The Boycott Against Activision Growing Strong (8173 Signed)

MEDIA-SUMMIT/The last person any game developer wants to upset are their fellow fans in which is what exactly Activisions CEO Bobby Kotick has achieved. During a recession, gamers speaks with their wallets and raising the prices of games will more than likely cause a ton of outrage.

Activision increased the price of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in many European regions to £54.99, almost $100 USD. The price of the PC version also went up from the usual $49.99 to $59.99. In addition to the price increase, in Activision Blizzard’s investor relations conference call last week, Kotick made a short sighted statement, “I would raise the prices even further.”

On top of the pricing matter was Activision’s decision to file a lawsuit against Double Fine and EA for releasing Brutal Legend in which they’ve claimed they still owned the rights although the title was dropped by Activision during their merger with Blizzard. Activision also accused Double Fine of owing them development funds used before dismissing the title. The end result however, Activision dropped the suit and stated an agreement was made.

That statement as well as the price increase has led to a boycott group which currently spans to over 8,173 signatures at the time of this writing in which majority of the blame is being passed on to Activisions CEO.

In addition to the boycott group, a gamer by the name JO-L is also expressing his anger through this 8 minute video supporting the boycott group which you can find just below.

It seems like this boycotting thing is getting more popular than ever. A recent L4D2 boycott, a SC2 lan petition and now an all out boycott against Activision. Do you think this boycott against Activision is justified? I feel a strong rate of piracy increase among Activision. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

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61 Responses to “The Boycott Against Activision Growing Strong (8173 Signed)”
  1. JO-L says:

    Great article.

    I think the Activision boycotting is definately viable. I mean when you put it up against other boycott campaigns the L4D on pales in comparison of importance.

    We’re ultimately concerned that if Activision gets their way, other companies could follow suit. Pricing allot of people out of gaming, next generation we could be looking at upwards of £70 a game. It’s staggering to even think about it.

  2. Gonzobot says:

    yeah…game prices are already so high as to make piracy a valid thing to be concerned about. do you think raising them will somehow make you more money? it makes sense, if you're a total fuckwit, but they have to look past the 'ten dollars more per game means ten dollars more times number of games in our pocket!'

    seriously. raise your game prices, for no reason other than 'we want more money', and you will sell ZERO games. hell, I would personally go to Activision HQ and knock over their water cooler because of that statement.

  3. LBK_1975 says:

    I signed the petition and I will use my wallet to support companies that respect gamers.

    (Australian Gamer here)

    You want a business model? I thought most companies learnt from SPORE, guess not – I hope you fall hard Activison/Blizzard – as if any CEO like Robert Kotick is worth 15 million dollars… he doesn’t have clue, so kiss goodbye to the profits you might have made as I laugh as all the script-kiddies out there pirate your software. Personally, I like Dawn of War and will be getting the Half-Life Orange Box.

    What reality is robert living in?

  4. Josh says:

    Ahahahaha how idiotic. Kotick essentially flipped me the bird with his actions which means guess what? I'm going to boycott all Activision Blizzard games. No Starcraft 2, no Diablo 3, nothing that Activision is going to publish until Kotick is either fired or resigns. This is the kind of thing that happens when you have a big fat stupid mouth, sucks to be you Kotick. I hope people pirate your games like wildfire now to send your fat greedy sloppy face a message.

  5. lol says:

    This is a bit pointless, considering you can buy Modern Warfare 2 from Tescos for a mere £35.


  6. sukkit activision says:

    activision,you made it easy for me :) i was debating whether to go with angel falls or your modern warfare 2,or even my mind is made up.bye bye activision

  7. Ben Barrett (UK) says:

    while a fully-blown boycott of all of Activision's games would indeed give them a kick in the nads for being pricks, do you really think the endless, mindless horde that is the MW2 fanbase is really going to boycott it?

    that'll be a no. just face it, mindless and greedy corperations are now in charge with the idiotic masses behind them who will defend them to death if needs be.

