Old Nintendo System & 5 Games Sells for $13,105 on eBay

Another eBay seller has stumbled onto a small fortune with the listing of an old Nintendo system and 5 other games which includes the original: Mario/Duck Hunt, Mario 3, Turtles 2, ‘MLB’ and Family Fitness Stadium Events.

As awesome as Turtles 2 and Mario 3 is; they’re not the game that’s banging in the $13,000 on this auction. The rare game of the 5 is Stadium Events. Some have suggested only about 2,000 were produced and sold. A recall has reduced the total amount in households to maybe 200. The numbers are only estimates, the actual figure is unknown. The box itself is about 75% of the of the $13k and according to Wikipedia, Stadiun Events is named #6 on a list of 20 “Holy Grails of Console Gaming”, a list that covered all gaming systems in all countries.

From the auction:

Up for auction is an original Nintendo NES gaming system with 1 hand control. There are 5 games with it. They are, Family & Fitness Stadium Events in the original box with the dust jacket inside of the box, Major League Baseball in the original box with the dust jacket inside of the box, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 the arcade game in the original box with the dust jacket inside of the box, Super Mario 3 in the original box with the dust jacket inside of the box and the original game, Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt. I have had this stored in the closet for years for my kids to play but the way that electronics come & go and change from one year to the next they wanted all of the new hot items of their own now and now it’s time to get rid of things that are no longer being used or wanted. This system worked perfect when i stored it but somehow over the years, we have managed to misplace the AC cord & the television hook up. I am listing this and selling without hook up but it I find them, i’ll send them along with the rest at no additional charges to you. Please keep in mind though that any ac cord will work with this and the hook up from a VCR would hook it up just as well as the original cords!

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30 Responses to “Old Nintendo System & 5 Games Sells for $13,105 on eBay”
  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    How is it that this Nintendo system is 25 years old and runs like a champ, yet I've gone through 2 Xbox 360s in 3 years. What a bunch of crap!

    • Noname says:

      Man, I have an atari 2600, a sega master system, an nes a snes and a genesis and they all work prefectly, but thats just because these machines were made for one thing, to play games. Your xbox is as complex as a pc and pc's break down all the time. There is not much that can go wront with the nes, it doesn't over heat and there are no moving parts. The only really pain this system had was it would work when it wanted to, If this person remembered how much of pain it was to blow on the games and stick them in the nes just slightly to get them to play, he might of rethought buying it.

    • K-Sha! says:

      WTF?! I have that pos game….i almost threw it away the last time i moved

    • Joe Alvarez says:

      Hey Im Joe from GameChop.com and corp. we are some video game competitors and we are going to say that a nes system that is that old, should be sold around 74.99. The games listed are not even worth that much. whoever bought htis is getting a real bad mistake on ther end. This is just crazy to us. The system is old but is still very rare and cool. The top control deck nes is better than the origina nes, but they are both still good systems. Even a x360 beakes down there all systems but with more games and quality in picture and graphics. Dont hate on the old school systems. They are still just as worthy as new gen systems. Thank You! Visit GameChop.com for good deals and prices. We have a store located in carrollton tx, 75007. Thank You.

    • OGGAMER says:

      I think it is crazy that one could sell for so much. However, they do last longer and are alot more reliable than the finicky new, 'high graphic' stuff. The intial generation Coleco, SEGA and the Atari were ok, but flawed with technical problems. The Nintendo game systems from 1985 and above brought product reliability to new standards and the race was on. Its basically the same thing with the orignal PlayStations, very reliable as opposed to the new generation 2 and 3. They were at $149.00 when they first came out and last week, you could buy one on Ebay for under $20.00 and now they are all going for big bucks . Only in America. I love it

    • baller says:

      because for one xbox's are crap. microsoft is raping you. and for 2 as technology gets more complicated there are more things that can go wrong… duh you moron!

    • Ed says:

      I have the ATARi, Nintedo, etc. I have all the games and Gameboys with all adapters and TV hookups, chargers. You name it I have it. I have everykind of Supermario from 1980 – Present. Any one interested email me. Selling.

  2. Gonzobot says:

    Easy answer, Anonymous Coward. The reason you had to buy two Xbox 360s is because you're one of the moron consumers, that will pay large amounts of money for a toy box that doesn't work right, AND THEN YOU WILL PAY FOR ANOTHER ONE THAT STILL DOESN'T WORK RIGHT BECAUSE YOUR FIRST ONE STOPPED WORKING.

