfortunate to see Duke go like this, maybe they should considering selling the game to another developer to finish up or let the public create the ultimate Duke Nukem.

If the video goes down, here are some alternate links.


If you haven’t yet, check out some of the screenshots and art work released by the artists.


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26 Responses to “Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage Leaked”
  1. Trevor says:

    I want those gloves…

  2. Anon says:

    This looks amazing even for an unfinished product, it hurts so bad.

  3. Anonymous says:

    fuck, this looks like the best game ever. why would they cut them off now?

  4. forthac says:

    12 damn years I've been waiting and now their gone. Fuck my life.

  5. Wow, about time we saw something. WTF are they going to do with it now…?

  6. Slug says:

    Wow this looks amazing do they not realize everyone Gamer and his mother would Buy this. I would play this game over and over just like the originals. it puts a tear in my eye to think it will never be released i was one of the Few that always held out never thinking these days would come. We should All Donate money to the devs and have them release it privately.

  7. Ray says:

    Duke Nukem would Kick GTA's ASS!

    Isn't there someone with a pile of money that would fund this project to get it off the ground?

    Look at 12 years, the Dad's of the original would buy this "for their kids" wink wink. This game would sell like crazy if done the "Duke Nukem" way.

  8. poohead says:

    Wow.. this looks pretty polished.. as if they spent 3-4 years on it or so.

    Oh wait….

    One of the lamest things in gaming history.

  9. Niko B says:

    CroTeam should pick up the rights to finish this game off. They seem to have had success releasing games with giant epic monsters.

    I'm sure 3d Realms would like to recover operating losses if possible.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I still remember them saying funding was not an issue :(

  11. *sigh* says:

    Long live the king baby!

  12. LogicalDash says:

    Eh… the Ego bar was funny, the animations looked really nice, and the collision detection that would've been necessary to pull some of those animations off probably took quite a lot of effort. Even so, those animations were all scripted. The playable parts seen in the video seemed quite ordinary for a shooter, except perhaps for climbing up the boss to rip his feeding tube out, and even then–would we have actually had to push buttons while the camera was facing the boss's big ugly shoulder? How would we know which way we're supposed to go when the screen is full of mutated pig haunch?

  13. passingby says:

    The voice dont sound right.

  14. Jonas says:

    I think someone should create a website and start collecting

    funds as a reward to whomever company/startup buys the rights and finally

    releases this game…

  15. someone says:

    Judging by the video and arts, I'd say they have done about 10-20% of a full game so at this rate the game should be out in, umm, 100 years. But that aint the death sentence, it is the fact that the team is now split.

  16. Damon says:

    My guess is they spend too much time working on the strip clubs.

  17. Pissed Jesus says:

    This is like the biggest cash cow that no one will milk. It looks great and I would love to play that or the many versions that we have seen over the years. Don't they realize the hardcore duke fans that wasted weeks worth of hours playing duke 3d over and over would kill just to play a crap version let alone a super-duker kick ass one? Damn, I'm all out of bubblegum.

  18. Tamas says:

    Even if the game engine was rather playable, I'm sure there were a ton of functionality issues…

    Considering the amount of footage who knows, maybe only 25% of the levels were playable. Maybe not even that much…

  19. HappySpaceInvader says:

    I think some of you have a lot to learn about software development. The point is, 3D Realms may be great at starting projects, but they are fundamentally incapable of finishing them.

    Clearly, there is something broken in their working methodology – while modern developers use Agile techniques (like Scrum or XP), 3D Realms seem to use the exact opposite. They are so slow that they frequently found technology overtaking them, which in the video game industry is unforgivable.

    They did somehow manage to finish Prey, but it took 12 years to produce. Prey is a decent enough game, but there are plenty of better games around that were developed in a sixth of the time (sometimes less than that).

    The only way anyone can resurrect Duke Nukem forever is to buy the code and give it to a better team of developers. That's right – a better *team* of developers – you see, the guys at 3D Realms may be geniuses at coding, but as software engineers, i.e. people who actually produce working end products for customers, they suck.

  20. HappySpaceInvader says:

    "Considering the amount of footage who knows, maybe only 25% of the levels were playable. Maybe not even that much…"

    I counted maybe 2 or 3 levels and a boss fight (the stadium), but we heard no sound effects or in-game music (besides the title music and some random Duke soundbites mix that someone clearly created just for this video) and saw no evidence of a coherent single-player story.

    Personally, I think the graphics and animation look fantastic, but in a finished game, I'd want a decent 10 hours of single player game play, some sound and music. And it would all have to be better than Prey, even though I thought that was okay.

  21. Pyrodioxide says:

    Those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my funding !

  22. Anthony says:


  23. Anthony says:

    3DRealms is closed! What is going to happen to Duke Nuem Forever? Is another Developer going to pick it up?! This looks soooo cool! Why couldn't they have released the GAME?!?!?!?!?

  24. zindx says:

    Duke Nukem Forever 60.8% ready when production was discontinued

  25. woww says:

    Half-Life 2 took forever to come out, it took 6 years, they valid reasons, one of them being the source engine got leaked and stuff like that, but what's 3drealms excuse? Oh, excuse us, we're being slow asses in creating a game, we'll just switch to a better looking engine. Oh look another better engine has come out! Let's use this one instead.

    Stick with the 1 fucking engine not 4. They take too long to create a game. Out of those 12 years of production, Valve released several games, One of them having the shortest gap, Left 4 Dead 2.

    So Valve could release one of the best games ever related to zombies in a 12th of time of what duke nukem does? I mean seriously, just stick with this and do it. Don't keep on upgrading.