  8. blahhhh says:

    I’ll tell you what, They will deffinatly get alot more units/games into peoples hands! I bow to you EA! You are definatly one company that will get all gamers to own your games, you know why? Its because more people will mod their Xbox 360’s and start to just download the games! Way to go EA! Not only is there a recession on but you charge mom and dads $140-150AU a game now! Before at $120 parents could atleast save up but at $140-150AU they won’t, its all got to do with the mental thinking done with numbers! My mental thinking is, $60 to mod Xbox and $10 for a burnt copy of the game! Thanks EA, you’ve made up my mind!

  9. blahhhh says:

    Also, Much thanks for no Lan and always online activation just to play single player! No wonder people scream PC gaming is dead! its because you (EA) are helping to kill it!

  10. blahhhh says:

    Is EA a public company? If so the stock holders should be very worried! And to stock holders, Sell you stock! it won’t be worth much after the gamers start a media circus. Either sell your stocks or vote the CEO out!

  11. blahhhh says:

    O crap, I’m sorry I mean Activision not EA! :) EA is STILL killing PC GAMING!

  12. Andrew says:

    Open the Sails! To the High Seas!

  13. xenofreak says:

    Guess that means I'll have to pirate the new game.

  14. Boycott says:

    I bet there were people that download pirate games out there that were actually willing to pay for this game, I don't think there is any more.

  15. snu says:

    agreed, when i saw the price point for the console game i just laughed. whos really going to buy that? tech people still have call of duty world at war n i hear its doing just fine and if they think modern warfare is a stand alone brand that is uber popular, just look at the recent market research that showed most people had no clue what mw was but they knew what cod was. In an economic downturn like this parents are going to be going to the retail stores and looking at a $30 game or a $80 game (USA). N last year saw so many good titles as well as early this yr.

    and then i saw the pc price point n nearly spit up my food. im an avid pc gamer and i laughed at the idea of paying $60 for a pc game. I mean christ, u know how many will be sharing a pirated version? its going to be absurd.

    This is going to hurt the market, hurt Activision, hurt gamers etc.

    If it comes out that $$ then it will stay that high for awhile n by that time the newer hot title will be out n people will move on. kind of sad a lot of people wont get to experience it.

    They pissed off the internet and the blogs (check out joystiqs how to make ur own prestige edition) so fuck em


  16. MobbyG says:

    Wow, Activision seems to be hell bent on going out of business. Raising prices and pissing off StarCraft players like me. I say let’s help them. I have no plans on buying ANY Activision games. I’m officially part of the boycott.

    Hey Bobby! Good luck with the angry mob that shows up at your office door with their pink slips because you failed economics. Then, what are you going to say to the share holders? “Ooopsie”?

  17. Qwerty says:

    Guess that means I’ll have to pirate the new game.!

  18. fbuskirk says:

    The problem is, and it has been stated before, that people will buy these games anyway. Sure, the boycott sounds great right now, but when all your friends are playing MW2 and you’re not, you’re gonna want it (I’m including myself in this).

    So how about this, it’s nigh on impossible to outright boycott, but its not impossible to make sure THEY don’t get our money. Wait a few days after your games come out, whatever Activision title it might be. Go to your local game shop (hell, even Best Buy and Toys R Us do it now) and buy yourself a used copy of the game. Activision doesn’t see a penny of that money and you still get the game you’ve been dying to play since they announced it.

  19. LUIS says:

    If they keep raising the price ill star buying pirate games and fix my console so it can read them and never buy an original game again in my life.

    They even charge you for the map packs which should be free since you pay 60 dollars per game and 50 dollars a year for the xbox live, this is why people that has fixed their consoles are proud that they have done this, they say and i quote "they cahrge you for all online content and its not fair that you keep wasting money like you are rich after you buy the game, thats why i did this and i dont regret it"

  20. Kingpayne says:

    I am in total agree with everything that man said. I to will boycott all activision products both used and new. I am a newbie game developer and i am shocked at that announcement. I am also a consumer, I am not spending my money on something that will break my bank every time i buy something. I am a firm believer that video games should never cost more than $30.00 US, in any form. I work hard for my money and im not going to force anyone else to break their bank in order just to enjoy themselves for a few hours a day/week/year.

