Vanguard Princess: Cute Fighting Game – Free Download

vanguard princessVanguard Princess is a free 2D fighting game created by an ex-Capcom employee Tomoaki Sugeno. The game art style is modern moe style but the actual game system is closer to old fighting game style instead of the easy-combo game style that these kinds of games have become associated with. This game is way too good in all aspects for a freeware game. Here are two videos showing off the combat.

Alright the second video was a bit more boring but who doesn’t like watching school girls go about bashing each other? Vanguard Princess is only available in Japanese, the controls, menus and configurations are all Japanese but the fun is still the same. I wouldn’t be too surprised if a nude patch comes out in a few months and it’ll end up being another Japanese hentai game.


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18 Responses to “Vanguard Princess: Cute Fighting Game – Free Download”
  1. ISLAM ALBEALY says:


  2. Prinny dood says:

    How do you download this thing?

  3. Lucy says:

    Schoolgirls going around bashing each other? Sounds like your typical UK public school!

  4. onlyhuman says:

    i cant play it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nothing happen……… doesnt work when i klik it

    what should i do? help me pls

  5. jovan says:

    stvarno je cool

  6. Nathan says:

    It looks like fun to me…Cute girls kicking each other's asses! Whoo!

  7. Nathan says:

    Just one problem… can someone send me and english copy of the instructions please? I just downloaded it today and whant to know how to play it before I even start it up. My e-mail is

  8. Lestersole says:

    Guise, boobs are epic. Try harder to make the game work. 😐

  9. igg says:

    i cant get the game i dont know were to click ITS ALL JAPANESE!!!

  10. Villain says:

    You'd click on the Icon or "picture" of course… thogh it still doesn't help…

  11. Marco Nadal says:

    It's unfortunate, but apps for Japanese Windows are often NOT compatible with Western Windows. I don't know why that is.

    I'm pleased that there are still people slaving away to produce 2D versus fighting games, and with hi-res graphics — definitely my favorite kind of Japanese thing. I remember Super Cosplay Wars Ultra worked in XP, and so did Dot Fighters, but Parotte! Fighters in Windows 7 — no such luck. I'm loath to try Vanguard Princess and Million Knights Vermillion for that reason.


  12. Villain says:

    Thanks man… That clears things up… :)

  13. Persocom says:

    Thanks for Download! :)

  14. danny diaz says:

    i found it on a site

    click Start, then click Control Panel. In some versions, you might need to click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel.

    In the Control Panel, click Regional on Language Options (note: based on how you chose to view your Control Panel icons, it might look different than the pic below). The Regional on Language Options box below pops up. Go to Languages tab.

    If "Install files for East Asian Languages" is already checked, nothing else to do here. If not, check it now. You might need your Windows XP installation disc from which your Windows was installed and in some cases without it proceeding might be impossible. Get yourself a WinXP disc somehow.

    After the install procedure is done, you might be prompted to restart. Do it if so.

    Again, come back to the Regional on Language Options using Control Panel. This time go to the Advanced tab.

    There, in the drop down list under "Language for non-Unicode programs", select Japanese. No need to do anything in the Code page conversion tables, leave that alone.

    Click OK and you'll be asked to restart. Do it again.

    After restart, your Computer will be able to play most Japanese games. If you still can't play it, go back to that same Regional on Language Options box and change the settings in your "Regional Options" tab to "Japanese (Japan)" as well. This usually doesn't require restarting. Now you should be able to play 95% of the Japanese games.

    A small no. of games will still not work unless you have a Japanese version of Windows to begin with, because the creators don't want non-Japanese people to be able to play them. For them you'll have to look for a region check bypass crack so that the game runs without checking for a Japanese OS.

  15. Ian says:

    GameChap & Bertie just reviewed this. Prepare for download numbers to double or sutin.