Want Fatal Frame 4? No Problem, English translation on the way!


Survival horror fans were more than a little disappointed when the overseas Fatal Frame IV release was canned. Fortunately enough, there is a fan translation underway for those who need their horror fix.

Fatal Frame IV launched on the Wii July 2008 in Japan and sold approximately 75,000 copies up until the end of the year. While that may seem like a small number, it was the highest selling game in the series in Japan. So why doesn’t Nintendo of America allow the game to be officially released?

The survival horror genre has slowed down significantly over the past few years — gone are the days of Resident Evil and Silent Hill scaring the socks off of unsuspecting gamers. Today’s more action-saturated market just doesn’t seem to have any room left for slower, paranoia-inducing games. And really, that is what the Fatal Frame series is.

The fan translation, which can be found here, is approximately halfway done. 

Those who want to play the game are going to have to dish out $70 to get their hands on the physical copy of the game and will have to get the Homebrew Channel on their Wii. It may sound like a hassle to most people, but others just want a type of game they can’t get their hands on anymore, plus a few ghosts.

Here’s an old gameplay video to refresh you of how scary the game is. It feels as if the game is scarier in Japanese because I don’t know what the hell they’re saying… and that just frightens me!

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18 Responses to “Want Fatal Frame 4? No Problem, English translation on the way!”
  1. Rayossan says:

    YESS! Fatal Frame 4 in english! The price is kinda… Oh Well… I know I'll end up buying it…-_- I remember them cancelling it. I dont think I've ever been so upset about another game not coming over. Well, Its like they get a juicy stake on a fishing wire, wave it in front of our faces, watch us get hungry… and then walk away. $%&@!!!

  2. Klo says:

    Well since I dont have an advanced game system such as ps3, 360, or the wii. It would hurt me very much. But I'm pretty disappointed to hear that it's not comming out to the U.S. I was planning on buying the Wii just to get this game now. It make me doesnt really want to support them any more. In my opinin Fatal Frame is one of the best horror game, the only game that require me to play with someone. O well if i ever get a Wii I may have to do alot of things to the Wii to be able to play it. Also ordered over seas.

  3. Tempus says:

    We are attempting to make it so that the homebrew channel will not be necessary. So far, moderate success!

  4. Kyle says:

    So wait. You have to buy the Japanese version and then buy the homebrew channel on wii in order to translate it?

  5. Danni says:

    Way to go Nintendo. Thanks for the fan loyalty! As far as I remember, these games always sold better in NA than Japan, so it goes to figure they'd sell MORE here….oh well, they did come down on the price of the PS3….hmmmm (since everyone I know already owns a Wii you'd think they'd be trying to drum up more interest in keeping the system games selling….And the whole translation thing is frustrating. Much like Another Code.) Maybe my kid is right- we should just pick up an XBox instead……

  6. Amethyst_Rose says:

    Gotta say I'm very disappointed in nintendo. Fatal frame is a great game and the fourth one would be very interesting to play.. I mean with the wii it make it much scarier.. Although, why cant they bring the fourth one to playstation too? I'm sure they would love another fatal frame to be published under them, with how the first three were a success…

  7. Zero_Neneko says:

    where is the homebrew channal?

  8. Grr says:

    Nintendo sucks ass. I do not have a Japanese Wii. Even if I did, I can't read understand Japanese. It's not on PlayStation. It looks freaking awesome. I want it.

    Seriously, what the hell were they thinking? Is their some huge threat about bringing FF4 to NA?

  9. minty says:

    I would like to thank the FF4 translation group here… they are wonderful!

    I was also very dissapointed with Nintendo, not publishing the game in English… and definitley bought the Wii, because i wanted to play FF4!… waited for one year.. before this patch to come.. but yaya! finally!… after a year…

    I think my hope for a FF5,or 6.. will not come true now..since they arent even publishing in North america.. what a shame….

  10. Miao says:

    anyone know of a reliable website selling this game? o.O I have looked all over the web trying to find one that "looked" reliable and haven't found one yet.

  11. pondrthis says:

    Woah. I've never played a Fatal Frame game, but I just realized that if I did, it'd HAVE to be in Japanese. In fact, that makes me probably MORE likely to play this one than the other ones. I mean, seeing people robed up for Shinto ceremonies and Japanese drama and then having them spout English would screw my suspension of disbelief. I can handle it for an anime or cartoonish game, but realistic art styles = must speak Japanese.

  12. brittany says:

    I'm so disappointed in nintendo for bringing this to NA. Yeah their aren't too many survival horror games here but honestly, with a little publicity they would be able to drum up alot of sales for FF4. With the only survival horror games out there being Silent Hill and Resident Evil maybe the only reason survival horror games aren't selling well is because there's nothing new being put out and that's all there is to offer (i'm sure i'm not the only one sick of RE games coming out).

    But thanks for the fan translation guys! The price is a little high…but with all the work you guys put into it, i can definitely see why.

  13. scoots says:

    It's a good thing that you wont need the homebrew channel to patch FF4. You run the risk of bricking your wii when you run "smash stack", etc. to install the channel and all of the ios and cios's that you need to run backups and install non-sanctioned software. Is it justified to download FF4 in North America via Torrent client, since Nintendo never gave us the option of buying a legitimate copy? That's your call to make.

    Many thanks to the team of fans that translated the game… I will definitely be buying this game now!

  14. Ash says:

    Can't wait for FF5, played the first 3 rigth through my teens, anyone able to help me out with a good site to import it please, it's really annoying.

  15. Ash says:

    sorry just noticed I hadn't clarified I was reffering to FF4 for the import part, though on this page it would be obvious for all logical humans, better safe than sorry aye.