  21. Tad says:

    Let's take a look at what happened with the movie theater's pricing model. They increased ticket and concession prices. What they've found is that, excluding movies like The Dark Knight, it's getting harder and harder to draw a crowd. I doubt any movie will top Titanic simply because not that many people are willing to shell out that much for a movie. The movie industry still makes a lot of money but the amount of people going to the movies is still dropping every year. This is the same problem with the gaming industry. Conceivably, there's a threshold where less people can purchase something and with increased prices, profits will still go up. But it's much riskier and easier to have epic losses. If they increase the price, they'll realize that too many gamers aren't that wealthy and aren't that willing to shell out $100. The amount of games sold will drop and drop and the price will just have to increase to cover the losses until it starts reversing into the red.

  22. Kev says:

    This might just be up here, but danish retail prices for games are usually much higher than the prices stated in this article. You are all just taking far too inexpensive games for granted, i know it is outrageous that they are just increasign the price because they can, but still.

  23. Andrew says:

    this is ridiculous. game prices are already too high to begin with. if prices were to drop just $10 you would see a huge surge in game buying. I won’t buy a game that costs this much, end of discussion. The boycott is a great idea, but I think we’ll see how bad of a move this is when Modern Warfare 2 comes out and sells half of what it is projected to sell.

  24. Sleam says:

    this is why i support piracy. It is the only weapon against these douches.

    *signed all the petitions*


  25. Prozak says:

    Im sure Activision is really going to miss all of you as customers, especially when the are celebrating the mega-launches of MW2 and Diablo 3. Raising prices is nothing new. I would like you to name one new product that has gotten cheaper in the last 5 yrs.

    Ask your mother for another $10 and stop your bitching. Better yet, dont buy the games so I have less kid with a sense of entitlement screaming in my headset.

  26. Spooky says:

    I will not buy any standard PC game for $60 or plus. The only way to make Activision pay any attention is for the game to sell poorly at that price point. I love cod4, but there is no way i am playing $60 for the next one. Just don't buy it.

  27. Nom4d says:

    Guess this means I'll have to pirate it. Such a shame, was kind of looking forward to MP, but too bad.

  28. Sleam says:

    Wow i never knew a douché such as Prozak still existed. LoL youre amongst literally 10's of thousands of people man. Also, im thinking 10,000 * 60(or more) is going to make a teeny tiny dent on Activisions pocket.

    This is also the 10.000 who are aware that an online petition is being held, im not even mentioning the people who'll see the 3 digit number on the price tag and Lol their asses off as they purchase a 12 $ rapidshare premium account instead.

    So yeah Prozak you can shove up to half a million of 10 dollar bills up your douche ass you moronic capitalist bitch.

  29. Occas says:

    It seems to me that the people who are saying they will download it because of the pricing are pre-disposed to downloading the game regardless.

    What I find most interesting about this series of comments is that the reaction seems to be "I don't want to pay that much for a game, therefore I'm not paying at all."

    That seems a bit impatient to me. For example, when GTA IV arrived on PC it came out in my local store at £30 I think. Not a bad price, but as a 28 year old guy who has been buying games for PC and various consoles over the last 12 years, I am well aware that most games, within a few weeks to a month, BECOME CHEAPER!

    With this in mind, I simply waited about 3 weeks and bought it for £20!

    So to all the people who are determined to pirate this game due to its launch price, I would ask them to think about their actions.

    1) While the games industry doesn't seem to be dying, the proliferation of piracy is noted by the companies (PC gaming in particular) and we've already seen the steps some companies are taking to ensure their property is pirated as little as possible; such as online activation/connection to play, etc. Let's not forget that the game is a product they have spent their money to make, and they have the right to determine its RRP (Recommended, note) and the terms and conditions of which you the end user are to use said product. Eg, World of Warcraft might be my favourite game of all time, but since I personally refuse to pay a monthly fee to play a game I have already paid for, I therefore have never played WoW. Simple.

