You’ll be able to play as Al-Qaeda in new Medal of Honor game?

We are all excited about the latest Medal of Honor game. As you know we’ve seen many Medal of Honor games over the years but the first one was released eight years ago. At first Medal of Honor series was focused on World War II and after Omaha Beach and Pearl Harbor series has taken a whole new story. Following the Call of Duty series that has shifted from World War II into modern warfare developers of Medal of Honor have decided to focus on modern wars. As you might know, new Medal of Honor game will be focused on Afghanistan war and that’s the main reason why this game is getting so much criticism today.

It’s okay to make a game that is based on events that have occurred 70 or 50 years ago but it’s still inappropriate to make a game that is based on ongoing war, but that’s not the worst thing about this game. Although many players won’t mind playing as US marines fighting that are against the terrorists there’s a word that you’ll be able to play as Al-Qaeda as well. It’s not confirmed that you’ll have to play as Al-Qaeda in single player but Al-Qaeda might be available in multiplayer. Now we all realize that it might be highly inappropriate to play as terrorist group that has been responsible for 9/11 attacks but developers just want to keep the game realistic as they can, although some people might be offended by this. In my opinion it’s okay if Al-Qaeda is available in multiplayer but if you have to play as Al-Qaeda in single player and through the campaign than it could be highly offensive to many players out there. On other hand, it could okay if the Afghanistan war was over, but let’s look it on a different way.

We have seen many war games that have been inspired by World War II and Vietnamese war and I don’t remember that anyone complained about it. Sure, somebody might have found it offensive but still, it’s just a game and nothing more. Bottom line is, if you’re feeling offended by new Medal of Honor just don’t play it and that’s it. We’re just hoping that Al-Qaeda will be available only in multiplayer and that you won’t have to play with it in a single player campaign. Anyway, we’ll see how will gaming community respond to the final release that is scheduled for October 12th.

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3 Responses to “You’ll be able to play as Al-Qaeda in new Medal of Honor game?”
  1. bobSanders says:

    Offended to play as Al-Qaeda? I could see how that is possible; people were offended by the airport level in Modern Warfare 2, but that doesn't mean there isn't a story to tell. Let the players know what they're in for, and give them a chance to pass on it for something controversial like that, but just because the group is an enemy of America's in real life doesn't mean that writers should be restricted in their content. I'm not trying to justify the actions of either side, but putting one side on a higher pedestal than the other doesn't seem very balanced. With that said if they do include a campaign playing as Al-Qaeda, which I doubt, I think it would be best if they left the player the option to skip it still.

  2. LEAX says:

    "Sure, somebody might have found it offensive but still, it’s just a game and nothing more."

    Its only a game as you said so WHY youve wrote this article ? First of all whats the difference between pain that youve lost, lets say, your dad in WW2 or in 9/11 ? None ! So how can you say its OK to make games based on events from 70 years ago, but its not OK to make a game based on events from afghanistan/iraq war or 9/11 ? + America blowed their WTC not terrorists (if you think otherwise you are plain s*****)

    its just a game..

  3. Dixon Francois Snr. says:

    Fucking rednecks.