StarCraft 2: Wings Of Liberty Release Date Finally Announced – July 27th

Blizzard has finally announced their release date for Starcraft 2 which is set for July 27th. Just two more months and we can all move out of beta and into the real action.

Blizzard seem to be very confident in ‘StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty’ that they set it for an international launch that will hit North America, Europe, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Also, they announced that the game will be available for digital download after the hard copies of the Collectors Edition and basic version are being sold in stores.

‘StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty’ will feature the Terran campaign scenario and will have 29+ missions with mini-games mixed into the lot. As for Zerg ‘ Heart of the Swarm’ and Protoss ‘Legacy of the Void’ campaign, those two will be expansions that is said to be released in a yearly schedule.

If you are not in beta yet, I suggest you hurry over to GameStop and get yourself a beta key so you can practice those micro and macro skills which will help you climb that ladder in Bnet. So EXCITED!! Finally!

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13 Responses to “StarCraft 2: Wings Of Liberty Release Date Finally Announced – July 27th”
  1. Cojami says:

    I really hope that the current multiplayer isnt the finished product. To tell the truth, i felt like i was playing the same game for the past 5 months that i did about 10 years ago.

    Granted, there have been some new and dynamic features added, and looks absolutely fabulous. But that game itself, to me (and im sure im going to get flamed), is lacking.

    Needless to say, my $50? $60? mine as well be in the blizzards coffers already.

  2. Edmon says:

    Well some of the single player campaign gameplay looks fun – I do hope it lasts long enough though for the price (multiplayer will be fun but it's hardly the reason I'm going to buy it…so here's holding thumbs!)

  3. This game is over rated, and after playing it for about 4-5 times, its going to be blunt release…. Absolutely just a graphic improvement from the old starcraft… nothing special about the game.

    If your expecting a very colorful starcraft game, then this is a must have… but game replay value, probably… not as worth as the original game…. they should concentrate on Diablo 3 than a remake of Starcraft 2.

    Purchasing this game is more of an upgrade than a "2". Good for collection, not for bragging.

  4. Keith says:

    Meh. After playing the beta, it was fun, but I'm not sure I wanted to give 50$ for it, let alone the inflated 60$ that Activision is obviously trying to push onto the last standing PC market.

    Granted it's in beta, it's a pretty helpless feeling whenever the servers go down and you just can't play with friends.. Silliness. Plus, I wanna play w/ my Australian friends here in US.. Whats up w/ that?

    I definitely wont be standing in line for it. Maybe when it hits 30$ I'll grab a copy..

    I was originally mad about alot of stuff, now I'm just disappointed and honestly bored. (But still not too bored to comment on it.. heh)

  5. sc2fanatic says:

    sc2 beta keys final giveaway on i got one for me 😀

  6. LBK_1975 says:

    Pay to play, thoughts anyone?

    Included with purchase, players will receive 6 months’ worth of access to StarCraft II’s single and multiplayer campaigns via When those 6 months are up, players will need to subscribe to the game. 30 and 60 day subscription options will be available, but Blizzard has yet to release the pricing for continuing subscription rates.

  7. Bestrts says:

    Awsome!!! Can't wait, pitty there's no LAN tho… does anyone know if there will be an xbox release? : )

  8. nicoxis says:

    Can't wait! it's been 12 years since original Starcraft was launched in 1998 !

    Starcraft 2 launch Official Twitter countdown: It is 7d, 7h, 59m and 11s until July 27, 2010 #starcraft2countdown