    2) Don't forget that piracy is illegal, and you can be caught, fined and jailed. I'm no saint, just pointing out the facts.

    3) *MAIN POINT* If you don't want to pay £xx when the game is released, exercise some patience and wait a few weeks and you won't pay that much, I guarantee it!

  30. Loudy says:

    Meh, so game prices go up $10 in real money and up to $100 everywhere else. Big deal. Get jobs you worthless morons, and stop begging your mom and dad to buy everything for you. Or just pirate them like everyone else does already.

  31. They can charge what they want, the market will respond. If they want to be dumb and overcharge they wont make as much money. With rampant PC gaming piracy they'd have to drop the PC game price significantly to expect to sell any legitimate portion of the total PC users.

    Clearly his comments are self destructive and worthy of mention, but you guys are overreacting. Look at what's happening to gaming since the recession, Free to play gaming is exploding and retail game sales is plummeting. Raising prices now is foolish and will not win them any market gains.

    Jeff Atwood recently posted an article about software pricing which I think is apt here:….

  32. Zantoo says:

    In an economic crisis and your primary concern is the cost of your precious video games? Brilliant. Also, if NO ONE buys the new games there isn't going to be Pre owned versions. God man, get your shit together. I commend you for making a video and making your voice heard but you're seriously lacking fact and credibility.

  33. Rooster says:

    "That you are a DOUCHEBAG"

    God, he got my signature on the boycott xD

  34. Ryan Toma says:


  35. Cloft837 says:

    Think about it if people do not buy new then there will be no fucking used game market to begin with

  36. Someone says:



    MW2 will be pirated

    SC2 will be pirated

    Diablo 3 will be pirated

    shortly from now on I ll pirate every single activision game, no exception, fucking thiefs! You make millions per month just from fucking WOW and coming here for development costs???

    COD4 PC sales = shitloads

    11million wow subscribers x 12.95 euro/dolar = shitloads

    dont come here and tell me about server maintanance or development cost bullshit, I LL PIRATE EVERY SINGLE GAME OF ACTIVISION/BLIZZARD from now on and IW you SUCK! No dedicated server? You re now betraying the PC COMMUNITY THAT MAKE YOUR GAME SHINE ABOVE ALL OTHERS? MW2 will be a first-day-pirate for me…

  37. Ryan Bateman says:

    Fuck You Activision! I will not set my hand on another copy of your games ever again!

  38. JPHoyur says:

    I didn't buy a PS3 because I saw the games were $60 each! If they start raising the prices on PC games, I'll go used for $30 USD.

  39. Gerry says:

    The sons of bitches are testing the waters in eu don't let them get away with it or in a few years were going to be buying our kids games for $150 a pop

  40. nathan says:

    i am in total agreement i am currently posting on facebook on the activision tryin to get people to boycott activision and treyarch for cod black ops its a horrible gam,e the multiplayer is causing damage to my ps3 because of freezing so muck and i cant join or play multi im in on boycotting

  41. Karel says:

    Robert Kotik… He officially scores as the second dumbest BOB on the planet, leading by a fraction of course is still Bob Mugabe. All we can do is hope he retires quickly on the money payd by other people stupid enough to still support them. Hooray Bob Kotik, hoo fking ray!

  42. James says:

    MW2 is unplayable online, too many hacks. I'm done with it, won't bother buying black ops. That'd be a waste of money, soon the hackers will get that one too while activision sits on their asses…

  43. Phill says:

    Ok… You seriously think 8000 signatures will do something? Millions and millions of people are stupid enough to buy Activisions stuff. 8000 wont leave a dent.

    Activision is just a bunch of money-whoring bastards. And theres nothing we can do except wait for the CoD franchise to be driven down to dirt just like Guitar Hero was. Maybe then Activision will listen.

  44. aj says:

    Activision we fucked your wives

    we hope you enjoy your treatment

  45. tariq says:… JOin our boycott on facebook !! it will help