The Difference Between Starcraft and Starcraft 2

This chart does ring true, but as of now I am mesmerize with the single player campaign. However, I do miss the chat rooms and LAN parties.

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5 Responses to “The Difference Between Starcraft and Starcraft 2”
  1. Dixon Francois Snr. says:


  2. Dhal says:

    LAN –

    SC2 does have LAN. one person needs to authenticate their login first, however. And before people get all worked up about that, how many people are likely to set up a LAN with no outside internet connection? be realistic about exactly how bad these things are please.

    Chat rooms –

    Will be introduced at some point. Blizzard caved to community pressure on this.

    Cross-region –

    Same deal, but probably will come sooner.

    Privacy –

    RealID is optional. Don't be dumb.

    Multiplayer replays –

    I don't know what this one means. SC2 has perfectly functional replays for multiplayer. Unless they're currently broken or something?

    Tournament support –

    I don't know why this is a tick for SC1. What is tournament support? Is it simply chat rooms? That's addressed above. SC1 had no more than chat rooms.

    Facebook integration –

    Not mandatory anyway, and could be a nice feature for some people.

    Fancy graphics –

    The graphics in SC2 are pretty good. The subtle implication that other areas of SC2 have suffered because of this are dumb, wrong, and stupid. SC2 is better than SC1 in every way that I've seen so far.

  3. Jenna says:

    I'm actually one of those people who would have liked SC2 to have a LAN capability without an Internet connection. Doesn't matter how many people are "likely" to use it – would it have broken something (besides their attempts to force gaming into a social networking paradigm) to include the offline-LAN option?

    Just like the Real ID/Facebook integration "could be a nice feature for some people", the offline-LAN option would have been, too.

    And no, the Facebook nonsense will not remain "not mandatory". Blizzard signed a contract to integrate their platform – (which you may recall everyone MUST use) – with a Facebook functionality.

    I disagree that SC2 is better in every way. On top of the above – $60 for a game is ridiculous. $60-70 is a "collector's edition" price tag, not a standard box. For this reason alone, I'll stick to playing SC1 and other games for now.

  4. Steve says:

    never played battlenet more then a few times, i do all my lan gamming with friends, it's much more satisfying to see them wince or the look of shock when you pop their heads in a FPS and they cry of surprise is not as enjoyable as the look of frustration and despair when you show up with a carrier fleet in RTS, like protoss carriers arriving at his terran bases back door. oh plus i don't have to worry about hacks or cheats and we can throw pop cans at any one who tries while some one unplugs his ethernet cable XD

    not a teenie bopper so facebook and tweeting are a joke but one of my friends is does work with the Secret Service,FBI,DEA,INS and he says they love facebook and myspace for finding criminals and as a manager i always have some one check a potential new employee for a myspace/facebook profile. i can say it has helped in finding out who not to hire more then a few times.

    i don't pay $60 for new games, got the 14 day free trial with my new nvidia SS 460 EE video card… like the updated graphics and some of the game play changes, hate the online play as the only internet options i have are dial up on old 1940ma bell phone lines or dsl thru same ma bell 1940 phone lines, my latency and ping can spike for long seconds worth of time at random and my net can drop during any rain storm, and relying on being able to play during the day means it's raining out, and if it's a thunderstorm, i can forget about any internet game as i will drop connection with every lightning strike.

    so i am not paying $60 for something i can only play online with a bunch of hackers or extremely skilled players

  5. LBK_1975 says:


    LAN does not exist. (well not until some Razors or similar group provide a crack)

    REAL iD was/is the worst idea ever. Have a read of any of the Women's forums re: WOW. – For some reason some women don't feel safe on the net.

    Oh and since facebook is now being checked by employers and agencies good luck in linking your playing of a computer game with the rest of our life.

    SC2 goes backwards as it removed and alienated the people who made it great (who paid for it all those years ago). It goes backwards in terms of what made it fun and accessible to to those who invited people to play with them.

    and eventually they will charge a monthly fee, those severs aren't being run for free; they are being maintained, protected from hackers and updated by teams of professionals who get paid every week, every month. You are in fantasy land if you think this will last (or under the age of 12).