    You're the reason that the 360s have a ~60% failure rate – because Microsoft knows they don't have to spend the money to make it work properly, when you're just going to go buy a fresh one anyways.

  3. Camnio says:

    that's a lot of money for that game

  4. Drall says:

    My question is did the guy really get the money?

    Sure I can see bidding going up to $13K but did they pay.

  5. Chris says:

    I owned a copy of Stadium Events with the track pad when i was 7 years old. My family moved back to America after spending a couple months in the Virgin Islands where they lost my stuff…. LAME!!!!

  6. I wonder if this guy needs a date!

    Great article!

  7. Carolyn says:

    WOW – I have the same system, still in the box, which includes a zapper video gun and 2 controllers. I have 2 extra controllers and 11 Games. The games are: Off Road, Pac-Man, (2) Mario Bros. Dunk Hunt, The Lend of Zelda, After Burner, Teenage Nutant Ninja Turtles, Rescue the Embassy Mission, Ultra Skate or Die, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Mike Tyson's Punch Out.

  8. Carolyn says:

    WOW – I have the same system, still in the box, which includes a zapper video gun and 2 controllers. I have 4 extra controllers and 12 Games. The games are: Off Road, Pac-Man, (2) Mario Bros. Dunk Hunt, The Legend of Zelda, After Burner, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rescue the Embassy Mission, Ultra Skate or Die, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, MLB Baseball 2.

    I should see what I can get :)

  9. SunShine says:


  10. Older_Gamer says:

    I played my Nintendo NES system yesterday. It works like a charm! It all depends on how you take care of things. There are some electronic devices that will not work if stored for a long time like the old 8mm cameras (need to be charged on a weekly basis).

    I played Super Mario Brothers 3 yesterday for a long time. After I read about the same system being sold, I plugged mine back up for poots and giggles to see if it would work well and yup, it does. I also have Sega Genesis and Sony PlayStation from years ago with the original boxes with games.

  11. Claudia Spainhour says:

    Is there actually a market for this. I have 25 games, including the one that came with the nintendo that had the Super Mario Bros, World Class track meet, Duck Hunt, and The mat for the track meet and the gun for the Duck Hunt. It all works and have considered selling it but wouldnt know where to start….any pointers? Maybe some of the 25 games I have are collectible.

    • Joost says:

      If you bought those games in your local game store back then there is little chance they are worth very much. Most rare and expensive games come from special pre orders and games not manufactured much, most of them were not even for sale in the US or Europe.

      You could always check prices on sites such as ebay, most games will go for about 1 to 5 dollars. And if you do have a rare game, they have to be excellent to mint quality, including box and guides for them to be worth much.

      I have quite a big collection of nes and sega megadrive games, but its not really worth selling for the money i would get for it.

  12. Nick says:

    That's pretty cool. I can see why a collector would jump on it too since Stadium Events is still in the box, and looks to be in great shape.

  13. Salx says:

    Factory sealed one already at 13k at the time of this writing.


  14. thats good!! I also have that kind of nintendo and i bought it since 1991 and still in good condition and good look with 2 controller, gun, games are mario, duck hunt, valleyball, ninja, bart simsons, tom and jerry, tiger helli, soccer or football game, i want to sell it….higher bidder., 09157445644

  15. crystal says:

    I too have the system. I have 17 games!still in the dust packs, also have the original carry around box that holds 16 games with nintendo written on it.I have two controlls with it and the gun the system still plays. games include/

    (dracula's curse),(viper),(super mari/duck hunt 1) and the (super mario game 2),(excite bike),(wizzards and warriors),(ghost and goblins),(blaster master),(total recall),(dynowarz),(dragon spirit the new legend),(bionic comando),(burger time),(world class track meet),(to the earth),(strider),and (mega man 2).any one interested in the system contact me via e-mail


  16. anthony says:

    I have that nintendo system and super nintendo and the games.

  17. Jessica says:

    I have mine too, along with Duck Hunt, Mike Tyson's Punch Out, Mega Man 1-4 and tons more…sheesh…didn't know I could make some money off of this.

    Check out another article on gaming console logo design history: http://www.mycorporatelogo.com/blog/2010/03/gamin….

  18. Mcjammers says:

    Please dont tell me everyone is now selling their systems and games because of the high bid. Please dont tell they dont know the reason for the high bid, and that it is consistent with current market value for a crazy rare game not an nes and reg nes games.

    Like I said, Please dont tell me!

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